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'A Dodgy Business' -- Blind Bag Style by RhythmicEssence
Blind Bag Clutterstep by RhythmicEssence
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When I started this contest about a month back, I wondered if I'd even have three entries so I could fill the promised slots. The fact that seven entries came is a huge compliment. You guys really stepped up with the artwork and I am looking forward to displaying this art in upcoming After the Fact videos.

Unfortunately, seven entries means that I have to make some choices. So before I list our top three entries, let's have a look at some honorable mentions:

Clutterstep vs Cheese Sandwich - Shipping is a treacherous process. You never know who you might cheese off. RhythmicEssence took the "Talky Box" joke from my comic and took it to a tough conclusion. Tough for Clutterstep, that is.

Clutterstep vs Pinkie Pie - Seems kind of poetic after Cluttesrtep vs Cheese Sandwich. CookieBeliever knows how to take advantage of Pinkie's rhyming talent with a rap battle I'd enjoy seeing. I don't know how long Clutterstep could go without using the word "orange". This was CookieBeliever's first comic, and I hope we'll see more!

Arm Wrestling - And this is why you don't challenge a Diamond Dog. Ed1229 has contributed several times to this gallery, and I'm glad he and his OC, Spike the Diamond Dog, took part in this contest. In addition to a supporting cast and some fun expressions, we get more of Pinkie Pie being... Pinkie Pie.

Battling the One He Loves - Changelings are jerks. I hear folks on the net defend their nature, yet I always remember how they laughed as they invaded Canterlot. They know what they're doing and they love it. So a Changeling posing as Twilight to mess with Clutterstep is a double-jerk in my book. TakaraPOV did a great job with the rainy terrain and the expressions. The wet mane look is always in.

And now we go with my three picks, with an explanation behind my reasoning:

#3 Clutterstep vs Freckle - Introducing an OC is hard since the audience may not know the whole story. DoodleTheDemon89 introduced Freckle and his motives to the audience, then set up a conflict between Freckle and Clutterstep that wasn't based on any real animosity. Plus, as Clutter is acting a little full of himself, it's enjoyable to see his pride, and Freckle, come back to bite him. The one thing holding this comic back is the background. Clutterstep stands out well against the red, yet Freckle's orange coat tends to recede.

#2 Clutterstep vs Button Mash - The quirks of Pokemon's gameplay are well known on the net, and EvMEM takes full advantage of them along with Button's personality. I have no idea how Clutterstep is supposed to battle without any Pokemon, and I'm expecting him to show up at the nearest hospital with some unique injuries. The composition on this piece is very strong as nothing is left to waste and the green background helps both characters stand out. The only critique I have are the word bubbles. I know from experience how hard it can be to arrange them, yet relying on numbers to tell the audience how to read can hinder the experience. A study of the IDW comics can show some great arrangement (plus lots of fun stories).

#1 Clutterstep vs Giant Cat - CAAAAAAAAT! I never specified any mediums, and chicka125 did something truly unexpected with her crochet pony. Crochet-step is looking at an unhappy time as the kitty's newest play toy. Not only is the quality of the figure well done, the shot is nicely composed with a sense of size to the cat and the eye is drawn to the foreground despite an active background. With its creativity, composition, and skill, I declare this my top choice for Clutterstep Versus!

Thanks to all of your for your submissions. I hope you'll all be encouraged to keep creating and improve your skills even further. Now, Clutterstep has to rest up for his next comic. This contest may seem a picnic by comparison.
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Welcome to Clutterstepping

This is a group devoted to creative works centering around the most accident-prone pony in Equestria: Clutterstep.

Clutterstep travels far and wide, applying his jack-of-all-trades skills to whatever tasks he can before his clumsiness pushes the local goodwill too far. Maybe somewhere out there is a place he can settle down without something falling or trying to eat him, but not just yet.

Acceptable Works

The only restriction on artwork is that it cannot be NC-17/NSFW. That means no sex, gore, or anything you'd be unsure about showing a child. Profanity is likewise taboo. This character was based on a show aimed at children and is meant to be within that spirit.

Gallery Options


This folder can only be modified by Admins and is meant to feature some of the highlights of the group. A general rule is that fans recognize effort, so do your best with your artwork and it may end up in the featured section.


Fan art devoted to the blue pony himself. If you need a reference, you can rely on this character sheet:
Clutterstep 2.0 by MLP-Silver-Quill


Clutterstep gained appeal through the A Princess Tears' comic. But that doens't mean he's limited to one story. If you have a short comedic comic or a multi-part tale, this is the place for it.


Clutterstep can make friends, though they're often a patient lot. If he's featured with other characters, either from the show or original, please submit your artwork here.


MLP Fans are a creative group, not just in the digital realm. Many fans have created custom figures or plushies of their favorite characters or original characters. If there happens to be a Clutterstep custom or another OC in your collect, please share with us!

Fan Fiction

Think Clutterstep would be a good addition to your story or have a tale in mind for the blue pony? Post your story here for us to read!


Even fans who are initially against OCxCanon have developed a grudging respect for Clutterstep and Twilight. This section is primarily devoted to this shipping, yet if you like the idea of shipping Clutterstep with your own character or maybe somepony else, don't hesitate to put the idea out there.

Other Characters

If you've come up with your own OC, be it a relative to Clutterstep or someone he could call a friend, here's the place to show off your work.



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