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So, as part of my 501st Legion experience, as a TIE pilot I need to choose a callsign that I can eventually use on my trading cards when I get those printed. So I eliminated 15 choices from a list of 30, leaving behind the 15 best options along with a small character explanation of why they might be relevant: Backdrop - usually in the background in group photos, doesn't move much Backfire - my best-laid plans usually end up a disaster Blackout - all-black helmet, passed out on training flight due to wrong oxygen mixture Cypher - most people can't figure me out Nightshift - typically up until 4am Ricochet - my thoughts bounce around randomly in any discussion Scattershot - lack of focus when numerous tasks need to be done Squawkbox - LOTS of late night chatroom feeds...best have notifications off! Static - filling the chat buffer with random convos Tailspin - not the best at pulling out of bad situations TechSpec - I may not be able to hit an enemy ship but I can tell you everything
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Name Change

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Changed this account name as it will gradually hold the entire run of The Polymer City Chronicles over the next few years, making it more of an archive than a gallery
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Hi UrusaiWrangler, is there anyway you could re-upload all of the 120 plus images you had on your gallery that got deleted? Also do you know the person who made a growth sequence of your character Sheeri out of pre-existing images of her or have the images in question? Could you please possibly tell me who they are and possibly leave a link to them or reupload the Sheeri growth images that they made?

Some of the images that were here have been lost to data corruption - as far as the growth sequence you refer to, I'm not sure I've seen it.

FWIW, I've got a pretty comprehensive archive up through 2017 if there is something you want recovered.

Oh hey man how you been

Much luv, friend <3

Oh hey, we thank ya

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