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Welcome to the World of Merlin. :iconmerlinbbcplz:

If you love Merlin then this is the place to be, our gallery folders are like magic books glittering with amazing art. There's always something to see and we hope you'll have a magical time here. 

Whether you want to submit amazing Merlin art, fan fiction or chat to like minded members we hope you'll have a great time.

Now, sshh, keep the magic a secret...actually, don't, let's make this fan base even bigger! Invite your friends and see even more amazing art!

Have a magical day :iconmysparklesplz:

Rules for Submitting Art:

-Art depicting the TV show Merlin, which is derived from screenshots and is an exact representation of the Merlin series, will always be approved by the admin, because it directly respects what the cast and producers have done.

-Mature art will not be accepted. We want to keep the group family and kid-friendly in respect to religion based off the Judeo-Christian Bible, which many have considered a strict moral standard for centuries. The admins will decide what art they believe to be mature, with or without the mature filter present. These are all mature art: art with nudity, partial nudity (even on men), extreme violence, blood and gore, witchcraft (potions and spells are ok, but not pagan rituals), crude or racial jokes, intimately romantic relationships (some kissing scenes are ok), bromance (brotherly embraces are fine), lesbian (hugs are fine), incest, and sodomy.

-Any contest entry that was drawn and submitted to the "Contest Folder" previous to September 28, 2017 will stay in respect to the art drawn for the contests.

Gallery Folders

Once and Future Queen by mrm215
Golden Age of Camelot - Part 2 by mrm215
Merlin BBC by LivingAliveCreator
The Living or the Dead? by Penti-Menti
Contest Folder
Aithusa and Merlin by TaraAzzan
I gave you light, but you entered into darkness by Darkthes
Merlin and Gwen by TaraAzzan
Mercy by T-Luminareth
Merlin by TheGreenMoon
Inktober 06  Sword - Merlin by ArtiglioMagico
Merlin by AmeresLare
magic, magic, SCIENCE! by inter-galactic-skye
Victory Is In My Veins by PenelopeJadewing
Look Back by schweet-arts
Arthur Pendragon Study. by merlinlover
Arthur by BunnyGirl103
Guinevere Gwen
Gwen by HayLin-Narutina-Rin
Guinevere cosplay by ChornayaDrakoshig
Gwen from Merlin by Falthee
Gwen (Angel Coulby) - Disney style by Ribon95
Only You Can Heal Me by VeilaKs
Look What You Made Me Do by BunnyGirl103
Sweet Escape by MakorraLove12
Morgana - Bloodguard by Sheeris-Jemima
Fade Away by VeilaKs
Prize Art - Mordred by Maseiya
Alexander Vlahos by kareid14
Mordred in camelot by GenesisRhapsodos
Richard Wilson by MaryjeD
DOUBLE RAINBOW by FluffyPocket
The knights
Ashallayn' darkmyr Tallyn by Sunsetlaughter
Gwaine - Eoin Macken by artbyamyk
''I failed...'' by MoPotter
Gwen and Arthur
The Once and Future King and Queen by BunnyGirl103
KING QUEEN by daydream-x
Light my Candle by Xinjay
The Kiss for all of Camelot by 16th-of-a-twigg
Merlin and Morgana
Arthur is fond of the boy, he could prove useful by merthurandbeatles
Merlin and Arthur
Sarajm X2 by wil1969
Arthur and Morgana
Arthur and Morgana by ghury13
Merlin and Gwen
Bros by ggns
Morgana and Gwen
Morgana and Brecanyth, Gwen and Viro by altocello
Morgana and Morgause
A painting of Morgause by jht888
Merlin and Gaius
Looking for Solutions to the Impossible by altocello
Characters Together
TDHcover2 by wil1969
Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan Deep eyes... by EleonoraRose
Bradley James
PP4 - Bradley James by GEIKOUart
Katie McGrath
Katie McGrath by CharmingIce
Angel Coulby
Here's Lookin At You by InTwilight
Funny pics
My_Destiny by maryluis
Cast together
Thank You Merlin by XeniaJenny
Other cast
Princess Mithian by jillcb
Fan fictions
HallowCoverDR by wil1969
A Land of Myth
merlin fan art by ektapinki
Fandoms Unite
Jedi Knights by T-Luminareth
Episode Art
The Curse of Cornelius Sigan by GryffindorPrincess74

