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Violet Idenorth


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Makua, Genie of the Sea


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Assassin's Creed

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Soul Eater Themed-Jack-o-Lantern: Blaire the Cat


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MLP: Bee Flatt Chronicles #3

Continued from part 2...   After my encounter with 'Pinkie Pie', I decided to check out the market. There were vendor stands scattered throughout the plaza; one sold tomatoes for three bits and another sold asparagus for a bit. There was an apple stand in the center of it all.   "Hmmm... Apples sound pretty good right about now..." I said accidentally, thinking out loud. I trotted over to the mare selling the apples and asked her for one. She bore an orange coat and a blonde mane and tail with ponytails; her eyes were a bold green and she sported a hat. "I would like to buy one of your apples, please."   "Okay", she replied as she handed

Bee Flatt Chronicles

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