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Hey all!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 1:47 PM
I never update here anymore, do I? I hope you're all well. I thought I'd give folks an updated look at where to best find me and my wares.

I'll try and catch up on uploads here on DeviantART, but honestly most of my business is conducted on Facebook [link] anymore as it gives me a pretty direct route to my clients. That said, for about a year now I've been building up a Patreon account, and it's a fantastic place to not only support what I do, but it's also a place that I'm using to try and help artists get over hurdles - I do this by posting walkthroughs at a certain price tier and I'm looking at doing videos again. The idea is that I want people to feel like they can get the help they need to get their work on track without it being a college level price ticket. Also available are exclusive prints. If you have interest in any of this, head over and check it out:

Also over there you'll notice I started to roll out my Penguin Lost comic - consider it proof of concept. Once done we'll publish the whole thing, likely via Kickstarter. But for really any support level, you can read along. If you're a fan of the penguin stuff I do, it should entertain.

I have moved across the states to resettle in North Carolina, and reside with my lovely girlfriend, Delphine. Did this last year in a large 3,000 mile drive with my dog and birds. It was long, tedious, exhausting, but life changing.

New art coming soon :)


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Current Events

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2015, 9:53 PM
Hello all!

Obviously I don't update much anymore. So I hope none of you are really hanging on my words here.... what a boring wait that would be.

I thought I'd update you all with what I'm up to. As things stand, this page may not have a TON of updates this year. I'll put stuff up, don't worry. I have a lot of graphite things to upload, certainly... and plenty of pieces are waiting under Non-Disclosure agreements until they publish. But more than that, I'm on a long term project right now that I imagine won't be very DeviantART oriented. I'm now working on a comic book with Human Comics ( called The Fall of Ebla, a historical adventure set in the bronze age, about the fall of the city state of Ebla to the Akkadians. I'll certainly update with some important info about it when said info is ready for public consumption. We're really just now getting started on it, so this won't be ready until late summer/early fall, I believe.

What does this mean? It means that while I do have a backlog of illustration pieces to upload at some point, the reality is I won't have a ton of gaming work to upload this year after the current pile is set to upload. I'm on a time out with the gaming market due to needing a break from the business model. It's outdated and wears an artist out. So I'm trying new things. I'll take on a few pieces when I can, mostly to keep up relations with a few companies and to stay current, but it's just not something I'm pursuing too hard right now.

Also on the back burner set at a low simmer is another book project I want to do, involving a space penguin explorer named Dirk. If I can find the right place to put it, publication wise, it will follow The Fall of Ebla. If I get some good looking concepts I'll upload those as well.... to keep some public buzz going.

I hope you're all well :D


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Long time no journal

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 12:57 AM

So yeah, I neglect my journal now, I know. Sorry about that - I just don't feel much connection with ol DA anymore. I see less and less people interested in commercial illustration here, and since that's my bread and butter I've moved on a bit. That said, I do try and keep you guys up to date with artwork as best I can. If you truly want to be up to date with my work, you're welcome to find me on Facebook, this art account gets sketches, announcements, finals, and whatever random whim I wish to assault folks with:… 

Anyway, mostly I'm here to let folks know that I'll once again be at Emerald City ComiCon up in Seattle, late march. I'm not likely to expand on my convention schedule much so if you want to see me at a show, this is the most likely one to find me. I'll have prints, originals, and sleep deprivation on full display. You can purchase all but the sleep deprivation, which I'd gladly sell to get rid of if I knew how. My father will be there as well, as usual, to rearrange my table when I'm not looking, and spread history lessons to those willing to listen. How do you pass that up? Please say hi if you stop by, remind me of who you are if we've not met so that I can properly put a face to the DA account and say hi all thrilled like :)

As far as wares to sell, I'm looking to have a bunch of new things that I truly can't wait to display and hopefully send home with people. I'm pretty sure a lot of last year's work is going to print beautifully, and there's a bunch of graphite originals to digital paintings that will be looking for new homes. I'm currently working on some old lore influenced pieces that will be available by then. If they don't sell at the show, they'll hit the online shop at least.

