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Void Lux

By CMorilla
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Now is the turn of lux, is a design I had in mind long before the skin to come out of Fizz! and good to see they took the fizz I decided to do at the end. I think it's a subject that you feel very good to Lux, change the power of the light from the darkness. At first vat to make style Syndra, but history could make Lux been absorbed by the void, and laughter you have in the game, if the distorting stay perfect, hopefully Riot will fix this Skin.

:star: revamp  Software: Photoshop CS 6

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Brodyjukie2000's avatar
Perhaps a better name would be "Void Empress" or something (probably spelled wrong, but you get the idea)
CMorilla's avatar
Yeah you have a reason! ^^
katnipsonfire's avatar
this is absolutely stunning !!!! you need to make a splashart for this so i can use it as wallpaper :D
CMorilla's avatar
thank you!!! ^^
MinionintheShadows's avatar
Love her outfit :) Keep up the good work.
PaladinPainter's avatar
Looks pretty cool Cat nods 
Vitani4000's avatar
The eyes are incredible!
Rushlan's avatar
embrace the void!
ChibiYvi's avatar
she looks great!
Dragonglass109's avatar
Kinda seems like a cross between leblanc and syndra lol
BloomBloomYT's avatar
Idk why but the clothes remind me of LeBlanc.
KeiraKei's avatar
Hi I really love this design, would you mind if I cosplay your design? :) 
xBloodWings's avatar
Now im waiting for two things:
Riot publishing Void Lux (INSTABUY)
Someone making a HUD for Void Lux
Mland22's avatar
Have you seen this..…

Perfect abilities for her.
AlarysSupport's avatar
Hi! Your artwork is featured on my website!…
Jazmynjb's avatar
This is amazing. 
Narayu's avatar
it's a very awesome art you did ! Don't you mind if I make a costume from your art ? I'll give credits for that.
Narayu's avatar
thank you very much ! :hug:
Nauscica's avatar
this is amazing :o
Vertous's avatar
Maybe now her laugh will fit her! Great work! !!
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