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Love Bird (C) by SketchyBum-Tay Love Bird (C) :iconsketchybum-tay:SketchyBum-Tay 10 1
Prompt Wall - November
> Pistachio appears to have something to say to you! Why not go over there and see what he's up to?
“I haven't seen the sun in days. This particular time of year is infamous for being grey, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! I reckon you just need to look for the silver lining in the proverbial and literal clouds, you know?”
Rain On The Rooftops
“...but not on me. Or, so the saying goes. Alas, all week we've had nothing but a torrential bluster of screaming wind and thrashing droplets. Still, I know my friend absolutely loves the rain, can't get enough of it! What about you?”
What does your grottoling think of the rain? Do they enjoy it? Loathe it? Draw or write about their thoughts on the downpour!
Grotto Groove
“I do love myself some music in these trying times. Helps me think, y’know?”
Create an album cover themed after the grotto! It can feature some of your grottolings, NPCs, a place of intere
:iconthe-breezie-grotto:The-Breezie-Grotto 6 18
Chopin Species info sheet -Open Species- by Kitchiki Chopin Species info sheet -Open Species- :iconkitchiki:Kitchiki 1,875 269 Open Species: Squeeks by Boltonartist Open Species: Squeeks :iconboltonartist:Boltonartist 905 335 KHS Chap.1 page 1 - English by Onihikage KHS Chap.1 page 1 - English :icononihikage:Onihikage 585 66 RFA Pck (Stickers) by Cactus-v RFA Pck (Stickers) :iconcactus-v:Cactus-v 98 11 The Only Light In My Life... by NostalgicChills The Only Light In My Life... :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 744 210 Our Jan 2018 in a Nutshell by Lightning-Bliss Our Jan 2018 in a Nutshell :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 306 248
Chikapi Tracker - Sammy

Name: Samuel (Goes by Sammy)    Nicknames: Sam, Fuzzbrain   Pronouns: He/Him
Master Tracker: SwimmingWolf132  - Master Tracker
Season: Winter
Guild: Beryl Butterflies
Exotic Ears (Rare)
Wolf Tail (Unique)
Shaped Soul (Uncommon)
Age of Death: 11
Estimated date of Death: 2008
Cause of Death: Hypothermia 
Personality: Extremely loud and goofy. Always cracking jokes, even when it may not necessarily be appropriate. Has a habit of overstepping boundaries (both physical and emotional). A huge prankster, with Bee as his partner in crime
Grew up an only child in a small town. Absent father and a mother who worked late hours.
-Werewolves (or anything supernatural, really)
-Bad puns
-REALLY bad puns
-Stuffed animals
- Water
- Dogs
- Loneliness
- Being ignored/forgotten
Date Mate: N/A
:iconswimmingwolf132:SwimmingWolf132 4 11
Stream (offline)
Visions of a fading fire
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The Pili Exchange

"Show me your hard work and I might just part with some Pili."
Welcome to the exchange!  This is where you post links to artwork/writing that you've either created yourself or commissioned another to do.
If you need to check your Pili amount then please go to the Pili Bank
Each piece of art or writing that is created for the Grotto is eligible to earn Pili, or the in group currency.  How much you get depends entirely on the type of artwork and how much time/effort was put into it.  For example something with a background and shading to go along with the character will get a bit more than a sketch would.
Pili can be used to obtain items and MYOs within the group.  Visually it can be represented by gold, silver, and woode
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Advent Design- Ribbons (CLOSED) by NuddleDuddles Advent Design- Ribbons (CLOSED) :iconnuddleduddles:NuddleDuddles 22 15 200 Watchers DTA - RapunzElf Darter - CLOSED by Colbyr 200 Watchers DTA - RapunzElf Darter - CLOSED :iconcolbyr:Colbyr 16 24 Tutorial: Dragon Designing Tips - part 1/3 by SeaSaltShrimp Tutorial: Dragon Designing Tips - part 1/3 :iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 2,083 224 Uru's Reign: Chapter2: Page1 by albinoraven666fanart Uru's Reign: Chapter2: Page1 :iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 350 210 Scar and Zira by Savu0211 Scar and Zira :iconsavu0211:Savu0211 1,635 246



