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Are You Game? For Change? - TG AR WG :iconk-transformer:K-Transformer 48 3
TG Caption This: Cat Hairbands Are For Little Girl
It was a sunny Monday as Lucy was walking around her elementary school during recess. The little girl felt worried, fearing that she would come across Eric, a 6th grade bully who picks on little kids. Eric has already tormented half the kids in Lucy’s 1st grade class. Lucy was afraid that she might be the bully’s next target, especially because of her green cat hairband, which she loves to wear on her auburn hair all the time.
As Lucy walked passed the playground, Eric came out from behind the corner of a school building and blocked the little girl’s path. The boy, who stood one foot taller than Lucy as he wore a grey hoodie jacket, said to her, “Got any lunch money, pipsqueak?” “But I only brought my own lunch,” Lucy replied, disappointing Eric “So no lunch money, huh?”
Eric suddenly snatched Lucy’s green cat-eared hairband off her head. “Hey! Gimme back my hairband,” shouted Lucy as she attempted to get her hairb
:iconstarlightrailroad:StarlightRailroad 60 5
TG Caption This: Turned Into A Little Sister
Tori never been appreciated by her older brother, Kevin. He always been mean towards his little sister, taking her stuff without asking (and breaking them), and ignore her. It’s been this way ever since Kevin became a teenager. Tori miss those days when she and her older brother used to play together. It doesn’t help by the fact that Kevin have been training for gym class in high school.
One evening, Kevin came into Tori’s room and took her pink alarm clock. “Yo dweeb, my alarm clock broke! So I need to borrow yours,” shouted Kevin. Tori panicked that Kevin took her alarm clock, which is her special item that she got a while ago. She protested, “Don’t mess with my alarm clock! You don’t know what it could do to you. I need to show you how it wo-”
“Oh shut up, twerp!”, said Kevin ignorantly, “I know how an alarm clock works. And what you need to learn is to LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE!” Then, Kevin violently shut
:iconstarlightrailroad:StarlightRailroad 75 7
AR Caption This: Baby Science?!
Isaac was in the basement of his laboratory working on his experiment. He worked countless days on the “Eternal Youth” project, trying to achieve the possibility of reverting anyone to their youthful appearances. He was determined create the perfect “Eternal Youth” experiment.The scientist may have forgotten when he started working on it. Yet Isaac thought that he’s getting closer to completing his experiments. Feeling a little exhausted from working on his experiment, he decided to leave his laboratory to get some coffee.
Unfortunately, when he gone back to his laboratory, Isaac saw that his front door was open, despite locking it right before he left. Fearing that his work might get stolen or destroyed, Isaac rushed into his laboratory. Once he got to the basement, the man saw a young orange-haired woman fiddling with his experiments. Isaac knew this woman as his rival, Amanda, who’ve been trying to outdo him for a long time. He walked towards the
:iconstarlightrailroad:StarlightRailroad 57 2
Mature content
TG/WG/AR - Eliminating Your Rival, Pound by Pound :iconk-transformer:K-Transformer 28 0
Mature content
How Andy became a mouse :iconsenorincognito69:SenorIncognito69 36 6
TG-Neko Hairbands are for little girls (request)
TG-AR-TF Neko Hairbands are for little girls (request)
Dave was pissed because he'd gotten detention at school, his mum as punishment, had made him come to help her prepare for her work. His mum worked at a primary school and he had to tidy some of the classes and rooms. It was an annoying job but it had to be done, especially if he wanted his Xbox and phone back. His cleaning duties finally lead him to the girls changing rooms, which he also had to clean. In some cases boys would be excited at the idea of going in the girls changing rooms, but why would he be it wasn't like he would find anything sexy left on the ground and he also felt that at every moment someone would barge in and call him "pervert" and "lolicon"; but he had to do it. Taking care of the dust and mechanically cleaning the whole room he stumbled upon a Hairband lying on the floor, it had little pictures of fishes on it, it was obviously for a girl, a little girl, but something compelled mike to lean
:icondude8641:Dude8641 67 4
TG AR: turned into a little sister (request)
TG Caption This: turned into a little sister
Jay was a typical guy living his high school life to the best of his ability, which wasn't high, it wasn't that he was stupid he just couldn't do what academic kids could, most people weren't expecting much from him except one, his twin sister as most siblings she was annoying but deep down they were the closer than anyone would ever be. One day were he'd done particularly bad at school he kept saying half-hearted comments, such as
"I wish school didn't exist" and " I wish I could start over"
His sister heard him rant and pushed open the door
" got a problem Jay?" She asked
"Yes a big one, mum and dad are going to be pissed" he said angrily
"I wish I could start over" he said again
His sisters eyes sparked with interest
"Here take this I'm sure it can help you"
She tossed mike a cuddly teddy bear, Jay was about to laugh, another one of his sisters stupid joke, but a soon as he caught it a jolt was sent through his body, he nearly blacked out
:icondude8641:Dude8641 195 18
The Perfect, Special Day TG
It was a blazing hot day in late July and Gold was outside of a church setting up a wedding venue for some lucky couple who were doubtless relaxing in the air-conditioned building while the event staff died of heatstroke.
