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Monkey Suit Wilt

Done for an invitation to our "Good Wilt Hunting" Pre-Emmy party. We lost.
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Uh oh, someone get the hook again.

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Aww, poor Wilty! Great job on this. The lines you made really make it look like he’s shaking. 
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He looks sophisticated no.
dxhvie's avatar
he's so pretty
toasted912's avatar
Craig why did you cane
 The show?
Invaderskull1995's avatar
Aww,looks like he's got stage fright,great work by the way :)
princess0kitty's avatar
Very nice when I was little Wilt was my favorite imaginary friend 
IrishBecky's avatar
Sorry about that. Still, funny drawing of Wilt. :D
woy-bunny-hop's avatar
He looks nervous!Seems like he doesn't know what he's doing!
MonstrousPegasister's avatar
Aww, that's too bad! I really liked that episode. It made me cry though... :(
TheAcciuga's avatar
Man, I love him! Heart 

Thank you for making my childhood awsome, mister!
Mythology-Lover's avatar
That is me whenever I make a mistake. Every other day I take the blame for things, smile to strangers and ask for permission for everything. XD
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A job well done really.
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Your are a very god!
phantomshoujo's avatar
omg. i was 7 or 8 yrs old when i watch this
cartoonygothica's avatar
[Gosh, that's so comical, although I'd feel bad for Wilt. X)]
KittyJoy's avatar
"Good Wilt Hunting" was so heartrending. D: But this kinda reminds me of the part on "HiccyBurp" when he is stage fright. XD I love Wilt. Nice job!
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I miss foster's Wilt was always my favorite character.
GracelynnLovesCats's avatar
why is he Dying...O - O
nanchino's avatar
my favorite one! <3
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