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June 2, 2011
1st PPG Drawing by *CMcC is a little piece of cartoon history. The very first drawing of something many of us have fond memories watching, I can't help but get a warm, fuzzy feeling looking at it.
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1st PPG Drawing


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OK I'm having fun with this DA thing so I've dug waaaaaaay back and found this... the first drawing of The Powerpuff Girls (then the Whoopass Girls) ever! Done in 1991, ( Gaaah 17 years ago!!) if it looks strange it's 'cause it was done on orange construction paper only 1 inch big.

Notice Bubbles' and Buttercup's colors are switched. I actually remember changing it by the second drawing.
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Mr Craig McCracken It's Been 25 Years Since The Powerpuff Girls Aired And For The 26th Year, I Think I Know How We Powerpuff Girls Fans Are Going To Celebrate It.