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Draw that outfit
Basically,I save pictures of fancy clothing and draw either me or Kitten wearing it.


Chara: How is she so fucking fabulous in a dress-I’ve never her seen her wear a full on dress holy crap-

Kitten: these kinds of dresses always make boss look like a Queen ( O w O)/

Frisk: She looks so elegant ^^

Im gay af but Im straight af for fictional guys
*casually adds him to husbando material list*

You can read this WEBTOON right here —->…

This WEBTOON is an amazing read.I highly recommend it 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
time to get fancy
Kitten: yes bitch,Queen slay that dress!( O w O)/

me: 😑😑😑


was in in the mood to design a random dress 

Music BG:…
totally not tired [pisces shit posts]
Kitten: bitch you lie.

me: stfu I’m fine.


comic will resume on August 20 or 25
no im not a psycho [pisces shit post]

If you don’t get what I mean,here’s a simple riddle:

“Where do creations usually start?”


I just want a dog damn it-

(I kinda cried cuz I haven’t cried in like a few days and my I’m surprised I still have emotions)…

jfc that plushie area section-

I would sell my soul to raid every plushie on the shelves.

if I still have a soul that is though . _ .

the things that give me hope rn are:
-animals(I need and want a therapy animal at this point tbh but fam be asthmatic I cry-)
-my bed
Greetings for the future Newcomers
Decided to re-use previous sketch cuz I’m lazy + crippling emotional depression made me feel less productive today so yay for recycling.
Genderbend: Duke and Missi
has no one literally thought of this yet?

Fun fact: Missi’s Male name is from a character from Owari No Seraph,who is also a fucking hot vampire(BAAAEEEEEEEEE)

Mother of these two ChibiDonDC 
Admin of these two IMissMi
Welp,there goes another portion of my psyche that I was hoping to repair.

Im just tired.really tired.

If ANY of you tries to make some jokes out of something like this,then I don’t care if this offends you or not,you are a fucking insensitive piece of shit with such little respect for people,and not just me,who are fucking going through with this kind of pain,and I’m pretty sure YOU wouldn’t like it if someone doesn’t take your internal pain seriously.

if there are any trolls or asshole jokers around,fuck off.

but for the good ones,thanks for trying to help.

But to the insensitive pricks out there: Your “jokes” are unwanted.
It’s kinda painful to feel happiness moments ago,and then in a blink of an eye,everything went down to yelling..
Is it normal to have sudden anxiety,mild panic attacks,irrational fear and stuff when you’re outside for too long during night time?
There will be a delay of comics due to personal reasons and school.

thanks for reading.
the artist in a nutshell
have some facts.yay

just so people won’t have high expectations about what I look like irl,I’m not even close to being attractive like my 2D animu version.2D me is hotter than the real me and I’m not even mad ( ‘ - ‘)/

also for a more clear statement,I hate flirting.So don’t even try,I had an experience with that scenario once,and the person who even is stupid enough to even try and woo someone like me,I devalue them as people,period.So please respect keep that in mind.

Asker: what type of girl are you?

me: the opposite of everything that is “pretty looking” and “looks fucking perfect in everything she does.” 

Kitten: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

me: basically,”I’m a potato,not a French fry.” -CNeko,2018
Round Two: Siren vs Vampire
In the right side of the battle arena,we have super mega vampire bitch,Missi 👍

And in the left side of the arena,we have sassy siren bitch,Astrid 👌

alright ladies,you can go all out,but don’t try to kill each other completely,k?

ya both still need to be alive for the next animation for Missi and Astrid for her book.

and yes,Missi is in Astrid’s territory this time,and also yes,she’s floating on the water like a ninja lololol 


Honestly,these two have more dramatic tendencies to show off on who is the bitchiest one between them than Duke has with Missi xD

was listening to this ——->…

To make it better while looking at this,the first part of the song is Missi’s POV

Second part is Astrid’s.

This is just for fun cuz I was bored lmao


Missi belongs to Daria Cohen

Astrid belongs to IMissMi
Rachel Gardner [Angels of Death]
My god,I love this anime already.

not my best first fan of it,but I plan to make more someday ( o w o)
Been a while since I wrote a journal,so hey,why not write one about how I came to this point in art.And a bit of my life.

Warning: very boring to read(at least in my view).

How I became an Artist:

Not really good at explaining what my life was before I started drawing but I was pretty young,3 years old to be exact.

Doodled a shit ton of bullshit on notebooks,my school books,the walls,etc.
Fast forward to 5 or 6 years of age I have discovered the wonderful world of Japanese cartoo-I mean “Anime”.

