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The Spectrum Num 2

This is a follow up to Spectrum Issue #1 and contains 12 new Lantern Costumes for Genesis and Genesis super suit.
the Creative Content of The Spectrum Serise for Daz Studio is the property of Chad M. Kook (CMK24601 aka CMKook-24601)
However the Characters represented are property of DC entertainment and thus these items where created out of love
as a fan and as a work of Fan art to allow others to create fan art.
DO NOT sell any parts of this package or any art resulting from these items I am not making money off of this and
neither should you. (Unless you work for DC comics)

John Stewart
Kyle Rayner Green
Hal Jordan Yellow
Hal Jordan HHybrid Blue/Green
Sinestro White
Star Sapphire Wonderwoman
Black Lantern Blue Beetle
Black Lantern Superman
Red Lantern Mera
Red Lantern Supergirl
Blue Lantern Flash
Yellow Lantern Scarecrow

the contents of which are:
Suit terxtures for all the listed above except Hal yellow as his suit is the same as sinestros sans the neck opening.
Note: I updated the arms texture to inclue the arm band
Yellow mask
Alternate black boots mats
12 props (2 of which wheree modded from other people's items with thier express written permission)
and 8 shaders

What you will need:
-Spectrum Issue 1: some of the textures and pieces from #1 are used in #2
-Genesis SuperSuit, super cape and boots and belts pack
-Freebie Cowboy hat found:… for Scarecrow's Hat
- Catwoman… for the Beetle Goggle prop to work this must be in
your runtime like normal and thank you to Tyler for allowing me to modify his Goggles.
- Flash Head wings… Aztecmarco was kind enough to allow me
to mod these to make the feet wings but you will still have to DL the head wings yourself.
deadworld Trench coat… this only applies if you want to use the mats I made
for the Yellow lantern Scarecrow, I couldn't find a free trench coat I felt was suitable so I used this one. Sorry to
make people spend more money...

sorry can't recall where I found the noose on Share CG and I can't seem to locate it again.

Please note as in the last set the rings are not provided I Used the ring set created by Duda that is on Share CG
The Sinestro Corp Bracers are part of Joequicks Goldenage pack and the Atlantean fork is also found on Share CG as
a freebie.

list of props in this set
Red lantern Mera's Crown (2 versions)
Star Sapphire WonderWoman's Tiara
Scarecrow Mask
Waist Star for Star Sapphire Wonderwoman
Boot wings for Flash (modded from flash head wings by aztecmarco)
Black Lantern Blue Beetle Belt
Blue Beetle goggles (modded from cat Goggles by Tyler)
Shoulder, forarm and calf armor for Red Lantern Mera
Blue lantern Flash bolt

(note all of these are found in the extras folder, except the waist star)

as always should you have any problems please feel free to contact me on DA, Share CG or at my email
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Hope you are still reading comments for this. First, great work on these, I really appreciate it. However, I do seem to be missing some files. When I try to add the Red Lantern Mera leg armor or pauldrons, I get missing file errors and only gray boxes where the props should be. The missing textures are: advancedmetalcreator/amc_adisp14.jpg,

advancedmetalcreator/v3dem_frac4.jpg. I do have a advancedmetalcreator folder but only has 2 textures in it. Any chance you are still updating this? I would love to finish my Mera Red Lantern. Thanks!

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Nice work! Can you check out and possibly comment and check out my captain amercia piece:…