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Coco Development

Coco is a bit complicated to explain but I'll try. As you might know from "Good Wilt Hunting" Coco was found on a deserted island. Well I based her look on the images her creator was exposed to on the island. Her head is the palm trees that dominated the landscape. Her body is the crashed wreckage of the plane which brought her creator to the island. Her beak is a deflated rubber life raft. And her orange feet represent the sunburned feet that her creator stared at all day. Her name Coco comes from the Coconuts that her creator ate everyday. Her odd personality derives from the fact that her creator wasn't mentally all quite there from being on the island for so long. Phew!!
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Oh, gee! I feel very sorry for what Coco's creator went through before their...*gulps* Hopefully they rest in peace.

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The early version of Coco looks like a mutant slug or some sort of alien. Looks creepy. :scared:

It's a good thing Craig settled with making her a bird.

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Yikes! 😱 Coco looked scary in some of her concept arts.

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Ok but what happened to the creator??? Is she still alive? Did she die from starvation? Does that mean imaginary friends don't need their creator once they are formed?!

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Even if it’s completely crazy, I have this theory where Mac’s mom’s imaginary friend when she was little was Coco. I know there’s not really any evidence to prove this, but it’s fun to think about.
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I don't know how to respond to that
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Some designs are very out of her personality, also there are really wack but it's understandable because Coco is crazy too.
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(I know you've been away for all these years, but maybe you still visit your page). Wow, what an interesting premise on how you designed the character into what it really represents. It's fantastic with all those details, Coco's still managed to look pretty cool! I never noticed these little details, but it's very nice to know as a bit of trivia, especially when it's very strange lol. 
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the one in the top right corner is creepy XD
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I wonder if Coco has a brother named Wilson. 
And I would guess that the fact that Coco is able to create any item by laying a plastic egg might stem from her creator's desire to be able to have proper food, shelter, clothes, etc.?
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WOW! That's quite the back story you made for her design!
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I used to have an imaginary friend named Nancy...I think she was kinda real
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what a lot of thought went into her!
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her creator must have been the baby that was born on LOST C:
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Man, some of her first styles were scary! :XD: She was a very clever character. 
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Wow, what a deep thought put into this insane character. I like it.
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That top right one will forever be burned into my nightmares! Eyepopping 
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That explains her origins very well. That's more than that what the show says (NOT) pretty interesting designs though
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ok the final one is the least creepy
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yay! I LOVE COCO!!
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Jeez CoCo Was complete Nightmare Fuel In early stages of development :iconholyshitplz:
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