AAaaand that's it for my sales pitch. I really hope to see some of you there. Regardless of the sales, it's seeing art appreciators and old friends that truly warm the spirit and remind me of why I do what I do.

I hope you're all well :)


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Artwork for sale

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 29, 2013, 10:39 PM
Greetings friends,

Just wanted to mention real quick that I have artwork for sale currently at this somewhat boring looking shop (I've had no time to make a banner, deal with it :p):

I've not listed prints there yet, just originals. But yes, prints will be available there at some point soon(ish). A lot of the work there is stuff you won't find here on DeviantART, so consider it a bonus to see some material you might not have seen yet. In fact, you CAN OWN IT. Y'know, if that's your kind of thang.

That said, don't forget that there's an ART OF page on Facebook… where I post all sorts of odd doodles, originals, and whims that become future work. I like to post Works in Progress there :)

And yeah, that's about it. I hope you all survived the last few months intact.


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Not Quite Dead Yet

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 8, 2013, 12:01 AM
Hello my friends, I have been far too quiet over here haven't I? I owe apologies for that. I needed to shrink on my online presence down to a small amount of communities (such as facebook) for sake of my own sanity during a very hard time.

I won't get into the details. It's not relevant to where we are now, so I'll leave it at the fact that I'm happy to be in 2013 and not in 2012 anymore.

I'll attempt to put up more artwork soon at the very least. I've been busy with digital and graphite alike. I even have some oil paintings. Most of which is available for viewing on The Art of Chris Malidore page over here:… That there is a very up to date look at what I've been doing for the last few months.

In other news, March 1st - 3rd of this year I will be at Emerald City ComiCon! Will you be there? I could use some familiar faces, so do say hi if you get the opportunity :).

Beyond that, I will attempt to be a little more social this year over here. DA here doesn't really appear to have the same energy it used to, so it's hard for me to really get into it like I used to. But maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I'll give it a shot.


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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 4:46 PM
We are go:


This is a quote from the Savage Mojo's FB that I feel sums up tonight and tomorrow quite well:

In case you missed it, Sean Patrick Fannon - head honcho of Evil Beagle Games - gave a stirring preview of our design party. In his words:

Tonight, something rather remarkable is happening.

Tonight, a number of creative folks are gathering online from all around the world, working together to brainstorm, design, create, imagine, have fun, and coalesce the whole thing into a kickin' RPG experience.

All of this goes into a Kickstarter launch that goes live at 9pm EDT tonight.

Watch the Savage Mojo Facebook page starting at that time; links will start appearing for where:

- You can watch artists do their thing in livestream.
- You can catch links to constantly updated design output.
- You can even JOIN IN on the fun, as fans will receive invites into the actual design sessions being conducted with project connecting web software.

That's right - artists, writers, designers, and anyone who's ever wanted to take a shot at this kind of work, tonight may be your chance to jump in and even join the Savage Mojo team! For example, they are already looking for Pathfinder "gurus," so if you want to get involved and can help convert designs to Pathfinder stats, you may well find yourself one of the credited creators of tonight's finished product.

Yes, at the end of the 24 hour Design Party, there will be a finished Rogue's Gallery product entitled Heroes and Servitors, fully designed for Savage Worlds, which will then go on sale right away!

Nothing like this has ever been done before, at least not on the scale being attempted tonight. Be a part of roleplaying history, and do not miss the Savage Mojo 24 Hour Design Party!

PS - Yes, the Evil Beagle is involved in this...

Does this interest you? You can keep tabs on the whole thing at the Savage Mojo page listed above. Or if you're just in it to see me paint various bits, you'll be able to find me here: - I won't be streaming at 6 on the dot, but if you hang out I'll definitely be firing up the stream as soon as I'm given something to do... I doubt it'll be too long before I get moving into some artwork.


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Current Events and Updates

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 9, 2012, 3:50 PM
Hey folks, just wanted to update. I am now pretty sure which picture I want to do the walkthrough on, it'll be awhile before I can share it, but I think it will be a good one - it promises to offer me some challenge and I think that's the sort of work I should be sharing. If it doesn't fight back you don't get to see the various panic moments and on the fly adjustments that we can all get hit with on a deadline.

