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Old Owed Art
Edit: I apologize for my wording, but again I don't mean to accuse anyone, I understand things can happen, but there's no way I can know about that kind of thing unless I get contacted about it. Most people haven't reached to me at all, so this is for me to reach them.
So I have this list from a long time ago, and well I decided to finally publish this. I feel bad for doing so, but I honestly feel as upset with the amount of people who have... well... kinda scammed me. I don't mean to accuse anyone specifically, I don't want to cause any confusion with anyone, I'd just appreciate to receive a word back from these people, even though I suppose many of them are unreachable now for having left deviantart.
shoukemasushi dog commission - 200 points | June 2015
BeautifullyCutesushi dog YCH - $6 | August 2015
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Deer Hind Leg Study by Deertush Deer Hind Leg Study :icondeertush:Deertush 1,577 23
SoulxMaka - Matching Scars Part 1
My name is Soul Eater. I was the one seen pushing people into their lockers, stealing their phones, iPods. I learned that it was the right thing. My parents never gave a flying flip about me. They never cared for me. They favoured my brother, Wes. I never got anything for birthdays or Christmas. One day I saw a boy with the latest iPhone and flouncing it around like it was a million death dollars. I felt so... Jealous. So when the group that surrounded him left I took him by his collar. I yelled in his face, took his flipping iPhone and walked away. I heard him burst into tears and run away but I didn't care. I didn't see him again but like I said, I didn't care.
I kept the iPhone. I still have it now. And I started to steal more and more things. Well, I wouldn't call it 'stealing' seeing as they practically gave them to me. A boy named Black*Star became my friend. My best friend. He was an idiot sometimes. Make that most of the time. He usually held the wimpy kids up by their hands, a
:iconolaftheninja:OlafTheNinja 69 24
The Flower Girl Chapter 1
Beautiful Eyes
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters of Inuyasha.  
Kagome smiled down at the small bouquet she held in her hand... she couldn't wait to show them to the person they were meant for.
It was still strange, when she thought about it, that Sesshoumaru's little group was now traveling with theirs - she suspected it would take a while for everyone to grow at least marginally comfortable around the stoic, silent Lord, but the best part, to her, was that now she got the chance to spend time with Rin.
That was one little girl that could tug your heart out with just a tiny smile, and in Kagome's eyes at least, she could do with a bit of mothering.
She had no problem taking on that role.
She glanced down at the flowers in her hand again, and nodded.  Rin loved flowers more than anything in the world, besides Sesshoumaru, and Kagome knew a great deal about them - she'd taken a liking to them herself when young, and had studied up on
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NEW DEADLINE: 03rd March
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Draw a "Generation 5 Version" of an OC or CC (Canon Character (INCLUDING THE MANE 6)) of your choice!
You can either use the (supposed/leaked) Hasbro Generation 5 Designs or come up with a new one.
Your "Generation 5 Version" MUST be recognizable to the respective "Generation 4 Version" of the OC/CC.
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
Sunday, 03rd March
Your picture has to be submitted AFTER the 18th, January!
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<strong align="center">
:iconestories:EStories 99 367
Love Bird (C) by SketchyBum-Tay Love Bird (C) :iconsketchybum-tay:SketchyBum-Tay 10 1
Prompt Wall - April
> Pistachio appears to have something to say to you! Why not go over there and see what he's up to?

“Bloom season is upon us! Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming, and on days as bright and sunny as these, you can always hear the giggling of small children outside, as they frolic and prance around.”
Egg-ceptional Memories
“I was rummaging around my nest the other day, seeking another quill - since my new one broke again the other day - when I came across some positively ancient scrolls. Unfurling them, I was pleasantly surprised to discover some pictures which my father had painted of my egg, just before I hatched. I thought I’d lost them, what a relief! Do you have anything similar, perchance?”
Draw your grottoling’s ‘baby photos’ - what did they look like as an egg?
Prompt Rules
- Art may be traditional o
:iconthe-breezie-grotto:The-Breezie-Grotto 10 88
Chopin Species info sheet -Open Species- by Kitchiki Chopin Species info sheet -Open Species- :iconkitchiki:Kitchiki 1,906 272 Open Species: Squeeks by Boltonartist Open Species: Squeeks :iconboltonartist:Boltonartist 947 344 KHS Chap.1 page 1 - English by Onihikage KHS Chap.1 page 1 - English :icononihikage:Onihikage 590 66 RFA Pck (Stickers) by Cactus-v RFA Pck (Stickers) :iconcactus-v:Cactus-v 96 11



