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I know that I hit this amazing milestone a few weeks ago but with getting married and a crazy work load, I haven't had much time to write you all to say thank you! I appreciate all the faves, comments and llama badges you all have sent my way. I am truly honored. I will be posting about 50 or so finished works here in the next few days so hopefully there will be something for everybody. I have roughly another 300 in process drawings. My next show will be back in my home town of Warren, Ohio. I'll also be doing a convention in Akron and possibly Pittsburgh later this year.
Thank you all again,
Chris K.
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Hey Everyone,

As you might notice from the title I'm going to be previewing my next show. All-Americon is going to be Sunday, July 7th and if anyone is local I'll say this is THE BEST local show to go to. The vendors are great and the show just seems to be getting bigger and bigger this year. 

As promised I have just about completed another 75-80 color pieces that I will be posting this week, new ON FIRE STUDIOS t-shirts, and I will have several pages from my new fantasy card set for sale matted and signed with Undercity Games and OFS certification. Another fine point is that I'll be accepting credit cards at this show so I won't be turning anyone away unless they try to write me a check. I'm really excited for the show and I hope you are too!

Thanks for reading, sleep is calling.

Chris K.
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Hey everyone,

Just checking in to give a review of the past two months. Spring Fling in April was an amazing event and a great time with all the other artists that were assembled. I'd love to one day do an art jam with all those people...maybe just a collage of all our talents strewn together.

With Spring Fling I decided to do another sketch card set for my friends at Undercity Games. This time I pulled out all the stops and went for a full 72 card set of fantasy characters.  This set was so much fun to do. One thing I love about working with UCG is that they're always giving me new and interesting projects. The set features 9 of the more popular categories of fantasy characters (paladin, dwarf, elf, gnome, dragon humanoid, cat humanoid, orc, mage and human). If you have any ideas for the next set let me know, I'm always up for a challenge.

I'm also starting up on some new color pieces and this time you'll see a lot of new characters, character repeats and variations. I hate going to a show and having to turn away a fan/customer because I don't have the character or costume that they want.

I'm unveiling some fresh banners featuring the ON FIRE STUDIOS logo and some of my original work. One is pretty much done with minor tweeks while the other is just laid out for the moment. I will also be accepting credit cards at all shows. I may even have some shirts printed from my new silkscreen shop. So as incoherent as this last paragraph is, the premise is that there are plenty of great things coming and you'll all be the first to experience it with me!

Thanks as always,

Chris K.
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Hey everyone,

I'm almost ashamed to admit I haven't posted anything in a long time but come this very weekend you'll see some new stuff being posted. For those of you watching me, expect around 100 new pieces to be posted. I've gotten permission to post my sketch card set for Undercity Games that I did late last year. This set is comprised of about 40 hero/villain sketches. Some of these did not make the set so you'll get to see some of the editing if you check them out at Just search Undercity Games and look at their awesome stuff. If you're a table top gamer this should be your new fave site.

Now that I've set that up, Undercity Games is also throwing a show at my local comic shop for an all day gaming expo known as Spring Fling 2013. The date for that is Saturday, April 14th. This is a great company throwing great events. I'll be there selling my work and raffling off one piece in their give away.  Again, anyone who is remotely into gaming should come out.

Lastly, I will also be posting my cover for the Penguin Review that I finished last month. This is a student run publication for Youngstown State. I was asked to do the cover and I was so excited to see it finished. Can't wait to get my copy. You'll also see a TON of new color drawings.

Enjoy the show,
Chris K.
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Hey everyone,

Just updating things at the moment and as it stands, "Where Oh Where, Is My Little Brown Bear?" has been completed. At the moment I am working on the copyrighting of it while working on othe projects.

The first of these exciting projects would be the one I will be finished with tomorrow. Working again with my good freinds at Undercity Games on the Classic Character Sketch Cards. I will be finishing a 40 card set of characters which will be great visuals to accompany the RPG gaming experience. I'm really enjoying this a lot. Its really great to create characters with reckless abandon.

If this product sells well, I may be doing some work on SciFi and Fantasy sets. Not sure what my involvement will be but in any fashion, I will enjoy the work.

I will be checking with UCG to see if I can post these sketches soon. The originals will be for sale in the near future. I will be matting, framing, signing and authenticating all 10 pages of work so anyone who is interested can message me accordingly.

Next will be finishing a short story and illustrating a publication for my alma mater, Youngstown State University. This annual publication has seen better days but with a new and ambitious staff it should be really something.