That said, I'm not sure when my next pieces will be going up here, I'm buried in gigs until late September at this point and I don't think I can squeeze in a personal piece for another month or so.

On that note, I hope everyone is well. I certainly am.


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Walkthrough Question

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2012, 4:04 PM
Hey folks - If I were to do a pdf download of a walkthrough from beginning to end of an upcoming work for hire illustration, would there be interest? I've not mentored much lately and I'd like to start giving back again, like the old days. It's considerably easier now that I've moved and have occasional free time once more.

This would be a digital illustration. If it does well with folks, maybe we'll do one on graphite :)


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Changing Times #2

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2012, 12:21 AM
An update - it's been awhile and the wheels are now in motion so now seems like a good time to start sharing.

On June 30th I will be moving to Central Washington, to the cozy city of Yakima, to live with some of the best friends I could ever have. There I will begin rebuilding my life around less chaos, the chance to do full time contract work, and experience new things. This is about positive energy, which I desperately need.

Once I am settled, I will begin online print sales, produce quite a bit more artwork, and interact more with the art community with whatever free time I can offer... which will be significantly more than it has been in a long time.

So stay tuned guys and gals, it's about to get good around here ;)


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Changing Times

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 7:26 PM
This is a year of many changes here... and yes my art output is and will be changed for awhile further, and I don't know for how long. I don't know if it'll mean more art or less really... likely more in a few weeks.

After 4.5 years, I lost my full time job drawing fitness and rehabilitation guides for a very fine company. It's a sad loss and change that I was not ready for. It's been an emotional week for that and various other reasons. But I am still going strong and it'll take much more than this to keep me down.... those who know me know I don't really give up on much of anything.  So anyway, this means a complete portfolio overhaul, job hunts, and as much contract work as I can muster.  So this gallery could go kinda quiet or it could really fire up.... and I'm sorry to say I don't quite know which yet.

That said, in 2 weeks I'll be going away on a bit of a trip to try and reset my brain, and when I get back, we'll see just how hard I can hit it. Stay tuned.

If there is any interest in prints or originals, let me know (notes or email please) and I can set you up with pricing while I get my supplies and inventory built up and ready to go a bit more public with all of that information :). If any requests come my way, it'll certainly influence what gets printed right away.

So, until next time, be good boys and girls - lets see where the winds take this ship.


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Emerald City Comicon!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2012, 12:13 PM
There will not be CD's unfortunately but I will have more original artwork than I expected. Many of which will be a part of my new series of Demon Penguins. Any left over from the convention will go up for sale online. You can also keep tabs on the Penguin Revolution's developments here:…


It's that time again, folks - it's been a few years since I sold artwork at a convention and I'm pretty much starting new on products. This means a lot of images that have never seen print will be there! A few of the old favorites will certainly be available as well.

Additionally, original artwork will make its return to the table - from sketches to full on graphite pieces such as "The Horned One".

When does all this go down? We'll be at the Seattle Convention Center for 3 days of geeky good fun March 30th - April 1st.

I'm even attempting to get some CD's pressed of my Nocturnal Sun fusion project, but that may not happen in time. We'll see on that one. If we do get those done, I'll be giving the bloody things out for free.

So come on by if you'll be in the area, come say hi, buy artwork, or just hang out - it'll be a great show.


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A Health Issue - The Tortured Artist

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2012, 3:27 PM
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After a great many years I have finally gone to see a psychiatrist to get my depression sorted out. Through my teenage years I was pretty down and quite the introvert, I assumed it could just be the body reacting to all those hormones. But as I hit my 20's it persisted. Hell, it got worse. Many bad events followed me around and people described it as "one damned thing after another" fairly accurately. So it felt acceptable to feel depressed given everything just kept falling apart. But to be honest it wasn't acceptable - events are events and our well being is our well being. If we don't have that we have nothing. Accepting something sucks can be a part of moving on, it shouldn't hold us in place.

