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The Crystal (Contest Entry)


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My submission for :iconjknewlife: 's contest.
Well, here's Sara excited over finding a crystal! Where is she? No idea. What's the crystal? Also no idea, but obviously it's something pretty important to be getting Sara this excited over it. Maybe Sara is deep in an ancient temple and this crystal is able to create your hearts desire or something. Plenty of things that could be, so who knows? Not me, apparently.
Honestly though, I actually had a really big drawing in the works centering around Sara, but then this contest kinda just appeared. Not really entering with the goal of winning (though that would be cool), but with more of the intention of "I want to challenge myself." I saw an opportunity to draw and didn't want the opportunity to pass by. I mean, I'll still be making the other big drawing, so I guess I can just consider this drawing as practice for the big one I'm making. It was also kind of nice to get some shading practice in too, having the red of the crystal kind of bleed into the rest of the colors. It was also pretty cool making the reflection of the crystal in Sara's eyes.
Overall I feel like I did pretty good with this drawing, though I'm really, really not good with drawing mouths of any kind unless it's like a single line kind of smile/smirk. Just something I need to work on more. Uhh, yeah. Honestly I just can't believe I got pretty much this entire thing done in one day. 
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Once Sara makes up her mind about something, it's basically a given that she'll stop at nothing to pursue it. =P

I don't know the back story of why she might be after this jewel, but with that kind of giddy expression on her face, this was clearly a hard-fought victory.

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I'm the one who made the drawing and even I don't know the backstory. Feel free to think one up!

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Picked this as on of the two winners since it really looks like you put a ton of work in this one plus I'm liking this Raiders reference amongst other things ^^

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Thank you! I had loads of fun making this, especially since I got to experiment with a few different techniques like the shading/glow and the reflection of the crystal in Sara's eyes.

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You're welcome ^^
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*Indiana Jones theme intensifies*

Entered into contest (currently its the only entry submitted so far but there's still 14 days left)
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Well, here's to hoping for some more contest submissions, after all, I did get this done way before the deadline.

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