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Reflections - Fractal Art


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I went back to Apo 15B, it gives a lot more to work with [at the moment]. Although, loc was added to 15C, so that's good. Yep.

Apophysis 7x

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VERY nicely done!
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Very nice one!!
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What variations are missing? You can load any plugin you want. I love the spiral!
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Oh, I have all of the variations for 15B, but 15C's variations are built in, so I don't have much more to work with.
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I still use the old 7x15. It's about half the size and a lot faster.
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Oh, do you know how to work the DC_Image plugin? I had bitmaps set up in the Images folder, but I don't know how to get the image to appear.
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I have never used it but I've found a video that Xyrus02 created for the original version of it [link] Here's the older version address. [link]

Here's the link to the new version that has written instructions. I notice that he said the bitmap files must be in 24 bit format. [link]
If the new version doesn't work use the older version instead.
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You're welcome! How is the render doing?
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Actually, I'm getting ready to send it. If you have another one ready, you can send it. :)
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I tried C and went back to be too!! Love the'reflections"!!
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Thanks! I'll go back to 15C once `Xyrus02 adds more variations.
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