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The Spectrum num 1


Fix 8/29/14 the non parented and Projection Fear shield fixed should no longer ask for the .obj file
Fix on 7/8/2014 I had been informed that some of the light constructs where not working for some people, if you have this problem just redownload the file here and unzip it like you did before the missing files will then be present sorry for the trouble
Fix on 7/7/2014 fear shield left procs a right and left fixed said issuie. Please contact me with any errors you find, I will be very greatful, I worked long and hard on this and I would like for it to work as intended for all of you :)

The Spectrum is a set of textures and  props made for Daz Studio’s Genesis by CMK24601 (Chad M. Kook) based on the DC Universe Lanterns. I as the creator lay claim only to the creative aspects of these items and not the characters, logos or concepts there in. These items are free for ONLY the purposes of creating non-profit fan art for your private enjoyment and/or  the viewing enjoyment of others.

I do not make any money off this so neither should you...

Please do read the Manual, It will help save you some frustrations with the product.

Hey Chad, what do I get in here?

Well I am glad I asked for you....

This package contains 10 texture sets for Daz Studio’s Super Suit, Boots and Belt for Supersuit and Morphing Mask based on Lantern Suits from 

Blackest Night/Brightest Day

You get suits based on:

Hal Jordan: Green, Red, Orange, Black & White

Sinestro: Sinestro Corps & Indigo Tribe *

Kyle Rayner: Blue*

Carol Ferris: Star Sapphire*

and bonus “Lanternized” suit:

Black Lantern Batman* (including Bat Ear Morph for the SuperSuit)

The Yellow, Indigo, Blue, and Star Sapphire suits do not have mats for the morphing Mask.

I have made a Collar for Indigo, A Tiara & A collar for Star Sapphire. and Oan Tech mask for Blue 

(Which I plan to create Shaders for in other colors at a later time), and a sinestro mustache. Additionally, I have also put the Ear covers item I made for my StatesMan product in this one for use with the Black Lantern Batman Costume.

Nine Shaders one for each color of the Lantern Spectrum

Sixteen Light Construct props:

Avarice Armor

Mace of Avarice (Left, Right, No Parent)

Compassion Shuriken Shield (Left, Right, No Parent)

Death Scythe (Left, Right, alternate Right grip, No Parent)

Fear Sword (Left, Right, No Parent)

Fear Shield (Left, Right, projected, No Parent)

Hope Shields (Left, Right) with stance

Hope Spear (Left, Right, No Parent)

Life Axe (Left, Right, No Parent)

Life Shield (Left, Right, Projected)

Love Bow and Arrow Set with a left hand parent no parent and arrow parented and not parented to bow

Love Strap and Belt with Quivers 

Rage Helmet

Rage Hammer (Left, Right, No Parent)

Will Shield (Left, Right, projected, No Parent)

Will Sword (Left, Right, No Parent)

All contents are in Props/CMK24601/The Spectrum

Note: this set does not come with the Rings, Bracers, HeroClix base or Belt and fins. 

the Rings are from Duda…

The Bracers and belt come from JoeQuick’s GoldenAge:…

Hero Clix Base by Blurbur:…

Sorry I don’t recall where I got the batman fins from, they aren’t Joe quick’s in my folders it is under !M4/!M4 Hero so if you know who that creator is please note me or e-mail me.

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This is really a stunning collection together with the second part for any Lantern and Superhero fan. Thanks for sharing.
CMKook-24601's avatar
Thank you for you kind words and i hope you enjoy using them as much as I did making them :)
radpreacher's avatar
Thank you so much for this!
CMKook-24601's avatar
Welcome, ^_^. It was hard work and loads of fun to make, I am glad to see people enjoy it :)
leroysquab's avatar
Very cool set! Thanks for sharing!
CMKook-24601's avatar
thank you very much :)
anironbutterfly's avatar
Thanks for sharing this! I'm looking forward to unpacking this and getting a chance to work with it before I 
take a look at writing it up! :)
CMKook-24601's avatar
I hope it is something you enjoy, even though it is far from perfect a lot of work went in to it :)
anironbutterfly's avatar
I'm thinking some epic psionic weaponry is going to happen! Liz, Emma and Rachel are gonna lay the
smacketh down on Selene and Madelyne, methinks!
CMKook-24601's avatar
hehe cool, I do plan to make a second pack some time-ish, it took me about a Month to do this one (well not in total time just like well you get it...)
anironbutterfly's avatar
Yes, indeed! I'm going to play with this one tomorrow and see what I can pull
together with some 'rough' renders for the characters I've already got 'saved'
among my existing scene files. :)
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