After that I will be starting the new year's LONG list of ambitious tasks...2 pin up calendars, a shirt design company, tattoo flash set and a handbook for my ON FIRE COMICS UNIVERSE Volumes 1&2.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

Chris K.
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Hey everyone,

By the title I'm sure you'll get an idea of what I'm going to mention. This last week my first submission to the great web comic Cosmic Hellcats was published on the site

This was really fun and my only regret was not completing it sooner. I'm hoping to maybe do a few more. The creators of this wonderful strip work their hind-ends off to update three days a week. I can only hope to work at such a pace. You should all check out this strip. Its free and the guys creating it are really great.

All of that being said, I've also had some time to think about the future, he current direction I'm heading and I'm hoping I'm still heading in the right one for my career.  I'm currently pausing all of my other projects to finish a children's book and practice my craft as a comic book artist.  I have a few short stories I've written and a few that I've used from sample scripts. My hope is to have a decent portfolio at the end of all of this.

I will still be posting from time to time but do forgive me if they are in LARGE and less often. If you still have suggestions for color pieces I don't think I'll ever stop doing them so send me your thought and ideas.

Thanks again for reading,
Chris K.
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Ok well now that I've had my much needed vacation from everything, I can now get back to work with a focused and clear head. I did manage to sketch out 17 color pieces on my trip to Chicago this weekend on top of taking in an AMAZING concert of Incubus and Linkin Park.  

All of that aside I'm going to be prepping for my next show at Youngstown State for the Undercity Game Fair 2012.  This year I am among four artists in their ever growing artist alley section.  From my posts you may notice that I did some advertising art for my good friends who have kindly put on the show.  If you're local you NEED TO COME OUT! It's going to be an all day affair and there's tons of great games and give aways.  

I wasn't going to preview this show but it is the first in a long while for me.

The intent of this entry was to give all of my watchers something to look forward to.  I have a TON of color pieces slated for this week. I'm hoping I can get them all done.  All of the paper has been delegated to various characters.  Here are a few on the list.


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I've been thinking about these color pieces that I have been putting together for shows. It donned on me that maybe you fine people could provide some insight as to what I should draw next. Granted they will be in the same format as the other color drawings I've been doing but the subject matter is really up in the air. I have been doing characters from the big two, independent books, cartoons, videogames and some movies. If you have a voice and you like my stuff, SPEAK UP! I'd love to hear what you all can think up.  If I'm in process on a character you think up, I'll be sure to finish and post those characters first.

So fire away!

Thanks for the motivation and thank you for watching!

Chris K.
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Hey Everyone,

I've been really busy lately producing my very first comic book, The Story of Us, and I'm proud to say that it is finally completed.  You can feel free to visit my gallery and check out the sequential work.  I really like the Pages 1&4 most because I could really work with my style rather than caricaturing a photograph.  I think this definitely showed me how much work I could get done in a small amount of time.  I started this project the first week of January and finished with a fully inked four page book with a color cover. Granted there are plenty of artists out there who will probably scoff at that achievement because they themselves can produce at a much higher rate than I.  But for the first time in a long time I'm blissfully happy.  Mainly because SHE SAID YES!  

I have decided to create my own studio with the new year.  As I was drawing TSOU, I received a great deal of job offers for freelance work across a great deal of media.  That being said, I'll be working on custom tattoo designs as well as flash.  I will also be doing a lot of logo and advertisement designs.  But most of all I will be focusing on my children's books and working with some really talented artists/writers continuing where TSOU left off.  

A small sneak peak of the work I'll be doing will be pin ups and possibly sequential work for the talented SRScribe and his Pistol Whip Press.  I'm hoping to have a new pin up out within the next few weeks.  Also I'll be working on some pin ups for the talented chrismaverick and his awesome web comic, Cosmic Hellcats.  All of these awesome people can be found with a simple google search or check out my watchers because I'm still not sure how to put links into my journal entries.

With all of this work I'll be posting haphazardly so I hope I can keep up with my ambitions.

Thanks for reading,

Chris K.
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Now before you all get technical with me about the ACTUAL date of this entry and the implied nature of a "New Year's Resolution," I'll first say I probably won't be posting a new entry until after the new year.  That being said we can move on to the real matter at hand.  

Now that I've had some more experience in the corporate world I've realized that I'm not nearly as happy as I am when I'm drawing. Graphic design will continue to be a stable source of income but with this new year, and possibly our last, I'm resolving to draw more and really perfect the direction I'm taking my work. I have actually paused from working on one of my new pieces just to announce that I'll be putting out new pieces.  From now on I'm going to take myself far more seriously. I resolve to finally take a swing at stardom in the comic book industry.  I also resolve to have a collection of stories put together for upcoming conventions.  Lastly I resolve to make each work the best work I can possibly do. No longer will I settle or try to over work a piece just because I want to salvage the piece of me I do it.

So there you have it.

