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1st PPG Drawing

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OK I'm having fun with this DA thing so I've dug waaaaaaay back and found this... the first drawing of The Powerpuff Girls (then the Whoopass Girls) ever! Done in 1991, ( Gaaah 17 years ago!!) if it looks strange it's 'cause it was done on orange construction paper only 1 inch big.

Notice Bubbles' and Buttercup's colors are switched. I actually remember changing it by the second drawing.
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I loved this show and these characters as a little kid and still love it. I still have the movie on DVD.

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Ironically, Bubbles looks good in green while Buttercup looks good in blue.

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Just by looking at that design, I can see why The Powerpuff Girls' titular characters don't have fingers.

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The birth of the Powerpuff Girls.... ❤ how beautiful and touching!
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(So I'm looking at a deviation of Craig McCracken? Nice you're here)
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It is incredible that how many people know your series but few know who you are.
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i love powerpuff Girls som much
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It's good to have you here on Deviant Art!  I'm a big Powerpuff Girls fan!  I even came up with an idea for a live-action movie of the Powerpuff Girls, along with costume designs for them!  Here's a drawing I did of my idea:
Powerpuff Girls by TheOnyxSwami
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I just want the say  thanks to you when I started to draw was watching ppg and now I will be a illustrator... They are a big part of my infant 💕
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Where it all began.
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This is very awesome ancient drawing, a real gem for PPG fans too.
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Woah, it's like looking at an ancient artifact...
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hey, where you found this?
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you know that's craig mccracken himself right?
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A masterpiece in the making! :')
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This photo makes me cry because I miss the old Cartoon Network.
It was my favorite channel growing up because it was not like now.
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