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Today, after a DECADE on deviantART, I finally changed my username. I wanted something more professional - and I also wanted to match my other social media usernames.

So now you will find me on dA as cmloweart!

I've been pretty busy lately creating new digital paintings to have for my next comic convention next month, including a mixture of pop culture art and wildlife art. Stay tuned for more updates! :heart:
Hello everyone! I have decided to (finally) start taking commission requests from the public! Below is some general information. Regarding prices: I am willing to negotiate. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask! If you're interested in commissioning me, then either send me a Note or email me at

Personal commissions are OPEN!


  • The prices listed here are for personal commissions only. For commercial projects, the prices are different and more expensive depending on the scope of the project. Email me for a quote if you're interested in something like a poster, album cover, book cover, children's book, etc.

  • At the moment, the only forms of payment I accept are checks and Paypal. If paying through Paypal, I'll have to tack on an extra 2.9% to cover the transaction fees.
  • If you're paying for a traditional piece (graphite drawing, watercolor painting, etc) and want the piece shipped to you, then you will have to pay for shipping as well.
  • Currently, I only ship to US customers. For customers outside the US, I can only do digital painting commissions (unless you would like a scanned 300dpi file of a traditional piece). Hopefully this can change soon!

  • For digital paintings, you will receive a 300dpi file that is ready for you to take to any print shop in order for you to make prints out of.

  • High-quality reference images are required in order for me to produce the best results.

  • I have the right to post your commissioned piece in my portfolio and on any of my social media accounts if I choose to. I also have the right to use your commissioned piece as a way to promote myself (such as including it on the back of a business card).

  • The following prices are for one subject's portrait (one person, one animal, etc.). The more subjects that you want in the painting/drawing, the more it will cost. The more complicated a piece is = the more expensive it will be.
  • The following sizes are the most common that people request. If you want a custom size (or a bigger size) that isn't listed, then just let me know and I can do it.


The Screaming of the Lambs by cmloweart  King of the Savanna by cmloweart  Bear by cmloweart  Caviezel by cmloweart  Frida Kahlo by cmloweart  The Duke by cmloweart  Scully by cmloweart  Hank Moody by cmloweart

Graphite, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, or Pastel
(The following prices also apply to digital painting.)

8 x 10 in

Black & White $150
Color $250

9 x 12 in

Black & White $200
Color $300

11 x 14 in

Black & White $250
Color $350

11 x 17 in

Black & White $300
Color $400


8 x 10 in

Watercolor $300

9 x 12 in

Watercolor $350

11 x 14 in

Watercolor $400

11 x 17 in

Watercolor $450
Long time no talk, dA? Over the past couple years, I've been obsessing over Tumblr, so that's where most of my "social media time" is usually spent. :P

I'm still alive, and I even graduated college this past December! And I applied for graduate school. If I'm accepted, I'll be pursuing an MFA with a focus on graphic design.

I'm going to be in the process of cleaning up my deviation submissions. Maybe moving the mediocre and off-topic stuff to my scraps. And deleting the awful deviations or the deviations that didn't get much attention. I wish there was a way to mass-delete and mass-move deviations instead of doing them one by one. I have a lot of deviations that I need to get rid of.

For the past, like, month I've been going through a phase where I don't like anything that I create. To get my creative groove back I will be doing a series of portrait and character studies. Maybe experiment with a couple different styles? We'll see how it goes.

I also have quite a bit of work to post, so I might post a couple of my newer digital paintings over the next week or so. I'd like to get back to using dA more.
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My cousin / the closest-thing-I-have-to-a-sister has joined deviantART! Her name is Leira-K and everybody should go check out her work and watch her because she is REALLY fantastic. She's really good with landscapes and architecture. The level of detail in her work is very impressive - especially in her pen and ink pieces. Some of my favourites of hers:

Saint Basil collage by Leira-K Eiffel Tower by Leira-K
Paradise by Leira-K City Lights by Leira-K

With that being said, go and welcome her to deviantART! :heart:

:iconleira-k: :iconleira-k: :iconleira-k: :iconleira-k: :iconleira-k:

Regarding other things in my artist life: So obviously I was not nearly as active on dA as I hoped I would be this year. I had a, uh, very chaotic and dramatic class back in the spring that took up all of my time and sanity and I had little-to-no internet time. But hey! I created a few legitimately good pieces for the "design" section of my portfolio. And more is on the way - especially for this fall. All of my classes for the coming semester are design classes, so YES. Despite the insane workload it will be, I'm looking forward to it. I stay much more focused and interested if I have all design classes than I do if I have just one general ed. class. :P

As far as illustration goes, I recently finished a watercolor painting of the Lion of Judah, and not long before that a digital painting of Will Graham from Hannibal. ;P Up next I will be finishing a pastel drawing of Jim Caviezel. And after that... I don't know. I am probably designing/illustrating a book cover for a family friend, which is exciting!

