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The Test Subject 1(Preg.Feral Vulpix TF/TG/MCDairy
Journal Entry 1:
My name is Vincent "Peter" Kelley. I am the first test subject of a laboratory called T.F.Inc. They are using test subjects for their products,and I'm the first test subject.They said I am going to become a Vulpix.Now,I'm more of a Riolu fan,but I'm all right with Vulpix.They'll start the test tomorrow.
Journal Entry 2:
Ow. The injection really hurts. My arm is very sore,but luckily I'm still managing to write this,which is great,as they told me to write things that begin happening,though the effects will start...who knows.
Journal Entry 3:
Something changed! Where I got the injection,some red/brown fur was beginning to grow.It was only a speck,but still.This is exciting.I'm going to go have lunch,and see a movie,so this journal entry is semishort.
Journal Entry 4:
My height has began shrinking a tiny bit! Also,the fur on my arm began growing some more,covering most of my arm.My hands have begun hurting some.I've also been noticing my hair is starting to fall out,and m
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 20 57
Neko TG
Request from luffy255
Full Name: Michel Reed
Gender: Male
Real Age:17
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Hair Extras: None
Height: 5’9” (1.75 Meters)
Weight: 187 lbs (85 Kilograms)
Birthmarks/scars: a Small birthmark on the Right-Side of chest
Distinguishing Features: Broad shoulders
Michel was walking through the store. Tomorrow was his little sister’s birthday and he had to find he a gift. She loved cats so he wanted to buy her a hair band. He walked to the hair bands and he started to look. He found one that had blue ears. He picked it up and looked at it. It looked good so he walked back towards the registers. He walked by the clothes section and decided to look for some clothes. He tripped and fell over one of the racks. He stood up and pushed his hair out of his eyes. ‘Wait why is my hair so long?’ He asked himself as h
:iconmoj9:moj9 30 2
Theivery Gone Wrong [Request] by Koishis-Captions
Mature content
Theivery Gone Wrong [Request] :iconkoishis-captions:Koishis-Captions 79 0
New Year, New Me (TG TF WG)
AwwDecember 31st, it was New Years Eve and Steve was getting ready for a party. He slipped on his black skinny jeans and a tight fitting top and some shoes, grabbed a quick drink and left. He was semi popular, and had a fair few friends.
This party he was going to was Stacey's, she was on the plus size but Steve didn't care, on a couple of occasions they had sexual relations. Steve believed that tonight would be one of those nights.
Arriving at the party at roughly 10:30pm, Steve walked in and the house was relatively full, maybe at least 40 people. He looked around and saw Stacey over by the fire place, and went up to speak to her.
"Happy New Year Stace" before giving her a quick peck on the cheek
"Thanks Steve, but I wish there was someone like me here to hang out with, just for a little fun" she replied, almost looking depressed by it.
The two of them speak for the next hour as it reaches 11:45.
A drink in the fridge begins to bubble and glow slightly from Staceys wish earlier.
:iconpuggapillar:Puggapillar 45 1
Waking up in a New Body by Koishis-Captions Waking up in a New Body :iconkoishis-captions:Koishis-Captions 135 2
Mature content
The Wishing Well [Request] :iconkoishis-captions:Koishis-Captions 50 2
The Milking {Miltank TFTG}
            “You must be Mitch, first day on the farm?” Erik asked. The new guy, a tall, broad-shouldered fellow named Mitch, nodded. Erik grinned. “Excellent! Means I get to show you around! I’m Erik, the farmer’s nephew. I’m a Pokémon trainer! See that Miltank and Tauros over there?” He pointed to a field, where indeed there was a Miltank and a Tauros. “The Tauros is mine, Miltank is the family’s. I’d stay away from him though; he can be a little overprotective of the Miltanks."
            “Miltanks? I only see one,” Mitch said as Erik began leading him towards the fields.
