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Adventureman 3

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Hi Mr. McCracken ... I think it's time to take on the project and direct Popeye!
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Nice art work you did.
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Very good! My name is Agustín Vergara Mena. It's nice to meet you. I knew your programs of the Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Wander Over Yonder. I have seen well how you draw well and create precisely the artistic form. It is a pride for me to see you.
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I didn't know that was cat's name, anyways, your comics are so funny Craig, congratulations for this brand new project.
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So, is the cat Adventureman?
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someone said criag mccracken is retiring?
no that not true
he developing a new series for disney 
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i thought disney no longer wants craig mccracken after they told him wander over yander is done after two seasons anyways how long was the contract i am asking because it seems craig mccracken needs to get back to cartoon network because of what cartoon network done with the powerpuff girls maxwell atoms and genndy tartakovsky  is back to cartoon network so i was hoping more of the shows from these animators who worked on cartoon network shows before shows like adventure time existed? and i didn't really like wander over yander unlike the powerpuff girls and  foster's home for imaginary friends i just hope i don't get as annoyed with his next series like i did with wander over yander i like mlp:fim better even though there's a few characters that annoys me(looking at you rarity and pinkie pie)
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hi mr. McCraken is it really you its me Outerspacefan from Twitter :)
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<small?Where did you/he go? This arts was submitted in 2008. WHERE ARE U? U VANISHED
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Craig McCracken told me a while back that he doesn't use DA anymore.…
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what does DA stand for
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Oh that's what it means?
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Oh ok Thankyou ms PinkiePie097 I'm Outerspacefan nice to see you☺️
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Nice to see you too!
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he! is going to come back in the future!
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Where did you hear that?
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he talkin' to his wife?or a friend?or himself,so he can wait on that super dude?
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