Adam's animation art auction for an awesome cause.

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Lauren and I have donated a couple of pieces in a recent animation art auction to benefit fellow animation artist Joey Adams and his family at this time of need. To read about their story click here.

Lauren has donated four Pony pics, and I have donated an original Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Comic Strip, two of my original pencil drawings from The Powerpuff Girls Golden Book, and an original page from my Wander Over Yonder Sketchbook.

To view the eBay auction pieces please click here!

In addition to our stuff many of our friends have donated some amazing pieces from almost every studio in town!

Please check out the auction and if you can try and support the Adam's family.


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always broke,so im useless..
GySGtGibbs's avatar
Hey Mr. McCracken. I found this picture of Blossom on and I wish to know what you think of it.[link]
ALonelyWeeaboo's avatar
Oh shit, he came back from the dead. I'll check it out.
DivineDesserts's avatar
The thing that always bothered me, why does Blossom always attacks Ace, I know their both leaders but doesn't Buttercup has issues with him? Was that actually protein chocolate in that can of whoop*** in the beginning?
DivineDesserts's avatar
I have a couple of questions.
missallieshay's avatar
SummersBlossom's avatar
You 2 did something really sweet<3
Jessica-Ink's avatar
Thank you for sharing about the auction, I got an amazing piece of artwork (would have loved the fosters comic strip though ><) and although I spent a fair biy,im glad the money is going to a worthy cause so thank you
Biglew14's avatar
I would've contributed art, but basically no one knows me yet.
But I'll pray!
Ggunsailor's avatar
I will spread the word!
OneRadicalDude's avatar
I would contribute, but money is tight right now. :( A lot of cool stuff, though, and it's definitely for a worthy cause. I did spread the word on the auction, though.
I'll throw my hat in this bidding. Never knew about HLH until I visited the site, and hopefully more people will learn about it if we all spread the word!
Netbug009's avatar
Uuuuugh I am far too broke for this. D:

Oh well. Good luck raising lots of money! :D
Jessica-Ink's avatar
this whole art auction is torture! I'm about two weeks short of pay day! Will anything that doesn't sell first time round get relisted?
TheSuperGamingArtist's avatar
That's great that you guys are doing this in order to help this family. :)

There's a lot of talented artists out there! It was a really treat to see that rare comic strip of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. :D
NeitherSparky's avatar
Maaaan, I want that comic strip. :P

Hope y'all make lots o' dough! :)
ROCuevas's avatar
Hopefully this will go well in the end.
Pocky-Mech's avatar
I've made a few bids on some Powerpuff Girl posters. I'm not sure if I'll win, but I'm glad to know I can do something to help. :nod: :w00t!:
Pocky-Mech's avatar
I'm sorry if this response comes off as me being full of myself, but I would just like to say that I am proud to have won my 1st bid for an item on ebay, and that it's something very personal to me as Powerpuff Girls fan, a signed poster with you and the voice actors. But most importantly I'm proud to gain something by contributing to help this cause. Thank you very much for introducing me to this auction, Craig.
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Interesting how the MLP stuff starts at such a higher price then the other stuff. But we all know know what the outcome of that is =P
SalomonFenix's avatar
noble cause Craig.
himanuts's avatar
So much awesome stuff to bid on that I cannot decide.. D:
Panthiguar's avatar
Great cause, and wonderful things up for auction. I will definately bid.
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