I bring this up because we are an emotional group of people. Artists have to tap into their creativity often, and this can be an open doorway to our feelings and sometimes getting back out is tricky as hell. Some of us get to this place by being slightly unbalanced by our chemical make up - and in fact it starts our interest in art as a release, which in many cases results in psychologically creating a haven with our art - a place we feel safe (which I find worrying as I look through my own work...). And though while I am talking depression at this moment, bipolar connections are being discovered at a high rate in a great deal of studies.

My point of this is - sometimes you need to get help. I don't care if it's professional or just confiding in somebody, but if you are in a dark place and feel alone I urge you to fight the lack of momentum and stand up for yourself. Take care of you. It's the only you you get. The tortured artist is a stereotype, it doesn't mean we have to live up to it.

In the end, I was officially diagnosed by a very helpful doctor with a fairly constant medium grade depression, recurring major episodes, and anxiety. All of which I agree with and accept fully. We agreed on a potential treatment to begin with and we'll see what happens. If you can relate to where I'm coming from, I urge you to try and help yourself along as well. Being vocal about this isn't a way of trying to get attention for my own issues - but in reminding folks that you aren't alone. That admitting it out loud isn't a crime. And that if you ever need somebody to listen - my door is always open.

Best wishes,



Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2012, 10:23 AM
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Hey folks, sorry for being quiet lately. I'm going through a bit of a hell right now. Got a lot of things I'm trying to work through... few of which appear to be artwork... but hopefully soon that will change.

On that note, I need feedback on prints. BESIDES THE PENGUINS, I need to know what you would like to see printed for 2012. The majority of the penguins will be done, so ignore those... beyond that feel free to go through my gallery here on DA or on my website gallery:…

Feed me the links or titles and I'll add it to the list of potentials. Each print will be at the highest quality I can muster. These will be for Emerald City Comicon and then online sales.

Original artwork will be available again around that time as well.


Holidiays - Lack of Time - Retrospective

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 9:35 AM
Hello friends, new and old, as is tradition I wanted to give one last salute to those who have followed my work through the year and thank you for your attention and kind words. People talk about DeviantART as an artistic slum, but I repeatedly have found great artists and made good connections through here - not to mention I have so many kind folks that follow my work that it would be wrong to look down on any of it.

With that said, I have neglected to stay active in the community this year. I have not mentored as much, and I still have barely had the time to touch those critiques that I promised - I did not anticipate some things to pop up this fall/winter. That said, I'll be doing that soon - you are not forgotten. I have already done many paint overs, and have looked at each image numerous times... so I've poured quite a bit of interest into making sure folks get useful info. Most of my free time lately has gone either to resting, or cramming in a lil bit of art time to keep my skills active. It's not like riding a bike, unfortunately.

That said, each year I do a retrospective glance at my work to see where I need improvement and as always - I always invite you all to see the thought process.

Nefarious Scheming by cmalidore
The year started off with a bang - a large amount of mead and an obvious interest in pulp horror brought us this image, which I feel was mostly where I wanted it. The composition of the rocks jutting toward the claw, and the staff going up passed it create a weird focal point/tangent for me though that I don't like. It distracts me. I would do that area differently now. I likely would try a different look for the portal as well. I am quite fond of the rocks.

Ruby Dragon by cmalidore
For Fantasy Flight Games - this was done early spring, and turned out well to my eye. I wish I had painted the dragons head at a different angle.... the image feels cheapened to me due to the head position. Fun shapes everywhere! Then flat symmetry. Oh well - the background went better than expected and the dragon was certainly a fun one to paint. This was a highlight of the year.

The Horned One by cmalidore
Horned One - I have little bad to say here, this reminded me why I love pencil. The composition, shapes, and contrasts all went according to plan. I would have preferred a different face on the creature... but it gets the job done. I did not push there enough.  Regardless, it received high praise, and I am thankful that people enjoy it as much as I do. I will be framing the original soon I think.

The Challenge by cmalidore
Fun composition, but with frames that weren't thought out enough. The conceptual stage is key and I flaked out on that a bit. I like the image, but it lacks the power of the previous graphite piece, and that's because of planning. Live and learn.

