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CnCSaga est l'une des communautés de fans francophones de la série "Command & Conquer TM".

Créé sous l'impulsion de passionnés, ce site anime la Communauté depuis septembre 1996 aux cotés d'Electronic Arts.


CnCSaga is one of the french fans community of the "Command & Conquer TM" series.

Created by some passionates, this website animate the Community since September 1996 on the side of Electronic Arts.

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Thanks for the fave man. :) I see your a NOD Fan, Nod ftw ;>
Well, we're just Command and Conquer fans ;) (But since there are much more Noddists's deviations... ;) )
Commander(or commanders in case of a team),
Have our highest gratitudes for joining the on of the Deviantart's civil fan group of C&C.
Can we forward you an invitation to the role of contribuitor of the group if you desire? Any help would be appreciated.
Well, we are commanders ^^
We would be pleased to accept this role of contributor.
So I guess we have to submit all of our gallery in your group?
Thank you for understanding.
The main job of an contributor is to vote and manage deviations submitted by members. As a contributor you can share your ideas to the community and search for new members.
Submitting your whole gallery isn't mandatory.