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So, since a few months back we've all become parasitical, and have had a great time with new found characterstics; but to be honest, myself included, we have produced a lot of waste. I think that now is the time to pay respect to the planet and life upon, a second time over.

Not to mention the potential shift in power in an abstract direction; you know, soldiers who overpower army because they are apt with communication.

Sorry to beg, that's not Earth's quality, but since Earth and Time desire us to stand on our own two feet, maybe it's wise to respect that privilage...

Just trying to influence a second break for the environment from human nature (you know, trying to cut down on waste and mass production).
covert racism where different race people plot against other races using micro community functions.

why do the top thinkers not think about this subject, moreover, allow covert races to operate in western societies?
So, it is just me, and you are figments of my imagination, technically.

All shapes in this life are metaphorical representations to M0nk3y; a game, is technically 'tilted' in comparison to my eyes per say, and the Earth, my feet, but tilt is not considered, but rather, spin; the same applies to all creature shapes. Shapes can wrongly be interpreted as Parasite Shapes, which is incorrect.

You are not Parasite Shapes, your shape is Metaphorical. As a Metaphor to M0nk3y you send a good message which constitutes to M0nk3y's pleasure drive or fantasy drive; the world is bound for war, the sooner it happens the better, the dream has ended.

Parasite Shape interpretation instability, means that consciousness can be predicted to occur during a bond process in an event of mass unreal pain (sensory pain; a group different types). A consciousness is put into another consciouness in 'double-vision' process, and suited unreal vessel can be layered with any matter and have secondary effect, or child primary effect.

Given this, then you can exist, but life is shared.
a harmonious complex of spheres made from four notes that can be sensed.
White People give up to the thought of racism culturally to other races, as well as give up to the thought of other races sexaully as a primary (population-wide) conversation.

I already know what's 'round-about' the best joke.


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