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The 'I Can't Be With You' Guy

Before, I knew little to nothing about the Irish rock band, The Cranberries. That was until the death of Dolores O'Riordan, where I decided to look more into them. Off the music videos I've seen from them, the one for the song 'I Can't Be With You' stood out to me. As someone who grew up listening to 90s music, surreal rock videos from that era have always been my thing. I admire the aesthetics of them, as well as how they embrace their concepts and reference their subject matter. And this video is no exception.

I adore the warm, autumn colour scheme that's used throughout most of it. What also drew me in is the use of Christian iconography put into a modern Irish setting, which adds to its strange nature. I felt this video was so entwined with my visual sensibilities, that I wanted to give my own take on it. So I depicted the angel character with my own style, and put what I like about the video into it. 

I have no regrets finally looking into The Cranberries and their videos at all, I certainly took plenty from it as you can see. Take a look at the original video for yourself and see if it'll pique your interest in them

It feels good to get back into working again because in these times we need to use it to the better. Hopefully, things will improve like they always do, and that the rest of the decade won't be filled with despair. I pray it will be so. 
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