I managed to remember a lot of childhood anime,like Mirmo(idk how you spell it though),My Melody,and most of all,the life changing anime that made me practice more to improve my art,and yes,it’s Naruto.

I basically grew up with it,and it was really a bittersweet ending for me that my childhood has finished when Naruto Shippuden finally finished.

So I basically practiced and practiced for the next several years.Today,I’m still practicing to improve more on my craft.

For those who are beginners in drawing,know this:

”A great artist was once a newbie.”

Practicing drawing may take a while,but once you get the basics done,you can eventually master that skill with ease.

Short life story:

As a kid,I was very social,loud,a headache to my parents,but full of energy and joy(I think).I was very girly back then,loved wearing dresses and skirts and all that sugar and spice shit.

I dunno how I got to be the person I am now cuz the path is blurry af,but what I do know is that life made realise shit as I was growing older.

Being in grade school passed by in a flash and I was in 7th grade.I was still a naive and gullible girl in a surrounding I feel uneasy with,but during that time,I wanted to please my classmates to fit in.

But when I moved to 8th grade,I slowly began to realise that,in my view at least,some of my “classmates” were taking advantage of me being a soft and easy to twist around girl.It was at that time that I told my mom to cut my hair,because I look at my reflection,long hair never suited me.I also got glasses at that time.Ever since then,I have short hair up till this day along with my glasses.

When I moved to 9th grade,that’s when I changed.Then when I moved to 10th grade,I was close to being the person I am today.

The year of grade 11 made me who I am completely,but it wasn’t a bad year.

Today,I’m rather depressive,emo,an indoor person,hates small talk,awkward,very quiet to strangers,and can be weird to some people.I still have my emotional issues too and on several occassions,have breakdowns.

I never had a sad childhood,but I had problems here and there,and though I forgotten most of them,some led me to have emotional issues.I tend to cry alone.I don’t what was wrong with me.

Today,I still have some emotional issues,and with recent events,it’s slightly going downhill,but rest assure,I’m trying.

Trying get back to normal at least.

Hope this was okay at least to read.

Thanks for reading.


CNeko-chan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Call me Neko-chan,Artist-chan or simply Emoneko.

I'm trash for Undertale(I think)and you'll probably see a ton of WIPS and fan arts of them,but I'm also trash for other fandoms.I also make AUs of Undertale(Not much but meh).

I make comics while I have the chance,watch anime cuz I’m an indoor loser mostly.Not as pretty irl(2D me is what I expect to look like but real me is meh).Emotional issues may vary cuz I’m an emo potato.

Status: likewise unstable,going through personal stuff,etc

Hope we get along.

WARNING: Profile is not safe for VERY young viewers.Profile may contain some sin,curse words,sometimes trigger and cancer worthy shit,etc.

Reminder: I’m mostly lesbian.I’m sure the boys should know that I’m not into guys.I only like fictional guys.Nuff said.

I also hate flirty people and small talk.I also hate people being try hards.


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StarHopeOFFICIAL Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR ART!!!! It may not be the brightest and most colorful of things, but you've done what others are afraid to. Display the hard facts of life. And for that, I admire you. Not to mention your art is amazing!!!! I really wish I could draw like you!!!


P.S: If you ever want to talk, the "send a note" button is there for a reason ^-^
JNerd300 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hello CNeko Chan I'm sorry that your going through hard times :(. I hope your doing at least ok. I know you like Little Nightmares I found this funny youtube video of a fan art thing for Little Nightmares:… 

I hope this will brighten up your day for a little bit.
Lady-wolf-girl Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hello, here is Nico; I wanted to advise you that, scrolling on Instagram I found a girl who re colors an art of yours, I thought that it was correct advise you that are the artist
(I’m so sorry for the bad English)
CNeko-chan Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pathetic of her.
Lady-wolf-girl Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I know I just wanted to advise you^^
Chikimex Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
hello, well, my name is Gallo, I'm a big fan of yours and your job nwn, I wanted to know one thing, is your work complicated, is that I am a beginner cartoonist and wanted to know the opinion of an already experienced cartoonist about this drawing, my big dream is to be a writer or sketcher and I wanted to know first the opinion of someone more experienced about this drawing, sorry if this message is something long QwQ
CNeko-chan Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Practice anatomy first.
Chikimex Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Oh ok thanks you nwn,
Pd: Good Job,You Draws are cool nwn
(Pd: sorry my bad english ;-;)
Chikimex Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
genocidalfreak Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to ask how's it going?
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