            “Yeah, we have a small herd, around five Miltanks, a few are in the barn right now and I know my uncle took one on his trip. Nothing
:iconarrogantkitsune:ArrogantKitsune 133 15
The Things You Do For Love {Pikachu TFTG}
            Ash closed the door behind him, shaking off the dusting of snow that the chill February winds had deposited on his coat and hat while he’d collected his package from the mailbox outside. He was staying at home for the winter; his mother gone away to the warm sandy beaches of Hoenn for the cold months while right now his best friend Pikachu was next door at Gary’s house being groomed by Daisy Oak, leaving Ash all alone in the warmth of his home.
            Do I really want to do this? He wondered, hanging his coat up and kicking off his boots. With parcel tucked safely under his arm he made his way to his room upstairs, thoughts fighting harder and harder with every step. This is forever, no going back if I do it, but I want this more than anything before.
            When I even think about doing th
:iconarrogantkitsune:ArrogantKitsune 88 22
Disney Tg: Ariel
Ariel and Eric were about to have sex. Before her three days were up, Ariel needed to get that kiss. They still had not kissed, but Ariel sent enough messages to make Eric understand her intentions. She did not know that if she had sex within the three days, the spell would turn her into seawater. They both took off each other's clothes and got into bed. The second it started, Eric was surprised to be suddenly drenched in seawater while Ariel was nowhere in sight. He swallowed some of the water and coughed as his pores soaked up the rest. Eric moaned as his feet suddenly cracked and shrank down a few sizes. They arched slightly and became dainty as pale smooth skin covered them. Eric could not move as his legs lost their body hair and muscle, slimming down to match his feet while his thighs thickened until they were crushing his groin. He grunted as his hips burst outwards and his ass filled out sexily. Eric's pain went away as his pubic hair went from black to red and he started to mo
:iconcharoset:charoset 93 3
Mature content
'Not the Partner I Meant' TG (Padme Amidala) RQ :icontgrebel2:TGrebel2 51 4
Mature content
Sabine Wren TG :icongendermorph:Gendermorph 26 3
Selena Gomez tg cap request
"Hey man come on lets go its gonna start any minute." "Alright I'm coming." I said we were gonna watch a movie it was some chick flick but it has Selena Gomez in it and she is like the hottest girl ever and plus she's my age I have a good shot at dating her. It started up and man oh man she was hot. "Man oh man what I would give to meet her." I said suddenly a light beam shot out of the TV and I vanished. "Ok that was weird. Hey I wonder if sonic X is on?" my friend said as he flipped it to the channel it was on. "Man oh man Amy's hot." Suddenly the TV shot a beam of light out at him and sucked him in it. Back to me. I was in a weird glowing place it was a small room that's all that I could make out of it. Suddenly I began to lose height and my body hair was starting to fall out I looked at my legs and saw that they were smaller and sexy like a chicks! Suddenly I felt my torso start to change around becoming smaller. Then I felt my face start to transform as my features became softer l
:icontoatg:toatg 39 2
Mature content
A Soldier's Life (Twi'lek TG) :iconhello546:Hello546 43 0
Tg Cap 5 by Hattarun Tg Cap 5 :iconhattarun:Hattarun 32 7
Mature content
The Club [Story / TG MTF] :iconolddog77:OldDog77 165 17
Pikachu TG TF
Zach followed the winding road through the seemingly endless forest. It was dark and eerie, the only sounds the occasional flutter of wings or screech of an enraged Pokemon. His eyes darted back and forth, back and forth, searching out any Pokemon that would wish do to him harm. He knew the Beedrills in this area were vicious, he'd seen the corpse of a young woman attacked by the creatures before he entered the forest. He could think of nothing worse than winding up like that girl, a hole through his stomach and his shredded guts spilled on the dead grass.
Zach continued forward, stumbling over  something during his trek. He fell onto the road, pieces of gravel cutting into his knees. He yelped and turned around to see what had sent him to the ground.
Sitting on the road was a lone, rather beaten Pokeball. Zach stood and picked it from the ground, disregarding his scraped knees. He turned the ball over in his hand and finally decided that he would take it with him, perhaps it
:icontgtf:TGTF 85 15


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