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Once i felt like in prison.
Not anymore.

You are free to use this image for any non-commercial purpose, just please denote the source, and it would be nice to let me know : )
About commercial usage, please contact me first.

More images on my webpage:
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Used it here, non commercially
25046165-9658-4740-90ea-32ac7f7f66d2 by pianoraven  
Hey, I'm a small creepypasta narrator on YouTube, and I was wondering if I could use your picture in a thumbnail for one of my videos?
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Hi. It's so nice of you to allow people to use your photos. I'm making a cover for my friend's book (not published) and would like to use this photo if that's ok with you. I'll make sure you get full credit with links to your website. :)
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Just wanted to get your permission to use as a cover for my fanfiction. Not published or anything but as an avatar (I guess that's what it would be called)
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Sure, go ahead.
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I will put it up on my facebook
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What a powerful image. I used it for a photo quote, thank you :-)
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Thank you for letting me use this picture :) Your awesome bro !
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Would it be possible to use your image 'Prison' for my novel 'Become' It is one of several images that I am considering as the front cover.

I will be publishing shortly on amazon and would be happy name you as the source of the image.



Daniel Worley

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This is such a powerful piece, great use of black and white!
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This wonderful work has been featured here: Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 47.
Looking forward to seeing more art from you at devPREMIUM.

Best regards
Is it possible to use it in an human rights exhibition about administrative detention? would be printet on a poster together with information about this form of detention, credits will be given!
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Thank you so much!
If the Site isn't available, you have to be eighteen, so you may have to log in °o°
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Its a "nice" picture. I like it, because of its freedom of interpretation and the consequent irony. I will use it as a contrary to a more colourfull and "free" picture. Thank you! Of course I´m going to name you and give my presentation a source-link
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I'm going to use this as a featured image on my personal blog to a poem I wrote, and I'll insert a link to this page, like I always do.

you can check it out here, if you like: [link]
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Just to let you know I'm going to use this as a fan fiction cover for [link] .
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This is stunningly poignant. The level of contrast you've achieved in this image is remarkable - no glow in the darkness. Kudos mate... this is a fan-tastic piece. Simple clarity, emotionally charged, bleak, intense... desperate. Amazing, all that without so much as a face... well done.

I wonder sir, if I may use your image in the composition of an inspirational poster about Mr. Nelson Mandela that I'm making for the college dorm I manage. Mine is the Men's dorm, it is my intention to subtly program my residents with images and words of accomplished, wise, noble, and capable men. If you grant me permission I will credit you on the physical poster, link to the original image when I put the poster to D.A., and send you a link to the posting.

Either way, thank you for sharing this remarkable photograph. Rock on!!!
Hey, just wanted to let you know, I'm using your image as my Fanfiction cover. [link]
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Hy I used your image Here.
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Would love to use this as a cover for a certain something I'm writing...Thanks!
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Hi, I have seen above that you are happy for people to use this for non-commercial purposes. It's a great image, and I will be using it on the front page of my university project. Just thought I would say thank you!
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