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Pattons home floor plan by CmndrWolfnumbuh60 Pattons home floor plan :iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 10 0 Wolf's Special Tactics Divison by CmndrWolfnumbuh60 Wolf's Special Tactics Divison :iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 4 0 The Wolfs Claw by CmndrWolfnumbuh60 The Wolfs Claw :iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 2 0
Bunker 0060
Wolf Journal pt 4
(Mack finishes up the final procedures to release her out of the tank.) okay sir she is ready to go.
(The bottom hatch of the tank tube opens and she begins to slide out of the tank tube onto the floor.)
(I walked over to her and picked her up in my arms.) Athena its time to wake up.
(she coughs out some of the fluid for a little bit before opening her eyes to see her father holding her in his arms.) papa is that you?
(Wolf smiles with a big grin on his face as he hugs her close in his arms.) yes its me my little Athena. its been so long since I have last seen you.
thank you again Mack.
like I said earlier sir no problem.
*a few weeks have passed after wolf woke his daughter up. his special project codenamed Walk is progressing smoothly into its finale stages of development. the land outside the wolfs den still remains frozen and cold. meaning one of two things. could it be winter outside or are the massive snow ac machines still operating and if so. Sahara square cou
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 0 1
Bunker 0060
wolf's journal pt3
after the mini party celebrations we each went off to go do our own separate things. as for me that was a steaming hot shower a nice hot bowl of ramen and nice bed to sleep in. spent a lot of time out their exploring searching scavenging spare parts and resources. anything to help keep us all alive and well that is.
(smirks with a slight smile.) that and a little side project I've been working on. restoring it to working order to be the defender of our town and soon to be city. that is if we can get the night fog and irradiated areas cleaned or mapped out first. (sighs...) only time will tell. time will tell.
It has only been but a few days after my last journal entry or a week or more hard to say. a lot of the "fresh" batch that was thawed out some time ago are and have started to come to terms with the way the current state the new world is in. as one person once said the earth will not be destroyed it will merely change. 
everyone's favorite rabbit is having
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 1 0
Bunker 0060
wolfs journel pt2.
Finally back at Wolf's den. its not the official name of the place. but we decided to call it that considering who's in charge and for a few other things considering. we could of called it the polar den or the penguin house. but with the way things our and how they are. were all that we have left in this world. so each and every one of us here were like our own pack a wolf pack almost in idea.
were not a your typical family for were not a family bound by blood. but by what were willing to do for each other in order to survive. as a wise old Mexican Wolf once told me. family isn't who your born with. its who your willing to die for.
wish he made it to at least one of the bunkers before every thing went literally to shit or fubard. didn't here much from him after our first few missions we had assigned together back in the old days. I still hold his words true though because it is true.
sir! sir!
hmm? (turns around and sees two of the few kids that were unfrozen not lon
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Bunker 0060 present day.
The wolfs journal.
How did we end up here.. in a world now filled with not just us. but with monsters and... the shadows of our past. 
many people did survive. although I doubt being a frozen ice cube counts as survival. more like just waiting patiently until its time to wake up from a long uninterrupted slumber. if you ask me.
I used to be an military drill sargent. ah damn good one to. but.. (sighs)... like all people you gotta retire eventually or sometime. I hanged out with a few rangers for a while. some I trained some I didn't both military and police versions. trust me their is a difference between the two. 
A few of the brass in charge came to me and asked me to come out of retirement. I told them no and that I was retired. but.. they didn't take no for an answer.
that is until.. when they told me what I would be put in charge of and doing. 
"" (phone rings... picks it up.) hello who is this and how did you.. get my number exactly?
(other end) that's not importan
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 5 0
Zootopia Judgementday bellweather's revenge. WIP
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 1 0
Dimensional War pt 13
Chapter 13 Valiant hearts and Noble heroes live on forever in our hearts and minds and never will be forgotten by their peoples.
Soldier: 362 its time.
362: Do it may... -she sighs.-
-the moon bases Nuclear silos opened up and target the Xanified Artic base.-
362: may god have mercy on our souls.
-back on the ground inside of the artic base.-
Wolf: -ducks his head as a laser whizzes past over his head.- son of a bitch that was close. dam those things just keep coming don't they.
Odd: yeah they have a tendency of being a bit annoying.
Ulrich: yeah like some people I know. -he chuckles to him self.-
Odd: hey... what's that supposed to mean Ulrich?
Ulrich: nothing odd was only making a joke that's all.
Wolf: -just smirks and doesn't say anything at there witty banter. he looks back with them still having a literal wave of canker lots behind them. he checks his watch to see how much time they have left till the nukes drop. he then looks at his map of the facility.- were almost out men just
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 1 0
battles and wars leave scares some you cant see P1
- Zootopia, 500 years ago -
“Move it, move it, we’ve got incoming! Take cover!!!!” Explosions are happening all around the resistance fighters. “Goddammit, those damn sheep fuckers don't give up, do they?”
“No, they don't, but hey, remember what we’re all fighting for: A better tomorrow for both prey and predators alike. They collared us, treated us like vile animals and then they tried doing it to prey, their own kind, as well.  Then, they all started to open their eyes to see the true horror of what was going on and happening all around them. This is why now, we fight this civil war: For the freedom and right of all sentient beings!”
- Zootopia, present day, 1 month after the night howler attacks -
“Patton! Hey, Patton, wake up, yah dumb ass wolf!” Patton wakes up and hits his head on the ceiling. “Owww! What the hell’s the bright idea waking me up so goddamn early?” He says, as he looks over to the cl
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 2 2
CmndrWolfNumbuh60  in plushie form by CmndrWolfnumbuh60 CmndrWolfNumbuh60 in plushie form :iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 12 2 My first dragon.:Flight Rising:. by CmndrWolfnumbuh60 My first dragon.:Flight Rising:. :iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 1 0
dimensional war character background for Numbuh 60
Numbuh60/CmndrWolfs character reference sheet.
60s combat vehical.