“Why would anyone do an outdoor wedding in the Southeast during July?” Gold muttered to himself while dragging an arbor to the gazebo. His hands, covered in sweat, slipped on the weathered arbor and he got a giant splinter in his palm. Howling with pain, he dropped the arbor. It landed right on his toes.
Gold was already in a sour mood from setting up for the wedding in this unbearable heat, but this double injury pushed him to his limits. He wanted to throw his hands up and quit, but he took his work seriously enough to realize that an entire wedding ceremony was depending on him finishing the venue before the florists arrived.
“I swear, this couple better appreciate the work put into this wedding,” he said while walking to the truck to
:iconcaptaincaption:CaptainCaption 186 6
Mature content
Knight Fall (TF/TG/Preg) :iconmotherduhad:MotherDuhad 18 2
One for the Road (TF, TG, AR)
One for the Road
(TF, TG, AR)

    “Another.”  A cup of alcohol was placed before sixty year old Cameron.  Soon after it was placed he drank it in quick succession.  “Another.”  
    This had become a regular thing for him as it helped to forget how things have gone in his.  The business that he built had been removed him from control, feeling that it was time to take things into a new and younger direction.  Took great effort to keep a calm composure and not berate them for stabbing him in the back.
    While losing his company was a heavy blow for Cameron, it made him realize what had been sacrificed to establish what it became.  He had no wife or kids and hardly any family members as they had become estranged over the years.  He was in good shape even for his age thanks to the regular trips to the gym which added to good appearance of a slightly muscular physic al
:iconanthony22fp:Anthony22FP 169 8
Contest Prize: The Fancy Party (Anthro Rarity TG) by SpongeBat1 Contest Prize: The Fancy Party (Anthro Rarity TG) :iconspongebat1:SpongeBat1 183 14
Anthro Fluttershy Costume TF/TG
You're trapped in a room with no exit. Row of costumes of fictional female air-dwellers surround the room. The only way to leave is to pick one and put it on.
Out of the corner of your eye, you notice some rather familiar-looking costumes. You see two bodysuits that greatly resemble Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy from one of your favorite shows, My Little Pony. Since Fluttershy was your favorite, you grab the one that looks like her.
As you grab it, you see all the other costumes disappear. "Looks like I'm committed..." you say to yourself. Upon closer inspection, you saw that the costume is an anthro one. You slip off your arms into the sleeves of the costume, and see that they fit perfectly into the costume's dainty arms and hands. You kick off your shoes and step into the costume's legs. Your feet seem to round out into hoof-like shapes, perfectly fitting into the costume's feet.
Your hips also seem to widen until you feel them brush against the fabric on the inside. You reach toward t
:iconspongebat1:SpongeBat1 293 28
Tg app
Marc ran up to Chris’s room anxious and looking kind of stressed.
Marc: "Chris! I need your help!" He says as he barged in his friends room who was laying down on bed.
Chris: "what’s going on?!"
Marc: "my parents are coming to town and they wanna have dinner with me!"
Chris: ".... free food is a bad thing?"
Marc: "yes! No, wait. I mean they want me to have a casual dinner with them with my girlfriend that they heard so much about!"
Chris: "dude, last time you had a girlfriend was your junior year in college"
Marc: "exactly ... technically I never told them .. me and Sara broke up ..."
Chris: "and I can help how?"
Marc: "be my date!"
Chris: "no! And how?! They are expecting Sara not me!"
Marc: "oh come on, they never seen Sara so they don’t know how she looks like’
Chris: "I can’t pass being a girl."
Marc: "you can ... through the tg app"
Chris: "no way! We swore we would never bring that up again!"
Marc: "please? It’s an emergency!"
Chris: "no!"
:icongbkitten:GBkitten 117 7
Special DEE-livery Derpy TF TG
    Jonsey groaned as he brought up one more box. "Almost, done." He sighed and sat down on one of the boxes, while he caught his breath. "Man, I had no idea I had so much stuff. One really does not know how much they have until they pack it all up and move out." He stood up and gave a small stretch. "I might have to wait until tomorrow to unpack this stuff. Going up and down a flight of stairs several times, carrying heavy stuff takes a lot out of you."
    He walked over to the kitchen and opened a box marked "glasses." He took one out and filled it with water from the sink. "Probably should have waited until fall, when the weather is more comfortable, I would definitely be sweating less."  He sighed and drank down the beverage.
    Jonsey gave a small sigh as he finished. He looked around the small apartment and smiled "But it will all be worth it, I have my own place." He waked around the small living room a
:iconaphoenixofbluefire:aPhoenixOfBlueFire 67 27
Mature content
The Inn-Aba Experience: Yukiko Amagi TG :iconhassoutobi27:HassouTobi27 36 5



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