My Wife's Dolls Available for PRE ORDER!

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That's right!  Lauren's Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls are landing and are available for pre-order at!!! Milky Way, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are scheduled to ship November 19th for any Earthling who wants to secure their order now.  This initial run of "series 1" gGirls have only been made in limited quantities, so don't wait too long to secure yours!!
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Something's leftover : PPG's eyes :lol:
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That's whassup!! =)
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I Bought Venus for my little daughter from FAO. Amazing quality. Got her the signed book too, and she said that was her favorite.
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Ha! Those are so adorable! :giggle: The one in the upper left-hand corner reminds of Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls. ^^
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Are they available in Britain by £? If so what is around the price? Maybe make good good Christmas present.
geneticallymodified's avatar
They're so cute! I wish I had the fundage to get one -_-
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Those are pretty damn cute. If only i knew someone who would want one .
all-eyes-on-coraline's avatar
Aww they're so cute ^_^
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Where have I been...*sigh*
Time to go get miiiinnnee
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They are adorable! Their designs are awesome! =D My favorite is Saturn and Mars.
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CUTE! I wanna buy some if its available in the Philippines..
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If I didn't know that your wife was the creator of these, I'd be all, " D: THEY JUST COPIED THE POWERPUFF GIRLS AND MADE THEM TALLER!"

:3 They're so awesome.
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Are those hand-made?
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They're so cute!!
Paix-Angelique's avatar
I'monna just wait for the Moon. She's my favorite. Her and Pluto, but The Moon is more my style.
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Thanks they're amazing aren't they? Lauren's not just a great artist, animator, writer, she also designs and sews these incredible dolls!

For those asking no they aren't based on a TV show (kids networks don't want to make cartoons just for girls) Right now they are dolls, books, and we're working on apparel, other toys and lots more cool stuff. So show your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, girlfriends, and let them know about MWGG!!

And the dolls are actually pretty big, 22" tall!!

Thanks for the support guys,

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I've been waiting for these! :excited:
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Wow, these look wonderful-- very pretty and quite huggable! How tall are they? I'm gonna guess no bigger than 12"...

Please give Ms. Faust our compliments. I hope these go over really well! :D

- SG17
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Sweet! Thanks for the heads up.
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nice, but I'll wait for The Sun, The Moon and Saturn to release
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These are very cute!
I hope to get some C:
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heh I'm noticin a hint of powerpuff girls in the design. Mostly the eyes. may have to snag one for my friends daughter.
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