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'I never lied, Shrek...



...:cries: I NEVER LIED!!!!"
story by :iconjadagirl0987::

Shadow said, "Because you mean alot to me! You're my best buddy ever! But when you went mad and tried to hurt me, it broke my heart. It's like a side of you that I've never seen before. I thought that I'm never going to see the old sweet-hearted Shrek again. But, throughout the years of my life, I never did anything to make you angry. I never lied, Shrek." He fell on his knees as he screamed, "I NEVER LIED!!! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME THAT I NEVER LIED!!!" He cried his eyes out. He yelled out, "Please forgive me, Shrek the Ogre!"

Part 3: [link]
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