And I'd like to make an attempt at drawing Captain Jack Sparrow this summer since my skills are finally at a level where I can probably draw Jack and have it actually turn out good. :XD:
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Wow, it has been a year since I wrote a journal. College really has taken up my time, hasn't it? Anyway. Today is as good a day as ever to become active again on dA. A while back, I cleared out most of my journal entries. (I'm trying to build a somewhat professional online presence here, guys, so please be patient. :P) Enough of me, though. The reason I wanted to update my journal was so that I could further spread awareness of the canned hunting of lions. I know I posted this in my newest deviation - the canned hunting poster that I designed [… ] - but I wanted to post it again in a journal entry in hopes that even more eyes would see it. :shrug: I'm just copying-and-pasting the write-up that I wrote last night:

Canned hunting is, simply, "hunting" and killing an animal in an enclosed space. It doesn't matter if the space is a cage or an acre of land or 30 acres or even 30,000 acres of land. If the area is completely fenced in so that the animal has NO WAY of escaping, then it is absolutely canned hunting. There is absolutely no concept of fair chase like there would be if the animal was truly in the wild. It is incredibly unethical and even most REAL hunters and hunting organizations frown upon it. It's a disgusting, lazy, cowardly form of trophy hunting.

The canned hunting of lions is extremely popular over in South Africa. Unfortunately, it is legal. It was temporarily banned in 2007. However, in 2010 (after enough whining and complaining from "hunters" and breeders), a Supreme Court of Appeals ruled in favor of continuing this barbaric practice.

Game farms/ranches breed and raise lions. Soon after the cubs are born, they are taken away from their mother to be hand-raised by humans. They do this so that the lioness more quickly becomes ready to breed again. She'll have more litters of cubs here in captivity than she ever would in the wild. To the ranch owners, more lion cubs = more money to be made from canned hunting.

At these ranches, people are allowed to come in and handle and play with the lion cubs. The people behind the ranches put on a front to the public and they claim to be conservationists and that they rescued all these cubs and that they will eventually be released back into the wild. Of course, this is all BS because you just can't release a captive-bred lion into the wild.

The lions become dependent on humans to feed them. Because of the constant interaction with humans, the lions grow up to not be afraid of them. This makes them easy targets to kill. When the lions are old enough, people from all over pay THOUSANDS of dollars to shoot a lion in an enclosed space. These lions are sometimes drugged before being released into the enclosed area. Oftentimes, the "hunters" shoot the lion from the safety of their truck. It's also been reported that they request to shoot the animal when it is still in its cage. These people... these monsters don't care if it's ethical or not. They're not even real hunters. They're just lazy, cowardly people determined to prove their manhood and they just want a stuffed lion to add to their trophy collection.

It's sick. Absolutely, incredibly sick. It's awful and horrifying.

If you've made it this far, then thank you. It is really hard to properly cover canned hunting without writing an entire book on the subject. If you are just as passionate and disgusted by this and if you are just as determined to stop these barbaric acts as I am, then I highly encourage you to further research it and to please, help spread the word. There are so many people who don't know about this. The first step in stopping this bloody insanity is to bring awareness to it.

Helpful links with information regarding canned lion hunting:

CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting) - As far as I know, this seems to be the only organization/campaign working specifically to bring awareness to canned hunting.

LionAid - A lion-specific organization working towards conserving and saving this beautiful animal - whose population is rapidly declining. Over the past 50 years, the lion population has declined by 90%.

SanWild Lion Rescue - A blog working to bring awareness to and to expose individuals and operations that participate in different forms of lion abuse including canned/trophy hunting, the bone trade, etc. It also includes a couple of experiences of people that volunteered at these places.

A couple of articles with an overview of canned lion hunting:… (also includes a video) and…

A long research article on using State and Federal Legislation to stop canned hunting:…

A long but wonderful article that argues against hunters that use conservation as an excuse for trophy hunting:…

The illustration that I did for this poster isn't up to par with my other work... but the content, the message is the most important thing for me this time. (That, and I was on a tight schedule.) The scene depicted in my poster is based off of an actual canned hunt of a lioness that happened years ago. The following link includes a description of it:…

And this site has a two-part video on canned lion hunting. It includes the video footage of the canned lioness hunt that I just mentioned:…

Well then. That's all I have for you all. If you have any other information and useful articles on canned lion hunting, then please share it with me and I'll add the link to it here. In the meantime, let's all continue to work towards stopping this cruelty!

This makes me want to create more art promoting wildlife conservation - big cats especially. Expect to see (much) more pleasing and positive big cat art over the summer. :)
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