"C'mon, slowpoke!" Eyre yelled. "We only have so much daylight!"
Obsidian huffed. "You and I both know you shouldn't be running on that leg." He gazed at her bandaged wrapped back leg. It had been permanently damaged in a bird attack that claimed her wings as well, leaving the young skimmer permanently grounded. "You could get hurt or make it worse. You and I both know that- and she isn't listening.."
Eyre's ears were perked up and swiveled forward. "Obsidian, do you hear that?" She whipped her head to and fro, searching for something.
"The sound of how little you listen?"
"No! It sounds like crying!"
He strained his ears, barely hearing the sound, but she was right, it was definitely crying. Eyre stopped looking and tore off through the grass suddenly, her companion not far behind.
They stopped, a small pink fluffball sobbing on the ground at their feet. It had long, silky hair. Eyre gave it a sympathetic look and walked towards it, while Obsidian bristled with realization.
"Eyre, get away from that thing!" He yelled
The creature shot to a seated position, blind eyed wide with fear at the sound. Its hair moved, revealing an extra set of legs, and Eyre froze.
"Is a spinner," she whispered.
"Back away, slowly." Obsidian instructed.
"But it needs help, it could be hurt." She argued, taking another step forward.
"Its kind will help it."
"This far out? Look how scrawny it is, no spinner is coming. It's been abandoned." She came upon the little spinner, dipping down to eye-level with the tiny creature. "Hey there little guy, dont worry, we won't hurt you."
Obsidian's huff was met with a glare from Eyre.
"Yeah, sure, I guess." He rolled his eyes.
Eyre stood and sauntered over to Obsidian, who looked away. "I think you know what comes next," she said melodically.
"Absolutely not!" He whipped around to face her. "Havent you heard stories of the spinner invasion?!"
She tilted her head. "He has nothing do do with that."
"But his kind-"
"Look at what Empress Wylla does to firewinders like Spicy, do you hate wysps?" She asked.
"No, but-" he sputtered.
"Then why punish a baby for a past he has no part in, a past none of us have a part in?" She nuzzled him. "I know you may not like it, but I can't just leave him to die."
"I suppose you're right." He murmured.
She gave a soft smile before turning to the spinner. I suppose we should get you home and fed, hm?" She lifted the young spinner, much to his chagrin. "Hush, you may not like it, but the way home is full of things you can't see and could get hurt on." He seemed to quiet down at this statement, though he still pouted as she set him on her back.
"What are you going to call him?" Obsidian led the way home.
"Coreopsis seems like a good fit." She murmured.
"Coreopsis? Kodi will have a field day," he snorted.
"Corey for short, of course. What do you think, little one?" She looked behind her.
"I li-li-like it" he gave a nervous smile.
"He speaks!" Eyre smiled.
"A bit." Obsidian moved a blade of grass out of the way.
Coreopsis yawned. "Sleepy?" Eyre chuckled. A tiny nod and a soft muzzle was all she was met with.
"He's dozing." Obsidian looked at the spinner, his eyes finally softening.
And with that, the three began the slow trek home.


Grottolings are a semi-open species made by FuyusFox
Eyre and Coreopsis are both made by me
Obsidian was gifted to me by Sylveon17

Art by me
Species: Skimmer
Name: Dakota (Kodi)
Gender/Preferred Pronoun: They/Them
Age: 22
Job: Artist
Scale Type: Plate Type
Traits: Scales Dont Match Coat- uncommon
Mirage- Rare
Bio: Kodi is a very calm skimmer by nature. They dont talk, but communicate without too much trouble. Kodi is a member of a herd including Eyre(Skimmer), Obsidian(Terran), and Coreopsis(Spinner). They are easily startled and use their Mirage to hide when threatened.
[Child I made for my common myo]
[Edit]: lightened the back fur

Species: Spinner
Name: Coreopsis
Gender/Preferred Pronoun: he/him6
Age: 13
Job: Being a pain in the ass to his parents
Traits: Simple Markings- common
             Venomous Fangs- common
            4 Eyes- common
              1-Set Of Extra Legs- common
Bio:  Coreopsis is the youngest of a herd of grottolings comprised of Eyre and Kodi- both skimmers- as well as Obsidian- a terran- and himself. He was found when he was around 12 and has stayed with them since. He tends to be grumpy and is frequently referred to as an ass by his herdmates, though he enjoys their company- not that he will admit it. As much of an absolute ass as he is, Coreopsis is usually the first to notice when Eyre is depressed and is almost always the one who takes action to help her first.

Spinners are a closed species by FuyusFox
Species: Skimmer
Name: Eyre
Gender/Preferred Pronoun: She/Her
Age: 21
Job: Inventor
Scale Type: Wave(common)
Traits: Slitted Pupils(uncommon), Scales Don't Match Coat(uncommon)
 Eyre is a member of a herd she began with Dakota, another skimmer, who often goes by Kodi, Along with Obsidian the terran and Coreopsis the spinner.
She has a pet firewinder that she cares for and often guards their den at night.
She lost her wings and injured her back leg in an attack that happened when she was a child.


Its awesome go look!


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