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Cutie Mark Crusaders Cutie Marks Pumpkin!

Here it is, my entry for this year's Annual Pumpkin Event of Equestria Daily! And what better could I have chosen for this year's pumpkin than the fresh (and still warm) cutie marks of Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle? Exactly, nothing! I just had to make their cutie marks for this year! :iconscootplz:
After they had gotten their cutie marks, I wanted to buy two additional pumpkins to make one pumpkin for each of them like last year. The plan was to draw their head on it, with their respective cutie mark on the upper right of them. But I ran out of money this month and couldn't afford those additional pumpkins. :( So one had to do it.
First I tried to still use this idea, just with the cutie marks directly above them, instead of in the upper right, but I just couldn't get it right to draw their heads so small, so I had to go for their cutie marks only.
Unfortunately, I didn't turn out too well. No, even quite miserable. Drawing their cutie marks is harder than one might think and drawing them on a pumpkin and then carving them adds to the difficulty.
And my tremendously failed with my first time here. Which was partially because I began later than I originally planned today and I was afraid to miss the deadline, cause I almost missed it last year, so I worked a bit too quickly on them. At least they are somewhat recognizeable.....
But I swear I'll be doing this next year again! For the 1 Year Anniversary of them getting their cutie marks I will make pumpkins with their cutie marks again and use my initial idea I had with three pumpkins!
Next time they will turn out better, I have more experience now and I will take more time for them then!

Here are some WIP pictures:……
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