Thrill of The Hunt by cmalidore
Again - poor planning. This year seemed to be a giant reminder, "DO YOUR DAMN THUMBNAILS!!! DO EXTRA SKETCHES!!" because once again this was a small study that got bigger and because of lack of planning it was a fight from beginning to end. I AM happy with the final product, but the fight to keep it compositional and accurate shows that I was willing to take a risk when I shouldn't have. If this were a client based illustration, I'd have been fired. I am pleased that I pushed more colors into my work here, and that the various planes of interest came out intact.

Dreams of Doomsday by cmalidore
Pretty but the far background plane looks like a joke to me now. Tempted to pick it back up. Too much green. Also, while it was the premise to be vague on story here, it just reminds me how much I don't like doing that. It's not my thing. That said, I dig the composition shapes and how it slingshots the eye around.

Planetary Wonders by cmalidore
The colors are all wrong here - same colors for background and foreground? That's why we update old concepts before building on them.... not just adding on to things started a year or two back. I should have used those colors to add more layers of depth.  That said, I finished it mostly because I was tired of seeing it half done. So I can't complain too much. It's still a fun concept to me.

Aaaand that's about it - I have new pictures but they're still too new to view analytically the way I want. There were also other pieces, but these seemed the most noteworthy for touching on. This has been a giant year for learning and I look upon the art side of it fondly. Next year brings us more great things, I promise.

Have a wonderfully safe holiday, my friends - may the New Year treat you kindly.


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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 9:00 AM
UPDATE: 11/10: Fair warning my friends - you have just a few more days to get your pictures listed here. To those who have already put up images, I apologize for any delay on critiques, I came down very sick this week and am trying to catch up on work real quick. I will start giving out feedback this weekend. You are not forgotten!!

I would LOVE to see a few more folks take me up on this. It won't hurt! At least not much. I've got people skills! (okay, I have NO people skills, but I'll pretend).


A few months back I did a crit week (more like a week and a half...) - and now that I've got things back up and running well over here I'd like to get one in now before the holiday rush overtakes everyone.

Here's how this goes - I don't often have time to go through my message center and see everything, I don't generally follow everyone who follows me either.... my message center is big enough as it is. So I don't get to critique a lot of folks anymore.

SO! Bring me a recent (say, within the last several months 2-3) picture or two to critique. Don't bring me a gallery and say "pick one", caaause I won't. The point of a portfolio is to show what you want shown. Bring me something you're proud of so that we can get you to push yourself! This is for growth.

That said, WIP's are cool too, though I likely can't do as much with them. Bring it on though, lets see what happens.

You can leave me a link in a comment down below (and if various other readers happen upon it, perhaps you can get more than just me critting!) or email me at should you not wish to share publicly. Crits will roll out as I get the spare time - don't worry about a several day wait, you will not be forgotten.

I close doors on this on the 13th. Hopefully at least a few of you will have interest. Bring it on folks!


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The Winds of Change Are Blowing!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 20, 2011, 11:34 AM
We moved! I will be quiet until we get more solidified - however art IS in production! My current desk is a big box with a very heavy Mahogany and Wenge plank laying across it next to my bed. That's how I roll for a few days. It already has empty beer bottles adorning it in their once tasty glory.

More changes on horizon.

Also: The revolution may be quiet, but it IS building. Stay turned.


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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2011, 4:23 PM
Each year about this time I seem to get a lil retrospective. Apparently 9 months is enough for me to start thinking of the next year. None the less, as we move into fall I am once again switching gears and revving the engine for another project. Last year about this time I was giving up on the world and stopped drawing for about 3 months, so this is quite the progress, I'd say.

I want to offer a quick thanks to all who have been a shoulder, offered advice/direction, kicked my ass into gear, or just flat out complimented my work in some fashion. I am so thankful to have a fanbase (which is still foreign to me... and likely always will be), many of which individuals have become very great friends over the years. Thanks to my helpful peers and the folks who supportively have followed my work, I have had the pleasure of working with great clients this year, gotten my work to levels I had previously thought very far away, and generally begun to enjoy my life the way I want to.

