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Foster's Gang

Group portrait done for a charity art show. Trying to mess with more organic, chunky inking.
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I wish I can see Mac reunite with all imaginary friends and the Foster family after 10 years
FrderfAntKing's avatar
Foster Gang always be part of our childhood
AlextheAnimator's avatar
Don't see Duchess anywhere. Wonder who her creator was.
ludmilabb2's avatar
She isn't part of the gang, she's part of the trash
AlextheAnimator's avatar
Oh yeah because no one in the show likes her. But seriously, what kind of person would imagine up a friend who's a lazy, cold-hearted, ugly, self-center, stubborn, selfish bitch?
ludmilabb2's avatar

I just can imagine that Picasso, just look at her, she's just like a portrait of his... really...…

Just more ugly 
AlextheAnimator's avatar
I believe that Picasso's artwork was the inspiration for Duchess's appearance.
ludmilabb2's avatar


Also, maybe you're right
AlextheAnimator's avatar
What are you apologizing for? I didn't said I disagree with you.
kyrtuck's avatar
Never really caught on to Foster's, but I really love hoe you drew all of them.
I like how Jackie is important enough to be in the picture with the main cast...
Also, isn't the credits picture of the final episode in a similar style?
Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
Not sure if Bloo has knee bones or a hard on right now.
yeah, how DOES bloo's body work anyway? i'm trying to rig a 3D model of bloo i made, so i've been trying to figure it out...
Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
Not sure try and find a 3D model of a ghost from Pac MAN and work from there.
KittenFerret's avatar
The memories :-) !
Best part of my childhood!
IrishBecky's avatar
Cool! :D Wilt is my favorite character. 
Araceku's avatar
Oh please my lord McCracken, I wish for a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends movie about that Mac has to leave Bloo because he gets 9 years old but then something happens and it has a happy ending and they NEVER separate from each other!
I've read too much drama fanfics... I really wish for a happy ending because I've never seen one...
TheOmegas2's avatar
So nice to see you keep it going.
powerpuffgirllovers's avatar
Omg so u actually own ppg??!?! Your girls has gotten so popular that everyone is making their own ppgs!!  
Technically Cartoon Network owns PPG. He's said that it's because otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get the required budget...
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