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Kirby meets Third Eye Posters meets The Bloo Superdue. Done for lasts years Foster's crew X-Mas gift. I had a blast drawing this thing! I love the Superdude so much, he's a complete and total idiot.
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This is how a real superhero suppose to look like...that's it.
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Hahaha me too :icononionxdplz:
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This is pretty epic!
Kirby Rules !!!!!!!!
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Awesome! The Bloo Superdude! :D
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I just rewatched this episode and I have to say, it was F**KIN AWESOME! <?xml:namespace prefix = da />Spinning Awesome Smiley 

I can't believe how many references, jokes and randomness you fit into this.

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Personally, I REALLY liked Mac as "Zardoz".....apparently that movie was so bad that the guys at RiffTrax wouldn't touch it, although I loved what they did with Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny , which was equally tedious if not more so.
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"like you might see on a van..."
THAT is funny...
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A lovable idiot indeed!
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ha ha ha I like how you love him because he's such a complete and total idiot. He is a funny complete and total idiot. Not one of the annoying not funny idiots.
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yesss one of my favorite episodes ever
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I just discovered another Superdude episode available on my verizon fios tv shows on demand. I cant believe i never seen it until now. Did the episode where Bloo was sick during Mac's b-day even air on CN?
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my reaction:
bloo vs fluttershy
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That was probably one of my favorite episodes.
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ha ha, it's Bloo, as action hero! love it!
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Behold, the power of kirby dots!
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His face reminds me of Search Man. EXE xD
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This could totally be one of those 'color it in yourself' fuzzy posters? You know? The kind that trains kids not to 'draw past the lines' by making the black lines in felt?

Or something.

This is awesome. I want one in my room under a black light or something.
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Oh I know those :U

I had one at one point, and it was of the Hulk or something I think. :meow:
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I appreciate how you tap into the Kirby influence with your own clever take. It's a shame Bloo Superdude has to waste his time wasting butterflies.

Keep up the good work. :)
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