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Sherlock and John

Sherlock and John ponies.

Today I would like to crawl back into bed and sleep. T_T
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Sent by the Memecenter
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Is there a reason I'm being linked to this account?
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:deviation super anime mash up:
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I'm not normally a fan of MLP, but I find myself wanting these. A lot. :)
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Wow~ They look great :aww: :D

Same with me :meow:
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Are you selling these at AVCON and doing commissions again? Lol my friend just swooned at these like you wouldn't believe XD
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LOL yeah they'll be at AVCon again, most likely in sticker and charm form and maybe some A4 prints ^^;
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Awesomeness! Will you be doing commissions again? (how many ponies per thingy lol)
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Yep yep, that I will be. $15 a pony on the day.
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Oh so if I wanted a big group shot, it would cost per pony?
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I usually do cheaper per extra pony, probably like $10 or $5.. not sure yet, but if you wanted something bigger I do do them cheaper outside of the con where I can do it in my own time?
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Hmmm... well I was looking for four ponies that are ponifications of four characters I really like. Here's a thought; if it wasn't too much and you had some time on your hands, would you be able to do them before the con and could if find your table and pay you and pick it up then?
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I'm really not likely to be able to get these done.. BUT tell me what they are and if I get the time I will work on them.

The other option is still open and I can mail originals out to people or arrange pick up in the city or a dozen other things quite possibly XD
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Looking good :)

and now I will crawl back into bed, I feel horrible :(
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Oh no! Why so horrible?
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