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Point's Fox Adopts CLOSED

By clueless201
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New Limited time offer!! I will make a human form of your fox if you like the colors for free. It will be a Chibi and will look like this =>Sasuke's new style by Darkabyss101  New (This is also up for the people who have already bought a fox from this batch)

I know that pretty much everyone is making these little guys but I can't help it. I had to make some! I hope they can go to good homes. 
They can be turned into gijinka, kept as foxes, whatever you would like to do! Just please do not resell them for more then what you bought them for.

Made them on Fox Creator 1.0

1. Mihijime
2. Mihijime
3. DenNorFanGirl 
4. Mihijime
5. Mihijime 
6. Mihijime
7. Mihijime
8. Mihijime
9. MangaKidArt 
10. Mihijime
11. Mihijime
12. DenNorFanGirl
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May I get #3 and #12 with the chibi art of them if possible?
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The chibi is where I turn them into a gijinka because I have a really really hard time drawing animals. If you don't want that then I can't make you the chibi art for them. But yes you can have them. Just send the 20Points  when ever your ready and I'll note you with the files.
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Yes, I understand that they will be gijinkas! Sent the points~
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Okay sounds good and I sent you the note. I"m going to hop off for the night but I will respond to you in the morning. If I was confusing in the note I'm really sorry. I'm really tired.
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I've received it and replied to it. Please do take your time with this though, no need to rush. :)
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Hello again! Could i also please get #'s 2,4,5,6 and 8 ?

And is the offer for the chibi art on these still available?  Wouldn't mind to have a few done - could pay same amount for each chibi version if ya needed?

Thanks again!
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Of course you can dear and yes the gijinka chibi for these are still available. I'm at work at the moment so I'll have to send you the files tonight wen I get home. Did you want specific genders for them or did you want me to draw them gender less? We can talk about it via note if you want as well. If you have specifics that you want to see on the gijinka version please let me know. Thanks so much for giving them a good home
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Awesome thanks so much! I will send ya note later this afternoon when i am off work ok. Thanks again!
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Sounds good to me
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lol alrighty I'll note you with the image right away!
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Thank you! I'll send you the points^^
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Note was sent! Thank you again!
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Hey. I would like to have #1, #7, #10 and #101 if still available :)
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do you mean #11? lol and of course you can. The points go into my donation pool to make it easier for everyone. I'll send you the files right away! 
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hahah - yeah #11 - hate typing out comments and all from my phone - never know what it is gonna try and autocorrect :P And I will send them right away then!
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It's alright and thank you again for taking them! I'm happy they are going to a good home!
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