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Meme: create your own Mane 6 and Spike

meme belongs to cmara

You may ask questions
You don't have to ponify characters you choose
You don't have to choose just female characters (same for the Spike position, it doesn't have to be just a male character)
You don't have to link back, we've got that 'mentions' feature now.

Enjoy ^^/)
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Just asking out of curiosity; did anyone do a version of this with video game characters, but with Link as Twilight Sparkle? I know I saw it somewhere on the Internet. If anyone finds it, can you please send me the link to the picture?

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I don’t fully know

Never mind; I think I found it:

Mane Six VG Form
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Used the G1 Autobots

My mane six and spike-Autobots
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Used with more Game & Watch pictures:

Mane Game And Watch 2
Mane Game And Watch 3
Mane Game And Watch 4
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so it's free to use?
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Can you use original characters?
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And does this relate to the show in general or just the elements of harmony?
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I'll choose the elements of harmony lol.

I just got NOSTALGIA when i saw the loyalty

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