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ASF-119 Multirole Hybrid Frame by CMG-simplestuff ASF-119 Multirole Hybrid Frame :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 56 1 M330 Kasai 40mm Autocannon by CMG-simplestuff M330 Kasai 40mm Autocannon :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 19 4 System Monitoring Package for Rainmeter [v1.0] by CMG-simplestuff System Monitoring Package for Rainmeter [v1.0] :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 13 2 ASF-114 VGMA by CMG-simplestuff ASF-114 VGMA :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 22 1
TRM_1805281245 -
From: Unknown
Codename: N/A
Access Lv: Undefined (any supported terminal may access this transmission)
Attachments: [Compressed File Folder], [Image File], [Image File]
Alert: Some attachments are very large and will not be downloaded if using mobile data. You may choose to allow the download.
Even if
nothing can be seen,
Does it really mean
that nothing is there?

Just like
molecules of the air.
Just like
a space in text.
Just like
the agent observing your every move.
Just like

There is not
much to be said.
You have
one chance.
:iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 0 0
ATW-3 Timberwolf by CMG-simplestuff ATW-3 Timberwolf :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 14 0 20180405131248 by CMG-simplestuff 20180405131248 :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 5 0 NFSPB #18 by CMG-simplestuff NFSPB #18 :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 3 0
TRM_1805201938 - UmVzZWFyY2ggVGVhbSBSZXBvcnQgMQ==
Codename: TRM_1805201938
Access Lv: ASTIND-4, ASTIND-EVENT, [10 others]
Attachments: [Word '60 Document], [Unknown File], [Unknown File]
Alert: Various errors detected in transmission.
--- TRANSMISSION 1805201938 ---
This is Report No2 b? Hajime Utagawa, designati?n ERTAR05.
Initial tests have been cond?cted on the ?eceived samples of affected parts and the parts of mach?nes used to manufacture such affected parts. Information li?es up with the reports written before the of?icial testing stage.
TEAM ALPHA has found that upon c?nnection to the ASTIND. network, control components which have not been locked will be reprogrammed slowly and automat?cally.
Additionally, a pre-programmed, but unlocked, control component appear? to "improvise", forming a message with as little change as possible. Messages follow o?e of few comm?n themes; [???], [???], and a few others. More informa?ion is attached in the [Word '60 Document].
The r
:iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 0 0
Ghost Under the Light sketch by CMG-simplestuff Ghost Under the Light sketch :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 6 1 THETA heavy exploration vehicle by CMG-simplestuff THETA heavy exploration vehicle :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 18 0
1805061433 - Update to Anomaly
From: AstInd. Corporation
Codename: TRM_1805061433
Access Lv: 0 (all registered civilians have access to this transmission.)
Attachments: [Word'60 Document], [Audio File], [Unknown File]
Alert: One file has an unknown file format (.bin) and cannot be opened by the Interplanetary Mail System's file viewer. This has been reported to the Interplanetary Mail System server. You may download the file to open it with a suitable application.
--- TRANSMISSION 1805061433 ---
We are pleased to report with updates regarding tHe mysterious messages found in our equipmEnt.
NotabLy, some equipment from comPanies unrelated to ASTIND Corporation and its affliates have siMilar issues as well, but such cases are rarE.
Affected companies have received the aid of a United Nations-appointed team on EartH, consisting of militaries and private companies. This tEam is led by General Markov, known for leading a small bataLlion of just over a hundred soldiers of various ranks to take over a city
:iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 0 0
1805052120 - Regarding Messages of Unknown Origin
From: AstInd. Corporation
Codename: TRM_1805052120
Access Lv: 0 (all registered civilians have access to this transmission.)
Attachments: None
--- TRANSMISSION 1805052120 ---

This is a publiC service announcement from ASTIND HQ on EArth to all owNers and users of ASTIND vehicles and equipment, as well as all emploYees of ASTIND and its affliate cOmpanies.
We have received reports of mysterioUs cryptic messages found in certain more advanced parts of ASTIND equipment. THe parts affected appEar to be similar to those used to store mAnufacturer information, but are sepaRate. Parts existingly used to store inforMation by the manufacturer are complEtely unaffected.
Affected parts appear to be communicating witH each other or the usEr, usually in human-readabLe text, binary, or MIME base64.
We urge you to rePort any such findings, even if you are unsure to whether a piece of such inforMation is from the manufacturEr or not. Do not follow any instructions from such parts.
:iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 0 0
Track-Walker by CMG-simplestuff Track-Walker :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 30 3 Track-Walker lineart by CMG-simplestuff Track-Walker lineart :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 3 0 FM6 #2 by CMG-simplestuff FM6 #2 :iconcmg-simplestuff:CMG-simplestuff 10 1


Cyborg guy 08 - Republic heavy armor by AlpYro Cyborg guy 08 - Republic heavy armor :iconalpyro:AlpYro 159 12 New Ghostbusters  Proton Pack (Fan Concept) by Loone-Wolf New Ghostbusters Proton Pack (Fan Concept) :iconloone-wolf:Loone-Wolf 46 9 New Ghostbusters Protonpack Details (Fan Concept) by Loone-Wolf New Ghostbusters Protonpack Details (Fan Concept) :iconloone-wolf:Loone-Wolf 21 2 Sacrifice2 by wlop Sacrifice2 :iconwlop:wlop 5,793 109 Street sunset by arsenixc Street sunset :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,304 52 Tarkavian Decimator by jflaxman Tarkavian Decimator :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 461 71 Richard C. Hoagland Skyport 2163 by JamesF63 Richard C. Hoagland Skyport 2163 :iconjamesf63:JamesF63 313 22 Emilia by Satchely Emilia :iconsatchely:Satchely 1,172 38 RvR02b Brigandine Rebuild C4D by Tarrow100 RvR02b Brigandine Rebuild C4D :icontarrow100:Tarrow100 27 4 +Violet Evergarden+ by larienne +Violet Evergarden+ :iconlarienne:larienne 3,008 104 Summer by wlop Summer :iconwlop:wlop 5,631 85 Outpost-34 by BlastWaves Outpost-34 :iconblastwaves:BlastWaves 749 45 Razors - Systems Alliance Destroyers by Euderion Razors - Systems Alliance Destroyers :iconeuderion:Euderion 363 20 Mechanik #12 by H3KATE Mechanik #12 :iconh3kate:H3KATE 12 0 Zelda by wlop Zelda :iconwlop:wlop 4,306 92 ERT-102 by TheNebeskyMuz ERT-102 :iconthenebeskymuz:TheNebeskyMuz 52 5



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Designer of mostly futuristic vehicles and weapons. Also does in-game and IRL photography as side projects. Trying out Rainmeter, might make a second design of System Monitoring Pack.

SimplePlanes 3D builds (est. 2/month)
Activity ■■□□□


Build airplanes by snapping parts together, designing wing sections, and attaching engines. At any time, you can strap yourself into the cockpit and see how it flies with realistic physics. If you're not in the mood for building, over 100,000 airplanes are available to download for free.

SimplePlanes (general 3D work)
Samsung built-in image editor
Paint 3D
Microsoft Powerpoint (image assembly work)

pixiv:… (posts some work only)


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