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Ravenclaw Bridal Gown by Firefly-Path Ravenclaw Bridal Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,260 58 [commission] some private time by Niko-HB
Mature content
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Inktober Day 19: Cards
The cards that tells the past,present,future,effects,the events that tied everything together,and lastly,the results of all 5.”


Early post because I’ll be away for most of the day doing a school project.
Inktober Day 18: Eyes
I forgot to introduce to you my other shadow familiar.Isn’t it cute? 😊”

Normal person: Which do you prefer?Classical or Metal music?

Me: I like both.

Normal Person: Uh-You can only choose one.


Normal Person: HOLY SHI-
Was feeling shitty at the end of the school day,but then this holy video cured me.…
more Victorian clothing
Dress design belongs to its original designer and dress maker.
Inktober Day 17: Poison
Your poison was something that I used to cherish,to keep,and to protect.Love will always be a form of drug to a lot of people.But what they haven’t realized is that they are slowly killing themselves from the after-effects.I left this poison behind.It still hurts.I will admit that I do miss the feeling of it,but it’s just a numbing pain now.”


Early upload because I will be busy tomorrow.
Note: The flowers are Wolfsbane.There are many ways to draw wolfsbane,but gonna keep it simple and easy.
Inktober Day 16: Knife
There are two sides to people: One side feels trapped,and they don’t know why.The other is the urge to kill and destroy,but they never do.Instead,they resort to killing themselves internally,over and over again.”


Inktober Day 15: Mushroom
 “This baby mushroom just waddled out of its pot and gave me a flower.Such an adorable little creature <3”


Inktober Day 14: Book
My lady,your afternoon tea is ready.”

Thank you Asriel,but let me finish my book first.”


Featuring Asriel in human form as the head butler of the castle.
Inktober Day 13: Moon
I like the moon.”

Because even in the dark,its beauty shines throughout the night.”

edgy art senpai borrowed iPad-kun lol
edgy bitch decided to be a rebel and skip her class meeting just to go to our art room in school,and then decided to draw me lmao

InvaderMoesha thanks,Edgelord 🤣👍👌
Inktober Day 11: Tea
Me: Nim darling,this is my new friend.Her friends call her Moe,but I call her Edgelord cuz Moe doesn’t fit her delinquent appearance.

Nim: Nice to meet you!Thanks for looking after my darling emo friend ^^

Edgelord: ( ^ _ ^)


Note,I’m just gonna say that Mina is dressed up as Nim for Halloween lol.

oh,and edgelord is my real life friend from school ( ‘ w ‘)/

thanks for for letting me draw you,edgy bitch ( U w U)/

My darling good Pastel Goth Witch friend : IMissMi
My friend,Edgleord xD : InvaderMoesha 
Mother Earth
“She has given us life,yet we destroyed her for so very long.”


decided to post something bright for a change before doing another Inktober.
Inktober Day 9: Owl
Ah,my beloved pet.How is my sweet night child doing?”


The owl is a canon familiar. Her name is Fukuro.
Inktober Day 7: Potion
I need a little therapy,some blood,but not an enemy.This song,shall be my Threnody,emotions are unkind.”
        -Nim,Threnody Series by Mina Rose

Inktober Day 6: Skull
I envy those who died a peaceful death.They get to lose their final breath with content and with a smile.I want that too.”


Music BG:…

Note: Used a skull template to draw out the skull.
Been a while since I wrote a journal,so hey,why not write one about how I came to this point in art.And a bit of my life.

Warning: very boring to read(at least in my view).

How I became an Artist:

Not really good at explaining what my life was before I started drawing but I was pretty young,3 years old to be exact.

Doodled a shit ton of bullshit on notebooks,my school books,the walls,etc.
Fast forward to 5 or 6 years of age I have discovered the wonderful world of Japanese cartoo-I mean “Anime”.

I managed to remember a lot of childhood anime,like Mirmo(idk how you spell it though),My Melody,and most of all,the life changing anime that made me practice more to improve my art,and yes,it’s Naruto.

I basically grew up with it,and it was really a bittersweet ending for me that my childhood has finished when Naruto Shippuden finally finished.

So I basically practiced and practiced for the next several years.Today,I’m still practicing to improve more on my craft.

For those who are beginners in drawing,know this:

”A great artist was once a newbie.”

Practicing drawing may take a while,but once you get the basics done,you can eventually master that skill with ease.

Short life story:

As a kid,I was very social,loud,a headache to my parents,but full of energy and joy(I think).I was very girly back then,loved wearing dresses and skirts and all that sugar and spice shit.

I dunno how I got to be the person I am now cuz the path is blurry af,but what I do know is that life made realise shit as I was growing older.

Being in grade school passed by in a flash and I was in 7th grade.I was still a naive and gullible girl in a surrounding I feel uneasy with,but during that time,I wanted to please my classmates to fit in.

But when I moved to 8th grade,I slowly began to realise that,in my view at least,some of my “classmates” were taking advantage of me being a soft and easy to twist around girl.It was at that time that I told my mom to cut my hair,because I look at my reflection,long hair never suited me.I also got glasses at that time.Ever since then,I have short hair up till this day along with my glasses.

When I moved to 9th grade,that’s when I changed.Then when I moved to 10th grade,I was close to being the person I am today.

The year of grade 11 made me who I am completely,but it wasn’t a bad year.

Today,I’m rather depressive,emo,an indoor person,hates small talk,awkward,very quiet to strangers,and can be weird to some people.I still have my emotional issues too and on several occassions,have breakdowns.

I never had a sad childhood,but I had problems here and there,and though I forgotten most of them,some led me to have emotional issues.I tend to cry alone.I don’t what was wrong with me.

Today,I still have some emotional issues,and with recent events,it’s slightly going downhill,but rest assure,I’m trying.

Trying get back to normal at least.

Hope this was okay at least to read.

Thanks for reading.


CNeko-chan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Call me Neko-chan,Artist-chan or simply Emoneko.

I'm trash for Undertale(I think)and you'll probably see a ton of WIPS and fan arts of them,but I'm also trash for other fandoms.I also make AUs of Undertale(Not much but meh).

I make comics while I have the chance,watch anime cuz I’m an indoor loser mostly.Not as pretty irl(2D me is what I expect to look like but real me is meh).Emotional issues may vary cuz I’m an emo potato.

Status: likewise unstable,going through personal stuff,etc

Hope we get along.

WARNING: Profile is not safe for VERY young viewers.Profile may contain some sin,curse words,sometimes trigger and cancer worthy shit,etc.

Reminder: I’m mostly lesbian.I’m sure the boys should know that I’m not into guys.I only like fictional guys.Nuff said.

I also hate flirty people and small talk.I also hate people being try hards.


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