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dark atmosphere

By Clyronom
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A dark theme for google chrome

To download, simply hit the "download" button and accept, then google will install it for you! please enjoy.

On the chrome web store [link]
You can also get the wallpaper version of the background from [link]
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I don't know if you still pay attention to the comments for this post, but I found this chrome theme back when I was in high school not long after you posted it. It's been my chrome theme for the last eleven years. I never changed it in that whole time. But last year some chrome updates made the theme hard to use, so I finally caved a while back and swapped it out. But this theme has been with me for so long. I will miss it. Thanks for making it :)

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it would be awesome if you make the same one with this wallaper : [link]

it would make me so happy =D
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Ahh would love to use this, however, I have a 1920x1080 resolution and section is being cut off on the right :(

I shall keep on searching
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i second that request.
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Request thirded! I have LOVED this theme for a year or two now. I just upgraded to a 1920x1080 resolution monitor and the section being cut off really makes me sad. I've been looking for an alternative but found nothing as nice.
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This is an attractive theme, but its display is buggy in Chrome 10 for Mac
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oh, how does it look like on mac?
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it looks really good! nice job! :)
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I love your theme. Thanks!
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I'm using this theme now. It's absolutely wonderful!
Thank you for making such a lovely dark theme. $
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absolutely spectacular
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Looks good i like it
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I love this theme.
One note though...
I was expecting the active tab to be highlighted, not the other way around... Is there any way to change this? Or could we expect a Dark Atmosphere II in the near future?

Oh, and I agree with ojaebu; it would be nice to have the scroll bar in a darker shade too, just as the rest of the screen.

Other than that, nice, easy on the eyes, clean interface! 8-)
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Awesome ! I love it ! :love:
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kick arse! i love blue and this is awesome!
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wow cool man,
i love you, thanks :D
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omg it's very nice thanks!
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Excellent theme, it's really easy on the eyes and gives off a night atmosphere
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thanks, yeah it's really soothing rather than being blinded by a bright white page when opening up a new tab :)
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niiice theme thx
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Great job. I really like this theme
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Awesome theme. thanks.
if i want to go back to the default theme,
how do i change it???
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