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Frankie Deveopment

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Lot of people probably want to see this one. In the very broadest sense Frankie is based on my Wife Lauren, just as Mac accidentally turned out to be a bit like me when I was his age.

Can't escape from having your life inform your art.
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I remember have seen the Frankie of the lower right corner in a commercial/bumper/short kind of thing on cartoon network back when I was a child and it scared the shit out of me. I still think that version is kinda creepy tho. And also remember that I used to think that line over his left eye was a scar which added more to the creepy look xD

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goth phase frankie? goth phase frankie.
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Let's just be glad her final design is her design
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She looks like a mix of Misty from Pokemon and Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents.
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She looks like the girl from Pokemon Colosseum.
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...So, you are saying that your life always influence your art?
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She's the best human character in Foster's Mansion.
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Foster's......I love you.
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Is she a teenager?
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You didnt see Foster in your childhood?
Wow xD
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Yes I did. I still see it on Boomerang sometimes.And I asked this before i recently saw the episode where she says she's 22.
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Oh, well... she is young adult-adolescent then. : P
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She's an eternal teenager
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She was 22 in the show
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Facts don't matter,emotionally,I feel like she's a teenager :p
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I think a lot of people in their early 20's still act like teenagers to be honest.
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in the top right she almost looks like a gender-swapped terrence...
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the fact that y ou considered making her an edgy teen kIlLs Me
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I feel so stupid. My whole childhood, I thought the figures on her shirt were bunnies... nope, Powerpuffs. :| 
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I JUST notice that her shirt has the PPG on there!
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