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Adventureman 2

Here's another one.
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FrderfAntKing's avatar
That's exactly what my cat use to do when I don't look at her. 😂
woy-bunny-hop's avatar
funny.the cat is staying there.
Araceku's avatar
I hear Soos voice, don't ask me why...
HitorazeKaiju's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand know i have new motivation to make a hillarious dub
Fyre-Flies's avatar
Oh, hey, the cat reappears!
Charlesk1974's avatar
Okay, so this fella has obviously been playing Lollipop Chainsaw for sixteen hours straight, and it's affected his brain...and the cat doesn't have a clue as to where the litterbox is, so he leaves a little message on the carpet.
gdpr-20350176's avatar
Either that or he's been plating too much L4D.
verajt's avatar
Whoa hoa whoa, hold on a sec, this is just TOO MUCH action for me!! Slow down, man!
AgentDajo's avatar
Kinda looks like an older version of Mac.
fredfredstevefred's avatar
Haha, my cat's reaction to everything! XD
animecat33's avatar
he should know by now that it's no use fighting them, they will always win XD
A-Dawg13's avatar
..what? do I just not get it, or is it one of those things were there's not much to get?
PuppyAkamaru's avatar
pfft! that cat.. my cat will lick himself in the WEIRDEST places. Like once a few days ago, he walked into the living room, meowed, then plopped down in front of the Christmas tree and started lickin' himself.
ManiakMonkey's avatar
Haha my feelings every day, I should start asking my goldfish that!
Leprakhan's avatar
You cannot play Left 4 Dead, you are a cat! You don't even have thumbs, you can't hold the controller.
CosmicMuffin's avatar
Who isn't ready to fight zombies.
Kydoon's avatar
Randall Monroe of XKCD has made similar observations; you're onto something here. ;) [link]
Ziggurat24's avatar
I see promise in this. Are you going to continue with more strips?
StarvingActress's avatar
Adventureman to the rescue! Cue the trumpets! (He doesn't get out much, does he?)

...That's like my cat right there ;)
Csnyde's avatar
haha! Funny cause it's true.

I really dig the seemingly quick and off-handed style in these comic strips. Will we ever see more Adventure Man?
AfricanGrey's avatar
I have come up with the theory that cats can talk but they just don't feel we're worth talking to.
Corabain's avatar
exactly how I talk to my cat and how she responds. love these little cat comics :)
Jiraiya-joe7's avatar
nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh...ADVENTURE MAN!!!killing zombies=D
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