Thanks for reading,
Chris K.
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Hello Everyone,

I will first begin with apologizing for my lack of postings and updates from previous shows and what not. I've started doing design on a full time basis and I have been neglecting my drawing.  Luckily though, I've rededicated myself to drawing again and I'm really excited to continue showing my growth.  I have a ton of work to post so bear with me as I try to get it all up. Another accomplishment is that my calendar "Get Pinned" is complete and for sale at $20.  I will be releasing all of the pieces here on deviant art.  If you would like to purchase one send me a note and we can work something out.  Also, I had an amazing time at Mid-Ohio this past October.  I met some great people and saw a lot of familiar faces.  Thanks to everyone who bought from me and all of you who stopped by and looked at my work.  You're all the reason I do this.  Lastly I want to say that I am taking commissions for the Christmas season.  I will be taking them for the next two weeks and I will have them all shipped out in time for Christmas Day.  
Thanks for reading,
Chris K.
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Ok so the time has come for me to preview things for Mid-Ohio that will be taking place later this month.  I'm currently in the thick of things and I have some really great art/deals that I'll be unveiling at this convention.  The first will be more color pieces.  At the moment I have 82 pieces. Many of which aren't posted yet. As we get closer to the convention I'm going to post some deals that you can get for certain days/times.  I will also have my calendar done and ready for pre-order.  I'm also working on these quick marker sketches that will be on sale at the convention.  These are quick 11x17ish pages that will be completely at my whim.  I won't be taking any requests but as I sit I'll draw when I'm not working on commissions.  I usually don't toot my own horn but they're looking pretty nice for being so quick. These will also be part of my new mystery bag sale.  I haven't fully thought that sale out but it'll be worth every penny.  If you are interested in a commission don't be afraid to ask.  I'll draw just about anything. Or if you just want to stop and say hello you're certainly most welcome.  Lastly, I'm working out some ideas for prints.  They'll be 11x17 and I'm debating what I should do.  At any rate I'm ready for bed and I hope to hear from everyone soon.

Thanks for reading,

Chris K
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So I know I should have posted something yesterday about this but I got home late and didn't think twice.  As you all know I went to the FIRST ANNUAL Undercity Game Fair in Warren, Ohio.  My really good friend was the wonderful guy throwing the shindig and I can't thank him enough.  I will be posting the new piece I donated to his cause.  Unfortunately one casualty was made at this event and that is the Lion-O color piece I was working on.  I sold it before I had the opportunity to post it...I'm sure you all won't be too crushed but in the event that you are I ask only for your forgiveness.  I will also hopefully be posting the commissions I did for this event but that depends on the people I did them for.  At any rate I had a wonderful time and I got a lot of work done between the commissions.  It also didn't hurt that I got to talk with other artists and shoot nerf guns at zombie targets which made my day. Again, in my last entry I posted, local folks should come out to these things.  If not to visit me then to get together with some really great people and have a good time.  

Moving on, I will now be refocusing on my work and continuing this mad rush for the next show.  I'll be working on more color pieces and my calendar.  Plus I'm going to start a few new prints which will be available at Wizard World Mid-Ohio.  Another great opportunity to come see me and get some great deals on comic books and other goods.  I know most of my Christmas shopping will be done there.  For now though I must retreat to bed and hope 6am doesn't come too soon.

Thanks for reading,

Chris K.
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Like I promised I posted the first 30 images I'll be revealing at the Undercity Gaming Fair on September 17th.  Local folk should come out and support this show.  It's run by some really great people and great people should have our support.  This will be my third show this year and hopefully a successful venture.  I will be donating a piece to their raffle.  That means you could possibly get a free work done by yours truly with the price of admission.  

Enough about that but onto greater things.  I still have a ton of work to do. I'm on the month of May with the calendar and I'll have that done soon.  Also coming soon...more of these color pieces. If you like these you'll love what's in store....Here's a hint at what's next, Joker, Aquaman, Classic Thor, Sinestro, Daredevil Yellow, Spawn, Kyle Rayner GL, and many many many more.  I'm hoping to have a TON more done before Saturday so stay tuned.


Chris K
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So I've been working pretty steadily on these 5x7 pieces and I'll have you all know that I have 26 more completed.  I will post them when I get to 30 because I believe in nice, even numbers.  When I first started these color pieces I was more concerned with doing characters that happen to strike my fancy.  As a matter of fact I just wanted to dip my toe in the waters and I fell in face first. So now I'm working on every character I can think of.  I almost have one portfolio book filled and I hope to have more soon.  I still have roughly 26 Marvel drawings waiting for color and several more to be inked and drawn.  I have almost 40 DC characters inked and ready for coloring and about 10 characters from video games and other comic publishers ready as well.  Still haven't touched any Mortal Kombat stuff yet.  Shocking really, but it's really hard to keep remembering all of these charactes.  I start a pile of 60 at a time and I forget A LOT!  That is probably going to be priority number 1 when I start the next pile but I have a new set of 60 to work out so we shall see.  As for the calendar, I'm a bit hung up on February's pin up but I really just need to sack up and do it.  I should have it out by weeks end.  Then I will be working on my Cover girl for the calendar and hopefully I can get it produced quickly.  The first few people who tell me thier birth date will be featured on the cover.  This isn't a contest but there are a few spots where I'll show some love to my peeps.  Part of me wants to go to sleep and the other part wants to hammer out more work while another wants me to spoil the surprise for the new work....I'm going to bed.  Thanks for reading.


