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Soundwave visualizer for Rainmeter 1.0.1

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1. Download the .rmskin file using the button above or Github
2. If any changes to the variables are made, you must run the Auto-Configuration Program to compile and apply them.
3. If the skin does not detect sounds from certain programs or at all, it is not a skin problem, but a Rainmeter or audio driver problem.

Soundwave is a test for producing a visualizer in the form of smoothly connected Bezier curves.


Visualizer (Soundwave\main.ini)
Key object that is used to display the audio spectrum. The context menu includes the ability to change the variables file ( and run the Auto-Configuration Program.

Song Information (Soundwave\songname\sec.ini)
Basic secondary object that displays the artist and song title.
Note: If only the song title is available, only it is displayed. If the song title is unavailable, nothing is displayed even if the artist name is given.

Auto-Configuration Program (Soundwave\autoconfig\program.ini)
Must be ran for a second after variables are changed.


(Only these may be changed, others that may be included do nothing)

xconst Width modifier.
yconst Height modifier.
endsize Start and end "flat line" length modifier.
player Music player to retrieve song information from. (default Spotify)

Other Visualizer Options:

The audio plugin's settings can be changed near the top of the file under [measureparent]
The visualizer's refresh rate can be changed at the top of its file (default 50 ms (20 Hz)) under [Rainmeter]
The visualizer's gradient can be changed at the bottom of its file under [maincurve]
The number of frequency bands is hard-coded with dependencies and it may be difficult to change.


- [Fix] Fixed auto-config not working when there are spaces in the skin path
- [Change] Small modifications to AudioLevel values
- [Change] Removed the plan.png file

- Initial Release
© 2019 - 2020 CMG-simplestuff
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None of the variables work

Theres like 40 xconsts

There are no endsize in any of the files

Plus it doesn't even detect sound from spotify

Could you try to make an actual menu since there aren't any of the variables you talked about in your description

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UnknownNate ... Here's a warning message that I received "!WriteKeyValue: Illegal path: (Soundwave\autoconfig\program.ini)" when I had the program.ini open. I'm not sure what it means, but doesn't look good. To rectify it, unload the main.ini skin, then load program.ini, then unload program.ini. Finally reload your skin.

I changed some of the values, but it doesn't seem to really enlarge the soundwave. Really subtle changes instead.

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UnknownNate .. also make sure to open up the "LOG" tab in the rainmeter manager because there are warnings and errors IF you start the program.ini as suggested.

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UnknownNate ... They're under the Resources folder > var.ini .

Here's a short video showing the location.

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anthopare16New Deviant


I'm having this issue in the log :o

Measure: Invalid Substitute="^(.+)(.+)$":"\1 - \2","^(.+)$":"\1","^.*$"="" (Soundwave\songname\sec.ini - [MeasureCompile])

What's wrong :0

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nicklaus117New Deviant

Hey how can i choose where the tittle and artist ends, i love the skin but i don´t like that depending on the song it will move more to the center or longer. I wan it to be aling to the right

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

Under [Meter] set StringAlign to "Right"

You can use other skins with the same functionality from different visualizers too

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nudnickkidHobbyist General Artist

how do I change the color to black?

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

Under [Variables] change the variables "cm" and "ce". Try cm=000000bf and ce=00000000.

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Hey, is it possible to change the Audio-input path, so it doesnt switch to the standart path after every restart?

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

What's the audio-input path, could you clarify?

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So, I am using Voicemeeter. I can mix my Music seperately from the other sounds of my computer. The Program I am using for that is called Virtualcable. And this is an audio input, which I can choose as an input on various progams, for exampmle Discord. The visualizer always uses the standard input configuered in Windows. But I want it to use a different input. Is this possible?

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

If it's counted as an audio device you can set the skin to use it:

Parent measure options --> ID

I found audio IDs using Device Manager. Click on device in list --> Properties --> Details -->Device instance path

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iamfr4ngNew Deviant

this is so cool! thank you!

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Just in case anyone has problems changing the width and height, replace all instances of #vis# with "#vis#" and #visdump# with "#visdump#" in autoconfig\program.ini as the double-quotes will allow spaces in your paths and be able to write values properly. Also to shorten the skin width, change either xconst (lower value=shorten, higher value=widen), or endsize. Changing both will shorten it too much. Not sure what either does but changing just one of these two worked for me. Change yconst to half your intended skin height (e.g. if you want the skin to be 100 pixels tall, change yconst = 50).

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

Ok, I fixed the issue with the variables. I never noticed it as my file path has no spaces...

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Gerkin420New Deviant

Hello, very nice project but can we change the size of the visualizer (the length) ?

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

Change the values of xconst and endsize

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VaunTT1New Deviant

How do I reset it to how it was originally.

In default it does not go very high and when i try to change it it just becomes a big continuous block.

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

There's a default variables file in the github repo, copy it and run autoconfig


If it still fails, delete variable files and run the skin installer again

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DragoNNoVa3New Deviant

Everything is working fine but for some reason the visualizer isnt reacting to any high notes. Any idea on how i can fix this?

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CMG-simplestuffHobbyist Digital Artist

No idea, it seems to detect high frequency for me, but it usually creates the shape in the thumbnail for most music (and for low frequency test tones).

Send a screenshot and sample music?

+Edit: Increasing FFTSize seems to change behavior, you can try it (64 --> 128 | 256 | 512, 1024 seems too much)

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DragoNNoVa3New Deviant

thanks ill give it a try

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I cant download it, the site doesnt exist or something

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