Battle for Camelot Contest

:iconcm-merlinfan: Presents

Hosted and Sponsored by: :iconautumnangelart:

Judges: Lacy and Kat Andrews (Autumn Angel Art)

Submission period: 12:00 AM (PDT) October 1st, 2017 - 11:59 PM (PDT) October 20, 2017

Happy Halloween! This month’s contest is for deviants who are sellers. The winner’s art will be purchased by the sponsor and sent to one cast member of the ‘Merlin’ TV series, as a 10 x 15 photo print, printed in a high-quality Lustre finish.

The theme for our October contest is war: illustrate a battle scene between the armies of Morgana and Arthur. It can be set in any season (S1-S5), or your own fictional version of the show. Two rivals warring for Camelot’s throne - who will reign supreme?


-Submission must depict a battle. You can draw as many or as little characters as you want in the scene, and the setting can be any place. The purpose of the scene is to draw Arthur’s knights warring against Morgana’s army of druids, but you can draw it any way you like.

-Submission should abide by the “Rules for Submitting Art” rules, shown at :iconcm-merlinfan: on the main page’s ‘Welcome’ widget.

-Submission must be placed into the CM-Merlinfan group's folder called the "Contest Folder", by any deviant, whether member of the group CM-MerlinFan or not. Take note the group admin has to approve your submission before it shows, but any lag will not affect your chances to enter, as long as you submit it before the closing date, and you abide by all the rules of the contest.  


1st Place – Submission will be purchased and sent to one of the ‘Merlin’ actors
2nd Place – 300 Points
3rd Place - 100 Points

Prizes will be announced and rewarded on (or around if some inconvenience occurs) October 24, 2017.

Submissions will be judged according to the number of views, favourites, and comments. It will be a points system that determines the winner: a ‘View’ is worth 1 point, a ‘Favourite’ is worth 5, and a ‘Comment’ is worth 10. The submission with the most points wins.  In the case of a tie, it will be decided, in the sole discretion of the judges, which submission is the most capable of exciting and stimulating viewers.  

Please note that the winner’s submission MUST be sold as a print from Deviantart’s store, in the size of 10 x 15, with a ‘Lustre’ finish and the product price no higher than $10 US Dollars. The recommended pixel size for a 10 x 15 print is 4500 x 3000, with 300 dpi.

The Merlin actors and actresses who are currently guaranteed to receive fan mail from his or her agency are Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, and Rupert Young. (This was decided by going to the talent agencies’ websites and reading directions on how to send fan mail to the actors.) The winner will be contacted by the sponsor (Autumn Angel Art) before the purchase of the print is made, and the winner will be asked to choose from one of the listed cast members. Then the 10 x 15 Lustre Photo Print will be bought and the art shipped to the actor’s agency. Please bear in mind there will be no instruction for the actor/actress to send an autograph or reply to the gift; neither the sponsor nor winner will receive a response, but that’s ok, since the prize is only meant as a gift of love.

After the contest has concluded, all accepted submissions will remain in the Contest Folder, and also be copied to the "Characters Together” folder (or another depending on what the art depicts).

Any risks?
The only risk of the contest is the art print not being received by the actor or actress, because it gets lost in the mail, or if the agency or actor chooses to return the item. Deviantart allows shipping to the United Kingdom. If the winner’s “Earnings” earned from the purchase is for any reason refunded or canceled, the sponsor will not make another purchase or send another gift.
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