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FrderfAntKing's avatar
It reminds me of my whole life. 🐱
woy-bunny-hop's avatar
who is the idiot?
zigaudrey's avatar
The cat sleeping on the man's chest.
gabs94's avatar
I imagine this like a big proyect after Wander Over Yonder
Sconstio's avatar
Is that supposed to be you and Lauren?
Fyre-Flies's avatar
>tfw no kitty in this one

alorix's avatar
i used to do that with my cat. lol
sweetannabee's avatar
:rofl: :lmao: A BIT LATER... :blahblah: so funny :D (10 hours of:blahblah: later) :sleep:
Manders-AmP's avatar
Is Adventureman the cat?
BronyHaterSlayer's avatar
Craig's life when Lauren's off at a convention or when he's not working on anything.
JustLynnWeav's avatar
LMAO!!! so random!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl:
Alaxr274's avatar
I smell future new cartoon
Charlesk1974's avatar
CAT: "Say that again, Buddy! I'll scratch your eyes out!"

Simply Classic.
Animationage's avatar
Did he just insult his cat?
animecat33's avatar
A-Dawg13's avatar
Is that Frankie in the background on the last panel?
cxmb's avatar
pretty neat! :D
8DJ's avatar
lol poor kitty :rofl:
thesmokeking's avatar
lol wholesome classic humor, nothing like it.
Jiraiya-joe7's avatar
so is that or what?:confused:anyway it's still cool!
WesleyRiot's avatar
wow this is me an my cat :lol:
darkinja125's avatar
This is my life!
Dragonrider1227's avatar
and what an adventure indeed XD
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