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Evangelion Unit 01

Well, I bet you know about this one. It is Eva Unit 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the best anime ever.

It was a bit hard to do this one, had a bad screenshot.

Size is 2560x1920 so click on download if you want it.

Hope you like it.
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"I swear guys, the fish I caught was this big"

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Unit 01: GIMME A HUG! :D
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Will you please upload the vector without background?
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nice drawing i love evangelion
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nice drawing
Awesome. Good work.
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that is awesome!!!
i wishi could do that O.O
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im gonna use this in my screenshot i tweeked it a bit with pixlr to get a more realistic look would you mind if i upload it to my profile with credit to you just take a look at my shot to see what i mean thanks again
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Good amazing
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Great colors though. I thought it was a screenshot!
hey, i was just asking for your permishon to make this picture into a stencil, it will probly be 10 x 10 m if your wondering the size. please let me know if thats allright with you. thx
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Wow .. That's really good :)
I have the complete serie....and I managed to draw this eva from the cover of the dvd but I lost was a pretty good drawing.
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sweet. drawing this eva is hard to do. When I try to draw this on, it usually takes me
all day because of the details.
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simply awesome, ur good.
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