Inside a small burrow, three grottolings dozed after a long day, the evening breeze swirling through and freshening the air inside. A fourth grottoling in the burrow- a blue skimmer with orange scales- remained awake, looking around her and sighing. Next to her, a purple skimmer with yellow scales stirred and she turned her head to look at them.
"Oh, Kodi... I didn't wake you, did I?" she said softly. Kodi shook their head silently. "That's a relief.." The blue skimmer looked down uncertainly.
Kodi noticed and grabbed their notebook [what's wrong, Eyre?] they wrote.
"Just thinking.. Our lives have changed a lot, yea?"
Kodi nodded and tilted their head slightly.
"I'm alright, I promise." she responded, receiving a stern look from Kodi. "Ok... Maybe not..."
Kodi reached out and touched her shoulder, a gentle expression on their face.
"Its just... Everything is changing.. Suddenly we have two more grottolings in our relationship-"
[a firewinder outside the den]
"Yes.. And the seasons are changing.. Sometimes I wish the world would stop turning so I can let my brain catch up.."
[Is talking helping?]
"More than I expected it to.."
[See? Improvement already!]
Eyre chuckled softly, not realizing that the two other grottolings were awaking.
The dark maroon terran looked at Eyre softly. "Eyre, sweet, there is nothing wrong with being overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us! Why, I get the feeling so often at work I scarcely know what to do with myself."
The light blue terran piped up next to him. "Obsidian is right, we all feel overwhelmed by change. It's perfectly normal, in fact. When it does happen, talking to your loved ones is very beneficial. I know you like to handle things alone, but if you can't, please talk to us. We care about you so very much and would hate to see you hurt."
Eyre smiled softly, tears forming in her eyes. "Thank you, both of you."
[Mariquita is wise beyond her years, I swear] Kodi wrote.
Mariquita chuckled softly, blushing. "Kodi, you give me far too much credit. Now, both of you join this pile and get some rest. You've had a long- and hard, I imagine- day." She said, scooting over to make room between Obsidian and herself.
The two skimmers snuggled in between them, comforted by their partners words and dozing softly.
"Do you think Eyre is going to be ok?" Obsidian asked softly.
"I do. She has Kodi, you, and me here supporting her. We can help whenever she needs it." Mariquita said, resting her head on top of Kodi's back and closing her eyes.
"I suppose you are right," Obsidian murmured, mimicking the action on Eyre. "Tomorrow is another adventure, my dears. I pray it brings us joy."
Introducing two new grottolings!
Obsidian was gifted to me by Sylveon17
Mariquita was given to me by PurpleGh0st
Kodi was bought for me by Owl-Feather27 from NuddleDuddles
Grottolings are a semi-open species by FuyusFox
kill me.
Holy fuck this was death.
I haven't done anything realism really in somewhere between 5-7 years and I still hate it.
Anyway, this is Eralise, who I can't seem to stop changing... Well then...
QUEST: Infatuation Situation!
[Are you sure this is a good idea, Eyre?] The purple skimmer with yellow scales wrote on their board.
"Kodi, I told you, I just want to make sure she is ok after that debacle with the wysp empress." Eyre, a teal skimmer with red-orange scales replied. "Besides, you know I love adventure!"
[I would hope not more than you love me.] Kodi replied.
"Of course not!"
"Would you like a drink, hon?" Eyre pulled out a bottle of berry juice.
[I have and prefer water. At any rate, your 'juice' smells... Off.]
Eyre took a whiff of her juice and gave Kodi a perplexed look. "You must be imagining things! It smells fine!" Eyre's ears flicked at the sound of a branch snapping. "That might be her! Let's go!"
Eyre grabbed Kodi along before they could reply and ran off towards the sound. Once they reached a clearing, she finally stopped to take a breath. Buzzing the scraps that were left of her wings excitedly, she took a drink.
[Well, we know the firewinder isn't dead, she's right there.] Kodi huffed impatiently. They couldn't place it, but today felt strange for some reason. They just wanted to go home, cuddle with Eyre and dose in sunlight with her. With a soft sigh, they looked at the firewinder in question, which had an oddly perplexed look on her face. They looked to Eyre to ask, only to see her blushing at the creature.
Without warning, Eyre zipped off towards the firewinder, burying her face in its paw and smiling.
Kodi rushed to their girlfriend as fast as their legs could carry them, hoping they would be in time. [EYRE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? YOU WOULDN'T EVEN BE AN APPITZER FOR THIS THING!!] Kodi tapped on their board to get Eyre's attention.
Eyre glared at her partner. "You just don't understand our love, Kodi! Why can't you? She's harmless and soft and sweet and she loves me so much I can feel it!" Tears sprang into Eyre's eyes and Kodi immediately felt horrible. They walked off, only to trip over Eyre's juice bottle. They picked it up and sniffed it, blinking in confusion. ['Could this have caused her to behave this way? Its so unlike her...'] Kodi thought. The crafting hive! They'll know what to do! Kodi grabbed the bottle and flew off to find the crafting hive, leaving Eyre cuddling her new firewinder friend.
Yay for thoughts actually working!
I honestly had a blast with this drawing!
Her name is Aurora!

Bundrops are an open species made by bkomae and are really cute!

Bundrops can be found here:…
You should go check this out its awesome!…


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Blobble Friend Helpers
blobbles doing random things


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