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Hello All,

I've always been drawing and typically my stuff (when it doesn't end up on your TV sets) just sits on a shelf in my office collecting dust. So back in '07, inspired by the work my wife was doing  with her brilliant Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls I decided to dust off some of those drawings and try and hock some of my own wares.

So that year at Comic Con I debuted my nomadic, hippie, muppet man, Wander Over Yonder. It was a real simple affair, a T- Shirt, a patch, and a sketchbook of some of my taken 'er easy, getting back to nature doodles. Wander was well received and after a good con we still had some stuff left over. So as to not let this "rolling stone" gather too much dust like my drawings used to I'm proud to announce that Wander has launched his very own webstore. So please Wander on over and check it out when you get a chance.

Thank you kindly,


(PS--shirts come in men's and women's sizes, and the sketchbook comes signed)
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Ahh, before the show aired....
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I know this is an old post but I NEED THE SKETCHBOOK and the link doesn't work anymore D:
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I love Wander from Wander over Yonder.! He's so sweet the way he's always helping people and is always there for his friends, and he's cute too!
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So, toys video games, DVD, and SoundTrack are in store soon, possible end of 2015.
woy-bunny-hop's avatar
OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!I heard it was supposed to be a novel,until you thought the most AWESOMEST THING IN EVERYONE'S LIFE!!I love your work so much!!!
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Will these ever be available again?
Wander Over Yonder is my favorite show!
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Hi Craig :) I bet I'm the only other one on here who acually knows where Charleroi is. I used to pick up appliances in the area and I could swear I saw ,ol Wander over Wander on a bicycle on main st. Monesson :P I always wondered who the "Jim" character on ppg was made after. Could you plz shed just a speck of light on that ?? thank you for all the entertainment it really is apprec. ////Ken
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I would SO buy ALL of that!....if I had cash.
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Oh my gosh...

Cheese's creator...

I just went to my happy place...:faint:
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AHHHHHHH!Oh my god!Its not every day you run into one of your idols on a website....But omfg!How could you let cartoonnetwork go down hill like that!You shows used to be the reason I got up at 7:00 every saturday! :)
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Are you going to be at Comic Con this year? I'll be there for three days.
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I jsut got mine in the mail today, and I love it!
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good idea from your wife!
It's marvelous!
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As soon as I got the I bought all three asap!
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Hey!, just thought I'd mention I snuck you into my school project! we had to name two other artists and how their styles were similar and different^^
keep up the great work!
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When will we see a WoY animated series on tv?
Cartoon Net, take note!!!!!!!
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Wander Over Yonder has wandered over to Disney XD; this has been made real. We're in a break between two seasons right, actually - the first season ended in November (not counting the special Christmas episode in December).
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you!! you original drawing of ppg!!! you my inspiracciono see the powerpuff girls!!
andwellloveth masion foster!!
but you real!! my dream is a profeshional drawing ^^
i love your carton!!! plis!!drawing ppg!! i love you and your drawing i see th ppg of th 4ageago and now i a 12 age pliss!!! see my gallery and pliz comment
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10-4!!! Will do. You should also check out my stuff in DA as well when you get the chance. =)

I'm sorry, is that okay? ^^;
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Cool...I loved seeing some of your extra stuff at Comic Con. I'll have to wander over to the web store soon. :D
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got my sketchbook in the mail today and i love it! great work, sir.
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hey man! it's been awile since you've been on how ya been? :)
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Hahaha, I saw this last night on acid and the pic of wander sitting on his shroom was like looking in a mirror.
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