Chris K.
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I know I've been jabbering about posting the pin ups I've had done since May.  I finally have done it so go forth and fave and enjoy as you will.  I have a few colored but I decided to go back to fresh inks and re-color them in Adobe Illustrator.  I know some of you may think it is insanity but it actually produced the results I've been looking for since I started coloring my own work.  I hope you can agree once I post it.  I have all the modeling done on March and I'm flatting out January at the moment.  I've been also working on more color pieces and I have 18 fully inked and ready for color but I'm looking to get to 20 before I start coloring.  I'm really looking forward to what I have planned over the next few weeks.  Just bear with me as I work out the rest of this work.  Until the next time I mass-post new work, thank you and good night!


Chris K
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As you all can see, I've been posting some new color pieces. I'm really working hard on getting some serious stuff done.  I want to blow the doors off of Wizard World Mid-Ohio.  I've never been to Mid-Ohio con before but since Wizard has taken over I'm all for it.  It's only $200 for the table and I love getting great deals of stuff.  All of you local fans can catch me premiering these first at All-American Comics on September 17th.  More infor to come soon on that front. I'm also going to try and get this calendar done soon.  I just have to sit down and get it done.  I may start coloring in illustrator to get a better product and who knows...maybe it'll get done.  Let me know what you think of the new stuff.  I'm welcome to suggestions too.  Right now I'm only doing Marvel characters so if there's someone you'd like to see me draw in that universe I'm all ears.  Till then I bid you adue.
Chris K
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I've been experimenting with tone paper and I'm really pleased with the finished pieces and I hope you'll enjoy them once I post them.  I'm trying to get more done to save myself some time on scanning but in the mean time I'm going to be posting up my inked illustrations for my calendar.  To back things up a bit, these tone paper drawings are 4.5"x6.5" of varying colors.  As I continue to produce them I have been getting more daring with my color and character choices.  Currently I am drawing Marvel characters so keep your eyes peeled.  I'm mostly doing these for conventions so that I can streamline my inventory and bring quality art at a fair price.  As it stands these pieces will be available at $10.  They are full color but the size and simplicity of poses make them more affordable. I will be doing other characters and I will be sure to post those as I continue to produce.  I really want to expand my horizons so as I create these I will also be drawing 9x12 pencils of each character and 1-3 sketchcards.  This will cover all my bases and I hope you all will enjoy the work.  Thanks for reading.

Chris K.
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So I've been a busy little bee trying to catch up on this.  I got so tired of coming to check up on things here and seeing everyone producing some really great stuff that I had to post a TON of my stuff.  From all the commotion I think it's pretty well recieved by all of you wonderful people faving and watching.  I hope you come back soon.  I have roughly 16 or so drawings ready to be posted and countless graphics that I've been working out over the last few months.  I got the calendar all inked and scanned so I'll have all 12 months posted soon and I'm going to have to get to coloring the last of them to have it out soon.  I'm really excited for the coming months and I hope I can sell a few of these calendars.  Once i finish coloring I can get a price out and we can all go from there.  I also have a ton of drawings in progress.  If you are ever curious as to what I'm going to be working on next, take a peek at my faves.  I pull a lot of inspiration from the people I watch and all of the faves I've collected over time.  I'm also doing a lot of graphic design for possible t-shirt designs. Most are of local highschool football teams from Northeast Ohio but I am having so much fun with them that I will be sharing them soon.  If you are interested in my work feel free to watch or fave my work, I am very flattered and hope to hear from everyone! If you would like me to look at your work, that is assuming you think my opinion holds any weight, let me know.  Until next time, thank you for reading and I really hope to hear from you all.

As sincere as I can be,

Chris K
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Well...simply put...I'm pausing for a moment to update on things.  As it stands I just finished inking the Mary Monster pin up for Jay Fife as per his request at Spring Fling.  I guess I will see whether that takes off or not.  I currently have five (5) pin ups started for my 2012 calendar, "Get Pinned!"  This is a bit of a challenge to stay on task and not want to work on other things.  I started some more sketches for the new sketchbook and they are promising.  Still not sure how this year's sketcbook will do at conventions and I'm afraid I need to do more prints.  I'll see how the summer treats me and I should be able to come up with something in the mean time.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some of these pin ups finsihed and possibly posted.
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