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A recent image taken from our daughter's Facebook page :dance:

The girls left to right - Karyn, Journye, Brooklyn and Justyce
as for the twins I'm not sure which one is Kingston and which is Legend :D

It's a pleasure to realize our kids are politically aware as well as financially stable - such a relief in these time of buffoon Trump.
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Totally agree with the sentiment - and a lovely family photo too :thumbsup:
I do hope some real sense prevails soon (not only in the US)...
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AMEN to that
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Just in town for one day, had to stop and fav and say Hello......
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thanks for the :fav+: we're so pround of our kids - both financially :phew: and politically together :dance: have fun back in the woods - catch up when you can :dance:
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Beautiful family picture and an IMPORTANT Message.  Families should never be torn apart.  :heart:
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We're very proud of the kids - both financially :phew: not that easy in this world anymore and politically together - hopefully with millions more like them we'll put a stop to this buffoon Trump sooner than later.  
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Bless them all and their votes :clap:
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Exactly - lety's hopefully put an end to this buffoon Trump sooner than later :nod:
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Traitor Trump.
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What a lovely family 
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Thanks - we :love: them for sure
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You're so welcome :happy: 
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wow quelle belle famille  :nod: 
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thanks - we're very proud of them :manhug:
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I understand :nod:   my really pleasure :hug: 
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awww beautiful!!! -=D look at those smiles!~~
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What a lovely family!
And a very important message too!
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Hi - how are you - how is the summer going for you - and your Dad - is he well? I hope you're having a good time with life my good friend :glomp:

The past two years under Trump have been quite disturbing :tears: but thankfully we have many people who understand how to join together and put an end to his reign - and it's nice to know our own kids feel the same way we do - so often kinds seem to have to disagree with their parents - but in this case we're all together :dance:

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I'm doing OK. I hurt my right fook last week, because I went on a too long walk with a friend. I have become an aunt for the first time. My sister gave birth to a little boy last week. I will visit her and her family in about a month's time as they live in Sweden.

My dad is doing fine. He turned 78 last month. Still working hard in the garden.

I can understand that. Our leaders have also done some quite embarassing things too.

How are you? How's your summer going?
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Hi - sorry it took this long to comment back :tears: Things are crazy here - not to mention the unbelievable antics of that buffoon Trump person - hopefully we will put an end to this nonsense come November.

How nice you're finally an aunt - I remember when that happened for me too.  Many years ago now though.  I hope you get to spoil your nephew a lot - nice to be able to play with babies then give them back to their parents when you're ready for a nap :giggle:

Our summer is very HOT and with the monsoon - some much needed rain.  We spend lots of time in our garden - but now with that huge cottonwood tree gone - the full sun makes growing a little more tricky - the plants miss the shade that wonderful tree provided.

Keep at your art my friend - you're a grand talent and it's a pleasure watching you get better and better at ti :party:

:heart: Carole 
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Gorgeous family! Gorgeous photo! Flower Heart 
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Thanks - we're very proud of them for sure :dance:
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