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6-3-07 Color

Always been a dream of mine to have my own comic strip. Here's the first Foster's Sunday page I did.
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this looks like it was planned to be a episode

ShinyMoonBlue's avatar
apparently bloo wants to di E
pinospin02's avatar
Another explain for Frankie's bad temper :D
And does anyone here beside me had a crush on Frankie?
MintStarMari's avatar
And it was the creatir himself who drew this. You’re talented Craig :D
XxpatitaxX's avatar
MotoNeko's avatar
Best time of the day for Frankie. When Bloo sleeps.
mono3444's avatar
bloo wtf doing in drawer Chara Icon  
FrderfAntKing's avatar
Pretty enjoyable comic, you're a genius Craig.
Pierre-Chanliau's avatar
Such a great use of just two words.
wyattloughrie's avatar
This is like Calvin and Hobbes.
Herowebcomics's avatar
This is so true to life!
Flimflanboy's avatar
Bill Watterson would be proud.
Celestial-Rainstorm's avatar
Oh no, Eduardo! Don't look in the mirror tomorrow morning!
TwilightSky15's avatar
Oh, Bloo...

This is an awesome comic!
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amen95's avatar
Sometimes, it's alright to say no...

Bobi200's avatar
Looks beautiful.
DrgnBrth63's avatar
These comics remind me so much of Garfield.
LucyLooStudios's avatar
So many childhood memories :heart:
littlemissnoname12's avatar
You know something is wrong when Bloo has a bra.
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