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Baking a Cake Fanart Part 1

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Some fanart of :iconjknewlife: 's character Sara making a cake!

Can't tell you how long it took me to figure out this prompt. Definitely took me a while though since I wanted to make a whole setting.
Pretty proud of how this turned out. While I'm not the best at interior decorating or perspective, I think I actually did a pretty solid job here. I will note that I would have put more items in the refrigerator if I didn't completely blank on what kinds of things actually go in a fridge. But uh, yeah. I'm completely blanking on what to say here. Ah well. Definitely going to keep working on perspective though.

Anyways, hope everyone seeing this has a wonderful whenever it is that they're seeing this!

(Also, happy birthday to Jake!)
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Aw thanks for the birthday wishes and the appropriately themed set of drawings ^-^

Now lets just hope some of her hair doesn't end up in there and it might be time to restock her fridge with some big steaks, chicken and all those other delicious sweet things :P