VF-1 model Valkyrie fighter by bagera3005
Turbokat-Mk.3 Model by zeiram0034
The VF-1J model is the one that Cmndr wolf uses in the dimensional war.
Cmndrwolfs weapons.
Cmndrwolf wields a handcannon like revolver that is ether a 28mm or 40mm handgun.
 WIP by me cmndrWolf numbuh60.
WIP by Me CmndrWolf numbuh60 the Mk 2 design.
but he has no specific preference for his weapons for he likes to diversify himself. but his trusty 14mm or 28mm revolver and chainsword and dragon slayer sword he can always rely on in case if things get to dicey.
Cmndrwolfs backstory once in the multiverse.
after the xana activated the portal just before the nukes hit the base. it sent them to the multiverse traping a few of 60s team
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 0 10
Dimensional war The begining
Part 12
beep. beep. beep. hmmm. *checks the handheld motion tracker.* what is it arc troooper johnson? im detecting three life signs ahead of us. are they human. yes sir. alright then lets pick them up and give them a hand. *as they all agreed in unison* right.
now then lets go make some new firends.
uum ulrich what is that thing. i have no idea probably one of xanas new monsters. jeramy can take a scan of the thing and give us a reeding. sure thing ulrich. umm guys im not getting a reading. what do you mean. i dont think its one of xanas creatures.
but ah guys i think you might wanna double time it to the super computer in that base because ah ive been monitering there coms and they plan to nuke the place with in 30 minutes.
what do you mean there going to nuke the place. Xanas overwhelming zerg rush assualt like attack on the meger and hastly put up defense by one of there leaders got over run. but it appears that another one of them who brought in vehical support to cover there retr
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Dimensional war The begining
Part 11
This is numbuh 362 im initating over ride code priority alpha one on 60's secret back up army. but 362 i thought 60 said not to activate them with out his consent or at the beginging of a war. since they are ment to be reserve troops in case if things go south.
I know that trooper. but i dont want to loose are cmndr in the field. uuhh rriigghht. whats that supposed to mean. ohh nothing. so were is 60's secret army.
its deep with in the moon base. durring the reconstruction he lets just say that he had this wild idea that didnt seem possible but as we all know 60 doesnt give up so easily. so he did it anyway.
did what. ill show you. *opens up two doors to a very large room in the moon base. * walk with me trooper.
okay this is impressive. so when did 60 have time to build and do all of this? well his little side project began when the galactic war began but he all ways focused on the deffense of earth which was and still is his true entention
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 0 0
Dimensional war The begining
part 10
Lord general xana the dimensional portal is complete awaiting your orders. *evilishly smiles.* perfect you may activiate the dimensional warp gate. as you wish xana so shall it be done.
*mean while inside of xanas super fortress 60 and his band of arc troopers are making some marginal progress towards xanas i mean numbuh 1s prisson cell with in the artic base or whats left of it anyway alot of the place was molded changed and looked like someone invited a bunch the art directors form the movie aliens becuase it looks like the inside of alien hive.*
60 have you made any progress towards the holding cell? well that depends we have made some progress. *steps on something.* eugh why is it that every where i look there is always more crap. im walking in base full of crap and the air even smells like crap. this base has become nothing more then one giant big pile of crap.
well deal with it 60 becuase there is some major shit going on out side. shit of what veriety. the not good kind.
:iconcmndrwolfnumbuh60:CmndrWolfnumbuh60 0 0


[C] Balto Reanimated MAP Thumbnail by DragonessAnimations [C] Balto Reanimated MAP Thumbnail :icondragonessanimations:DragonessAnimations 16 1 Kitten and Shadowsun by Sexual-Yeti Kitten and Shadowsun :iconsexual-yeti:Sexual-Yeti 1,026 375 Terran Wraith model update WIP by xiaorobear Terran Wraith model update WIP :iconxiaorobear:xiaorobear 118 7 Heart Box  Wolves marquetry by ChibiPyro Heart Box Wolves marquetry :iconchibipyro:ChibiPyro 677 37 New generation by Advisorium New generation :iconadvisorium:Advisorium 169 3 GRAYWOLFKILLER Comm: R.E. spoof 2 by ShoNuff44 GRAYWOLFKILLER Comm: R.E. spoof 2 :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 375 21 Inbound by Rookie425 Inbound :iconrookie425:Rookie425 365 8 Douglas C-47A Dakota by Daniel-Wales-Images Douglas C-47A Dakota :icondaniel-wales-images:Daniel-Wales-Images 61 2 Wolf Link by evelmiina Wolf Link :iconevelmiina:evelmiina 309 10 Good Ghost by el-grimlock Good Ghost :iconel-grimlock:el-grimlock 641 48 Douglas C-47A Dakota by Daniel-Wales-Images Douglas C-47A Dakota :icondaniel-wales-images:Daniel-Wales-Images 81 3 Augmentation Layout by Shady-Rogue Augmentation Layout :iconshady-rogue:Shady-Rogue 124 11 Canadian Vickers PBV-1A Canso A by Daniel-Wales-Images Canadian Vickers PBV-1A Canso A :icondaniel-wales-images:Daniel-Wales-Images 93 6 WE DID IT! by OUTCASTComix WE DID IT! :iconoutcastcomix:OUTCASTComix 281 86



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Space Wolves: The Space Wolves are known as the Emperor's executioners and instrument of punishment since the Great Crusade era. They are notorious throughout the rest of the Imperium for their ferocity and their defiance of authority, including the dictates of the Codex Astartes. They are generally considered as the greatest and most loyal warriors of all the Space Marine Chapters.


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