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Okay, time to upload this one officially. I've had so little time lately to promote, so I gotta catch up before the exhaustion hits heh.

This is Luna's Gaze, I started it quite some time ago, a few of you may remember the WIP? I finished it a few weeks back and quietly set up a print run that is en route now (a few of you have existing orders of this piece? They go out as soon as I get them in my hand :) )

Anyway, I finished this a little bit into the grieving process of the last few months... I needed to put myself into the things that calm me, and the moon is always one of those things for me symbolism wise. If you know me, you know that that's one of my favorite little things to go outside and just watch for awhile.

Here's my little dedication to those moments, and to the healing process.

If you want a print of this, you've still got time to snag the pre-order deal. Once I get my supply up, I'm moving them into the regular section, where they go up to $15 (plus applicable shipping). Each print is 8x16 inches in size.…

But more than that... I think this is one of the pieces that got me moving in a direction that feels like me again. Can't wait to see what the future holds as we travel down this particular rabbit hole.

Rita-Ria Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
its mysterious - great done!
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