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Madame Rouge wants you!

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Looking for full time permanent associates to join a new start up business. Great benefits and new superpowers to be provided by employer.

All candidates are welcome to apply, but retired or current superheroes are preferred. All new hires do not need to be willing to join, as they will serve whether they want to or not.

Contact Madame Rouge to join today! Or wait for her to find you. Either way, your future is coming for you.


I finally found an artist to do some comic images of the first Story I wrote (NSFW. Contact me if interested) I can’t wait to see the finished images of Madame Beast Boy.

Artwork credit goes to Smoothlydoesitfreely…

Check out his Patreon and sign up to.…

If anyone else out there is looking for commissions to turn my stories into comics (or the odd single image), hit me up. Madame Rouge has been busy lately, and there are more stories to tell.
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Bro, that realy scare me

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Glad you like how it turned out bud! Always makes the effort feel rewarding! :happybounce:

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can you show me the story this goes with? the description mentioned some

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I’m still Making a story To go with this particular photo. ill get it as soon as I can.

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dude this art looks great !!!

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Thanks, but I can't take credit. Take a look at this guys work.

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amazing! we barely get any madame rouge content these days, let alone any that bring up her absorption powers! i love this!

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