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Wilt Development

As you can see Wilt started out in much worse shape than he ended up. Mike Lazzo liked him big and tall so much that he suggested that he keep both his legs. Good call Mike!
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¡I love him too!☺️:love:

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So many designs for one of my favorite friends, most of them are freaking great.
smurfysmurf12345's avatar
I love that yellow design.
GABluez's avatar
Wilt's always been my favorite character when watching "Foster's", seeing all of these concept art works of him is really cool and brings back so many memories 😄😄😄
Web-wormz's avatar
i really like the yellow one it looks so cute oml-
TheDUDERulez's avatar
This is pretty cool! I always loved Wilt's final design. Glad you didn't go with yellow on in the brown sweater and crutch and he got to keep both his legs.
Mystery30579's avatar
The other versions of Wilt looked pretty cool but I'll always love his final look! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Crippling depression
orangeyouglad98's avatar
the yellow one looks better XD
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
I'm glad he turned out the way he did. :aww:
IrishBeckyCartoons's avatar
Yep, the version you used is definitely the best. ;)
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He looks so sad like that!Poor Wilt!
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I'm sorry, but Wilt is my favorite. 
CartoonNac's avatar
I remember being so fascinated by Wilt's back story about his creator. I also remember watching the Good Wilt Hunting special when it first aired when I was 8!
stpattysguy74's avatar
I could imagine if they went with your original idea, but then Wilt would probably be relegated to being a supporting character since he'd be chair-bound, watching basketball games in the living room all day.
moonlghtknt's avatar
On a list of things that are ok, this is definitely ok! Loved Foster's would love to see it on Blu-ray some day.
OSuKaRuArT's avatar
The one i always wanted to adopt :D
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and the undamaged one too

WAR243's avatar

yeah I think the real one is the best one

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just wanna say I've always loved Wilt. Top favorite character right there ^.^
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