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Bloo Development

Believe it or not as simple as he is there was visual development for Bloo too. He started out ghosty and vague and eventually became more solid and real.
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The first 3 drawings look like bloo joined the amoeba boys.

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The sleeping/laying Bloo at the bottom is adorable. He looks so much like the blanket he's supposed to be there.

MagicUniverse4ever's avatar

His design is simple, but appealing.

Secretive4rtist's avatar
I love him so much!
The-Shrimp's avatar
the bloo with black outlines on the left is pretty scary
FrderfAntKing's avatar
These concepts are really interesting, Blue is so charismatic.
TeslatheDog's avatar
Wonderful slice of history, McKracken!
pelcogo's avatar
Such an iconic yet simplistic character.
SophiaDahlen's avatar
Now I believe Mac should be a little nicer to Bloo...
FiremanHippie's avatar
I loved this friend.
AKM-Linearts's avatar
I only remember part of one episode from this show from YEARS ago, and I thought this character was a girl. (I honestly don't know why) Giggle  However, I do remember that I really liked this show. Meow :3  Dunno why I never watched more of it...Shrug 
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The two top left corner ones have the best faces.
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I'M BLUE Blue Pixel Orb Blue Pixel Orb Blue Pixel Orb Blue Pixel Orb Blue Pixel Orb Blue Pixel Orb 
FROSKII's avatar
your name says it all and he really does
RSH26oct88's avatar
O man...i prefer the first top high. It looks like a microbio.
IrishBecky's avatar
He has a very simple design, but a lot of personality. XD
Movesomewhereelse's avatar
Blood can be a jerk, but he's a lovable jerk
woy-bunny-hop's avatar
HE IS SO ADORABLE!!!I loved him when I was little!He always in a few seconds becomes cute,then a complete idiot.I can't stop laughing at that episode when he was mocking that weather man!Every time when I see Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder,it reminds me if you used the same color you used when you make Bloo.
KingBo0's avatar
he has no spine......
yokajoker's avatar
Blue reminds me of the pad man ghost. Inky
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