I still burn myself out, but I still consider that a healthy side to my passion - it makes the good days that much better.

That aside, I'm about to move and may be quiet for a short while. By the time I rally and get moving again we'll have an office set up specifically put together for artwork production (finally).  When we're all set up in there I'll begin moving steadily on what will be a graphic novel I hope to be able to show at least part of at Emerald City Comicon next spring. I doubt the whole thing will be done, but perhaps I can hand out samples. It's going to be great, and yes - it will be shopped around to publishers (though I'll self print if I have to).  If you're a fan of the penguin series.... this one's for you :).

Also, I'll be looking to do another big critique session in a month or so, if possible. If you're interested, get that artwork finished up. Maybe I can get a few other guys in on the critiquing? We'll see.


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Crit time! - Done

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2011, 4:22 PM
Update: June 30th
And thus concludes a week and a half of critiques. Sorry for the delay for some of you, we had quite a few and I got busy doing lots of things away from the computer.  That said, it was fantastic not only getting to know some new folks, but see some great looking artwork. I've been thanked many times, but truly I got a lot of enjoyment out of it as well.

We'll do this again before the summer is out, I think - so get crackin on that artwork :D

That said, if you change anything on those and want me to look it over, or could just flat out use some advice or feedback on something - note me. I'll accommodate as best I can. It's either that or I start talking to my cat again.


Oh yeah, PS: I've got a lot of works in progress going. Expect to see something soon.

A year or so ago I did a crit week (or two) - I'd like to try it again. Here's how this goes - I don't often have time to go through my message center and see everything, I don't generally follow everyone who follows me either.... my message center is big enough as it is. So I don't get to crit a lot of folks anymore.

SO! Bring me a recent (say, within the last several months 2-3) picture or two to critique. Don't bring me a gallery and say "pick one", caaause I won't. The point of a portfolio is to show what you want shown. Bring me something you're proud of so that we can get you to push yourself! This is for growth.

That said, WIP's are cool too, though I likely can't do as much with them. Bring it on though, lets see what happens.

You can leave me a link in a comment down below (and if various other readers happen upon it, perhaps you can get more than just me critting!) or email me at should you not wish to share publicly.

I close doors on this on the 30th. Hopefully at least a few of you will have interest.


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Hi Ho, Back To Work We Go!

Journal Entry: Tue May 31, 2011, 12:21 PM
Quick note: If anybody is an appreciator (or not, and just wants to hear something different) of improvisational drum and bass jazz - this here is one of my musical projects >> <<

We secluded ourselves for a few hours in a studio a few days back and decided to press the ol record button and see what happens. All things considered, it was a fun time.

That aside, no new artwork for a little while. My schedule is solidifying and it looks like I'm going to be buried for a lil bit. My belief that new artwork will be available mid summer appears more and more likely. A large contract is in the works at the moment and Non Disclosure is lasting quite awhile on another older project. So once again - free time is a luxury. BUT, this won't last too long. To those who worry I'm going back to my old ways, don't you worry.

After this contract ends I move on to a personal art goal of mine. If you're into Norse Mythology and my penguin revolution series - it'll be right up your alley. I can't wait to see how it goes!

Aaaanyway, how are you all doing? :)


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Journal Entry: Wed May 18, 2011, 9:20 AM
I wanted to take a moment and thank all of those who congratulated me, faved my work, added me to a watch, or even admired a picture or two before moving on yesterday - in response to my Daily Deviation of The Horned One. I'm having a rough week and that overwhelming positive reaction was quite the boost.

I am unsure when my next artwork batch can be put up... I'm waiting on Non-Disclosure to pass for a few pieces, about to hit a very large contract for Reality Blurs and their wonderful Realms of Cthulhu license, and in the middle of training myself on some new techniques.

So mid summer there should be a ton of digital work, and hopefully in the gaps I can toss in a graphite piece or two. But it's all rumor for now.

Once again, thank you - I look forward to getting to know many of my new followers (I'll certainly be looking at your work throughout my day here ;)).


EDIT: Hell, I'm feeling generous - here's a WIP!…

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