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Eduardo Development

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Ed started out a lot scarier. My first thoughts were a Bull like Mexican Wrestler hence the big belt and pants. The 'X's on his legs are supposed to represent the laces of his wrestling boots.
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I like his previous designs before they settled on his final design. He looked more badass back then. If the more scarier designs were used, he would have been the most coolest imaginary friend I’d ever seen. Until I actually get to see that he has the most crippling fear of anything and everything you can imagine to the point that he’s dumb.

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Awwww, i love Eduardo, he's so cute and sweet.
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Ed really looked so scary in his first designs. 😱
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He's always had some awesome concept art, even in the earlier phases.
You're my favorite cartoonist for a reason after all haha
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One of my most favourite characters - so great!
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So at what point of development did you finally say "Ahh, Screw It! Let's make him 'Mr. Sensitive'!!"? Even looking at him now, Eduardo seems like the type who, by looks alone, would scare the hell out of small children at a Chuck E. Cheese's, but then get real sensitive and drown in a pool of his own tears since he'd be crying so much.

  Personally, I like the sketch on the far left where Eduardo looks as if he could be the proverbial "Big Bully on Campus", who'd shake down the rest of the occupants of the Foster Estate for ANYTHING that he decided that he wanted at that moment, and the ONLY three people that have the power to keep him in line would be Mr. Herriman, Madame Frieda Foster, and Miss Frances "Frankie" Foster (in that order).
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i wish fosters home for imajonary friends didnt go off air i loved that show and Coco was my favorite.
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second down on the far left makes me think of the ape that Mojojojo mutated in the PPG movie
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Eduardo was always my fave! It's prob because I am also Mexican xD I love him so much!:iconeduardoplz:
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Man I have always loved fosters home for imaginary friends my whole childhood, and, edguardo was always one if my favorites
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OMG EDUARDO IS MY FAVORITE!!!! :iconsocuteplz:
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Eduardo is so cute!
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My favorite one is Big Eduardo with tiny Bloo with pillow, it looks so cute and naive :3
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I bet you Duchess was a fun character to make
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i like the black and purple better
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Big Scary Monster= heart of gold.
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aw pink and fuzzy purple Edwardo <3 Edwardo is adorable!
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Eduardo was like one of my favourite characters lol I don't know why he just was xD I loved them all though.
I never see this on t.v anymore I saw it like every day last year >.< I want to see it again :love:
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How old is Eduardoe suppose to be? Someone told me is is suppose to be 12, but i imagine him 16. how old?
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that is in the fosters movie "good wilt hunting".
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he was imagined by a little girl, the girl is now a police officer in her mid 20's.
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