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quick quick break thing...I luv this little pointing brat char! wish I had a shirt or something of it..heck wish I could find a screenshot or fanart of it :XD: yeaah guessing on color and stuff...look i'm rambling...expect more fanart of him..it.

IZ Kid (c) Nick,Viacom
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starblazerart|Student Digital Artist
izs monster kid
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Zegaroth|Student Traditional Artist
:iconzimplz: That horrible kid.
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ReynaSteph93|Student Filmographer
They should make a shirt of him, he's so cute!!

he's gonna splode, mama!
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awww "that horrible kid!"

I love him!!

hes actually one of my favs

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sailorcelestial|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
TOTALLY COOL!!! Love that lil' guy!
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invander zim is amazing
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Child - "He gonna 'SPLODE!"

Zim - "That child...."

AWESOME POINTS!!!!!! FOR YOU!!!! Oh, I'd say about ONE MILLION...just because I love Invader Zim more than I love my self....and I'm a narcisist, man!
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bluemage13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist

'i horrible kid'

lol i love that epiosde.

Nice work, well done. ^^
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"That horrible kid..."

:XD: it's the pointy kid!!! Thing!!!
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lol I love that episode, it was so funny when he saw Sizzlor changing and he was like :o
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i saw a t-shirt with hem on it at hottopic it said look
mama he's gona explod [link]
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Aw the link is gone >< I would def buy one if I saw it X3
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yes! "the frycook what came from all that space"...definitly one of the BEST invade zim episodes...awesome points for you!
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theanimejump|Hobbyist Digital Artist

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Kaaziel|Student Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, that kid! I made a screenshot collage thing of him. I love that episode. :) :) That would make the most awesome t-shirt. :D
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"He gon' 'splode, mama!" XD
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HOLEE SNAP!! It's Spaced-out-kid! :D *huggles*
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TEE HEE! I got volume 3 of Invader Zim for my burfday! That kid must have pointed about 10 times throughout the whole episode! Nice job considering you guessed at all the colors. :)

"He's gonna explode momma!" "That KID..." :XD:
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The Frycook From OuterspacE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that episode...
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I knew what it was from the title yay! And I think he looks like something from Wobbly Headed Bob's universe. WHB's head should explode.
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Go to badbadrubberpiggy.com.
They have a HUGE screenshot gallery; every episode practically frame by frame!
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